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Ino was in a fairly decent mood all things considered. The day had started off rather… rocky, with Liir being angry, but she’d taught him to meditate, then had to deal with the mess of him leaving his body but a visit with A.J. had left her happier.

Now though, she was lying on her bed, hair loose and going through the last few pages of one of Kabuto’s old personal medical notebooks. She’d have to return it when she was done… Ino eyed it. Maybe she wouldn’t finish it today? Put it off…

She huffed. She’d give it back when she felt like it, done or not. Maybe she just wouldn’t tell him she was finished with it. Serve him right, or something.

Turning the last page, her eye caught the inscription on the back cover and she paused, eyes widening. In his neat calligraphy, were the words ‘This book is the property of:’ and his name had a line through it. Her name was written under his.

It wasn’t his notebook anymore. It was hers. Hers. She didn’t have to return it. Was… was this his hint?

Hugging the notebook to her, carefully though so not to damage the pages, Ino rolled over and stared at the ceiling. Her mind attempting to put that together with everything else. Her notebook. Not his.

What did that mean?

[Door is closed but entirely knockable, post is open!]
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