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The nice thing about playing with a puppy for most of the day was that, once she’d gotten back to their room, Zack had conked out fast and hard in a pile of limbs and fuzzy ears on the edge of their bed. Which meant that, until he woke up, she had the freedom to think and do what she wanted to.

Which, tonight, was a matter of finishing her e-mails. It was the matter of seconds to actually send them after proofing them one more time, and then Ino just leaned back against the headboard and frowned thoughtfully, absently toying with her hair.

It was weird, now, to not have something to write as a goal. ‘Sending out the e-mails’ had been a good way to have something to focus on that made her feel like she wasn’t going to suffocate under her worries.

Nothing to stop that now.

[Ooopen door, open post, yes!]
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Ino bounced on her heels as she checked her hair in the mirror again, making sure that the braids were neatly pinned up and secure enough that they wouldn’t get in the way as she waited for Lana to show up so they could go.

This bridge climbing thing was totally going to be way fun, and she grinned at her reflection before spinning around to sprawl out on her bed.

Waiting was so not her favourite thing to do, seriously, but Ino was in a good mood today and so was humming a bit under her breath even with the waiting. Bridge climbing!

[For Lana! Heee. But door and post are totally open if you want to show up before Lana in the timeline.]
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Ino was practically vibrating with a mix of excitement and sudden, last minute, worry that Liir wouldn’t like what she’d plotted decided to do for his birthday.

She paced the width of the Causeway and hoped it’d go well. It had better go well or she’d, she’d…

She’d think of something. Shut up.

Either way, Ino waited impatiently in the early morning for the rest of them to, you know, show up so they could go.

[For those that know who they are! Anything said on the Causeway is FB, anything past that is NFB due to distance zomg. Wait for the OCD is up!]
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“Liir,” Ino was saying patiently to a wee green-eyed kitten. “I can’t pet you and go through my closet at the same time. Seriously.”

The door was shut, just incase her brother got it into his head to make an escape for it (and, really, she doubted he would--he just wanted snuggles, and scritches) but whatever. Better to be cautious.

“Oh, fine,” she said, rolling her eyes and picking him up. And snuggling him, shut up. “I’m waiting for Lana you know and you’re totally not allowed to look while we change, or I’ll stuff you in the closet... or come up with a kitty blind-fold, or something.”

[Door is shut, post is entirely open despite Ino only expecting the one! Entertain me?]
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Ino had a ball, and a bathing suit, and was in generally a really great mood.

And why not?

They were in a totally beautiful place and she'd skipped out of work.

"Lana!" Ino chirped, spinning lightly and laughingly tossing the ball. "Catch!"

[For the one that convinced her to cut work!]
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Ino was… totally not hiding. Seriously not.

Curled up in bed, with hot chocolate and a book about this world’s methods of handling plants, and pretending that Annette’s room just barely down the hall wasn’t empty didn’t mean anything. Nothing at all. She wasn’t hiding. Really.

Even if it looked like she was hiding, she wasn’t. Curling up in her blankets was totally a good thing to do after work. Especially when two of her best friends had totally left this morning. Especially when work had kinda sorta sucked. Except for Lana. Lana had been a good reprieve from the suckiness. But whatever.

So Ino was... in her room. Not hiding. Really.

[Door is shut, post is open!]
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It had been a long day. Emotionally exhausting and she was feeling worn and fragile on the inside. Not that she'd ever admit it.

"'re good to me."

That was Lana. This one she could believe. Ino didn't know why, didn't get it, not at all--but she could believe that Lana did for some reason think it. Hers was not to question why. Just... accept. Even if it was hard to understand. Three weeks of no talking and then--that.

"I appreciate it."

Cable-san. She--she wanted to believe it. More than, more than quite a lot--never more than anything, because then next thing you knew anything would come up and prove you wrong--more than most things right now. She wanted to believe it.

And, and--she couldn't.

Ino stared up at her ceiling, flat out on her bed and had to fight--really fight--not to cry. A few tears slipped out anyway.

She didn't get it. None of it. What was wrong with people?

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After class found Ino laying sprawled out on her bed and resisting the urge just to fall asleep. It would totally screw over her regular schedule if she slept now and woke up at, like, one in the morning. Instead, she was trying to study the notebook Kabuto had given her.

She wasn’t retaining much though. Ino buried her head in her arms and sighed. Was it later yet?

Ino left the door open in hopes that someone would stop by and help keep her awake.



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