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There were only a few places that Ino wanted to be, one of where she was supposed to be—Fight Club—and none where she could get away from stupid things like her boyfriend leaving so he could fight a war on his world and the awful fact that he wasn't coming back.

He wasn't. Coming. Back.

And, again, she'd been left behind. She curled up under one of the stupid trees Dor had put in her garden, and stared moodily over her green domain. (No, Ino didn't care that it was technically the school's domain.)


[Establishy, though open if your character would be in the gardens during the evening/call her for some reason, I suppose.]
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There was nothing quite like training all morning, taking a long hot shower, then collapsing onto your bed and flipping through gardening magazines and making notes.

And, you know, not thinking about what she had to do. That worked. Maybe if she just stayed in her room it’d all be okay for another day.

Luck ran in her family. Surely that meant this tactic would work. She'd keep her promise to A.J., but really, did it have to be today?

[Door is shut, post is for a certain alien-boy, but open if you come before him in the timeline.]
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Ino was up bright and early going over the medical scroll Kabuto had given her last week one more time. Well, more than once to be honest. She was going to try and heal Annette's bruised face, and she really, really didn't want to make a mistake.

Both because then she'd feel worse for Annette and if she failed Kabuto would ask in that irritating, condescending voice tone of voice he used sometimes if she was just wasting his time. Ino rolled the scroll up carefully and set her shoulders.

Deep breath. She could do this. She would do this.



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