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Ino was practically vibrating with a mix of excitement and sudden, last minute, worry that Liir wouldn’t like what she’d plotted decided to do for his birthday.

She paced the width of the Causeway and hoped it’d go well. It had better go well or she’d, she’d…

She’d think of something. Shut up.

Either way, Ino waited impatiently in the early morning for the rest of them to, you know, show up so they could go.

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“Liir,” Ino was saying patiently to a wee green-eyed kitten. “I can’t pet you and go through my closet at the same time. Seriously.”

The door was shut, just incase her brother got it into his head to make an escape for it (and, really, she doubted he would--he just wanted snuggles, and scritches) but whatever. Better to be cautious.

“Oh, fine,” she said, rolling her eyes and picking him up. And snuggling him, shut up. “I’m waiting for Lana you know and you’re totally not allowed to look while we change, or I’ll stuff you in the closet... or come up with a kitty blind-fold, or something.”

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Ino was drowsy, and warm, and comfortable. Michael’s arm was draped over her and she came to wakefulness slowly. She blinked up at the ceiling for a few moments, just orienting herself, and trying not to think too hard about any of the emotional tangles that she could get caught in.

Just good fun.

And if she kept telling herself that, maybe it’d be true.

Carefully sitting up, not wanting to wake Michael--no surprise that she’d be up earlier than him really, not with her training—Ino glanced over at him, almost fondly--

And froze.

Those were... scars. On his back. Faint, but there. Ino leaned over to get a better look, one hand reaching to gently trace them, as her eyes narrowed.

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After her training session with Liir, Ino slipped back into her room almost apprehensively.

What she found though, made her laugh.

“Oh, Michael,” she said, having to grin at that. “Seriously? A kimono?” Sexiest thing she owns and he picks that?


Well, alright. She could work with that. Ino hummed as she headed for the shower.

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Ino had spent most the afternoon out hitting things after her detention. Now though, she was considering the bruises she’d gained from training and trying to decide if it was worth it to heal them or not.

Oh, who cared? It wasn’t like they were serious.

That done, she started trying to decide what to bring with her to Lana’s for the night. And, you know, Not Thinking about anything that had happened yesterday. Some parts had been good, very good even, but others had really failed.


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Ino was careful to sneak back into her cabin after being gone for so long, but careful is somewhat relative when you're really low on sleep and things were sort of hazy as she tried to focus.

But only sort of. And she wasn't that loud besides. Ino was stubborn enough that, even though her bed looked inviting, she was going to ignore it and find a clean set of clothing to wear. She'd showered already, her hair hanging loose and damp down her shoulders.

Tugging on a clean pair of pants, Ino made a face at the bruises she had. She'd get rid of those once she'd slept, seriously. Geez.


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Ino hadn't actually made it to sleep after talking to Cimorene last night, but rather, had spent most of the night out training. So, when she slipped into her alcove, it was already morning. Ino eyed her bed.

She could sleep. Probably should even.

Then she eyed the stack of books Kabuto had left behind.

Or she could read. It wasn't like she had classes today, right? No harm, no foul.

She changed into her pajamas--might as well be comfortable, right?--and curled up on her bed with one of the books. She was going to need to know this stuff if he came back. Yelling at him wouldn't be nearly so satisfying unless she knew what she was yelling about.

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Ino left Isabel’s room still clinging tight to her emotions, wrapping them around her so they didn’t spill out. She noted the party on the fifth floor but knew better than to even try tonight. She’d just have to apologize to Annette for missing it, later.

She headed up to the roof, wanting fresh air and to be alone, and tucked herself away from the door. Where no one would see her, and let herself cry.

When she was done and felt light-headed, probably looking a mess, Ino wiped her face off and scrubbed at her eyes. She felt all hollowed out.

She stared at the sky for a long time. Just… thinking.

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There was nothing quite like training all morning, taking a long hot shower, then collapsing onto your bed and flipping through gardening magazines and making notes.

And, you know, not thinking about what she had to do. That worked. Maybe if she just stayed in her room it’d all be okay for another day.

Luck ran in her family. Surely that meant this tactic would work. She'd keep her promise to A.J., but really, did it have to be today?

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She'd been alright getting back to the island. Holding it together and keeping a bounce in her step. She'd managed, even, to get through a shower--and was she ever glad to have a real shower again--but it was looking around her room, her things just as she'd left them--

Less than a week ago. More than seven months ago.

--that was making it hard for her to keep her composure. Ino settled herself--thinner than before but still herself--gingerly on her bed, her unfamiliar and yet almost too familiar bed, in a plain white shirt and grey leggings. Ino shrugged a bit, picking at the shirt.

She wasn't ready to sleep yet. Not now.

Not when things kept swirling around in her head. The quick patter of thoughts, persistent and aching, not letting her close her eyes and relax. Ino hadn't relaxed in months, not really, not daring to.

She was glad to be back. Seriously.

But it'd take time for her to be comfortable again.

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Getting back from Michael's room, Ino didn't manage to completely shut her door before cracking up and laughing brightly.


She, she was going to do some work; really. Eventually.

For now though she was just going to laugh and laugh. Because, seriously, he was green. That deserved some laughter. She really loved Fandom sometimes.

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Ino was in a fairly decent mood all things considered. The day had started off rather… rocky, with Liir being angry, but she’d taught him to meditate, then had to deal with the mess of him leaving his body but a visit with A.J. had left her happier.

Now though, she was lying on her bed, hair loose and going through the last few pages of one of Kabuto’s old personal medical notebooks. She’d have to return it when she was done… Ino eyed it. Maybe she wouldn’t finish it today? Put it off…

Cut to save flists! )

Hugging the notebook to her, carefully though so not to damage the pages, Ino rolled over and stared at the ceiling. Her mind attempting to put that together with everything else. Her notebook. Not his.

What did that mean?

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After Liir's lesson which will be played out when Liir-mun gets on Ino had a quick shower and was now sitting on her bed, fully dressed and brushing her hair. Her hair had been completely brushed for the last five minutes at least, but that didn't stop her from continuing. She might have been a bit nervous. The last time Michael had been in here they'd... uh... yeah.

Ino went and opened her door. There. That'd make it harder to mess up the whole situation even further right? Right? And this wasn't a date, right? She hadn't made her choice yet...

She sighed and went back to brushing her hair. At least MercCon would be fun. It was hard to be depressed when such a great distraction was going on.

[Ino's waiting for Michael, but sure, open if you show up before he does.]
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Waking up, for a few mintues, she'd managed to convince herself that yesterday was just a really bad dream. Then she'd caught sight of one of the textbooks he'd lent her and it had all come crashing back.

She buried her face in her pillow. She'd been so stupid to, to... care about him. And he'd used that against her.

Later, perhaps, she'd want to find people who actually cared about her and weren't just lying.

Right now though, Ino was curled up in her blankets and really didn't feel like doing much of anything.

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Ino got back to her room and shut the door with a click and a suspicious glance at Kabuto's door. She would swear that she'd caught sight of him several times today in places that she didn't usually see him. That, coupled with Isabel telling her that Jeff had done the radio broadcast last night and that Michael and her had made it on...

She was torn between wondering if she was just being paranoid, or if it was something more. It wasn't like he'd care about what she'd done, right?

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After lunch Ino headed right back to her room, sprawling out on her bed and leaving the door wide open. She was expecting someone after all.

Stretching, she got off her bed and fussed with her plants. Ino was glad her room had been a strange-free zone this weekend. Especially if it made him feel more like talking. She hummed a little as she inspected her plants.

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After class found Ino laying sprawled out on her bed and resisting the urge just to fall asleep. It would totally screw over her regular schedule if she slept now and woke up at, like, one in the morning. Instead, she was trying to study the notebook Kabuto had given her.

She wasn’t retaining much though. Ino buried her head in her arms and sighed. Was it later yet?

Ino left the door open in hopes that someone would stop by and help keep her awake.



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