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Being back in Fandom was a peculiar… sort of disconnect.

Ino was curled up on hers and Zack’s pushed together beds and pretending to read. Which was rather futile because she knew it was pretence and so it would have been more productive to actually do something…

But she didn’t really feel like it. There were a lot of things she had to think on, but those thoughts felt almost like she was clinging to broken glass in her hands, and that hurt.

Like a toothache, however, she couldn’t quite stop poking at them. Even when doing so only hurt things more.

And, turn the page. Keeping up appearances, even just to herself, was important.

She was supposed to be reading. Would claim to be reading.

But her gaze wasn't on the book.

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To say that Ino had been well pleased with her week was understating things more than a little, which meant that today (other than the brief period wherein 'today' had meant 'afternoon'' and she'd wound up talking to Squall), clearly, was a day meant for a) having chocolate and b) sprawling out on her bed in a tank top and shorts and playing with her new phone.

While her weetiny plush ninja rested beside her and, okay, she might've had her new Materia keeping her company on the bed as well. Shush. Don't judge her.

While she nibbled on chocolate and poked around the settings for her phone. The wallpaper, at least, was totally staying.

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Ino had a fairly busy life, really, so was it any surprise that she hadn't gotten around to checking her e-mail in the last few days?

Either way, after a day of bouncing around, mostly in training and fooling around with a few of her theories (she had to get this stuff down, geez), Ino was sprawled out on her bed, planning doom and destruction on one hand and planning how to stop it on the other, when she finally got around to checking her e-mail.

She brightened at finding one from Hurley. Ino was frowning about two seconds later, mood plummeting as she typed out a response:

E-mail to Hurley )

And then, before she thought better of it, hit send. Was it awful of her to be sulking now? Either way, she was.

And worried. That too. Ino wondered if she ought to start listening to radio again: surely it would have said something about Hoshi being upset about this and then she would have heard the news sooner (or checked her e-mail sooner…) but for the moment, it was mostly a full-out sulk.

Sulk sulk sulk. Augh.

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Two classes meant that it she was actually fairly thinky when she got back to her room. Mostly about Philosophy more than about Etiquette but, really, that was to be expected even if Algren-sensei had made her a TA of her etiquette class. Besides classes (and a text to Reno that was totally all about unimportant stuff, but seriously, it was a text--what more could he expect, and having sent it mostly to prove she was still alive) Ino left her door open as she flopped down on her bed.

And her lists. And another notebook that held her observations from her vacation with Zack. And the play (which was interesting, if a bit confusing, but Ino suspected the confusion came from the fact that she didn’t normally read plays than anything else) she'd been reading at the clinic. With Leda’s present playing softly, she settled in to amuse herself by playing with information and humming along with whatever was playing at the moment.

It was peaceful, even. Ino supposed that was okay.

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Ino was... back from her trip to Gaia. And Reno. Who was totally her favourite person ever right that second and was so getting a shipment of booze and soil once she'd figured out just how well she was really dealing with things enough to want to go out. And, augh, she had work the next two days. Lovely. It looked like she wasn't going to get a chance to brood. And maybe contemplate how much trouble she was likely to be in for getting back from a mission and fleeing again without so much as a by-your-leave. Whatever.

It was still rather up in the air as to whether or not being back was a good thing, but at least she wasn't freaking out about just being in Fandom anymore. Baby steps. Small improvements. She could live with that. Setting her bags on her bed, she'd deal with unpacking in a minute, Ino checked her voicemail messages and left a few of her own.

Then she stretched, ran her hands wearily through her hair, and got down to the business of checking over every single one of her plants. Shhh. They enjoyed it, and so did she.

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Ino was, normally, a fairly social girl who was good with talking to nearly anyone (until they pissed her off, or she decided they were a) lame and b) boring) but normally didn’t include the last few weeks which was why she wasn’t being social.

The door was very slightly cracked, out of concession to obtaining a breeze as her window was wind open. Ino was sitting cross-legged on the floor and replanting seedlings with a great deal more concentration than the seedlings really warranted. Her music was turned way way up in an attempt to pretend that her hallway wasn’t steadily getting emptier.

In short, she was brooding. It only looked productive. (And loud.)

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There were only a few places that Ino wanted to be, one of where she was supposed to be—Fight Club—and none where she could get away from stupid things like her boyfriend leaving so he could fight a war on his world and the awful fact that he wasn't coming back.

He wasn't. Coming. Back.

And, again, she'd been left behind. She curled up under one of the stupid trees Dor had put in her garden, and stared moodily over her green domain. (No, Ino didn't care that it was technically the school's domain.)


[Establishy, though open if your character would be in the gardens during the evening/call her for some reason, I suppose.]
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Ino ached, and her chakra was too low to even think of healing any of the bruises and scrapes that she’d picked up, so after her shower and changing into the most comfy sleeveless set of jammies she owned (which gave her ample time to study the bruises on her arms oh well), Ino flopped back on her bed and just sort of stared up at the ceiling while contemplating taking a painkiller before mostly deciding it was so totally not worth it.

She could, like, just get some sleep and then deal with the bruises tomorrow. A glance at her calendar made her sigh since she’d manage to miss club, but whatever, hopefully she hadn’t been picked and Ino highly doubted that Tyler-sensei would’ve made her fight while exhausted.

Oh well. She’d apologize next week, if it was terribly important by then. A yawn and Ino considering her open door. Really, she ought to shut it.

…maybe in a few minutes. Really. She’d get up in a few minutes. Her bed was awfully comfy after all; she couldn’t be blamed for not wanting to get up.

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Ino could sing just fine thank you very much even though Ichigo was a bit of an idiot about it and was proving that, this evening, but singing at the top of her lungs with the radio up and blaring, not caring that she didn’t know half the words to the songs, and dancing around in her room in her pyjamas.

With the door wide open. As you do.

What? She was having fun! Loudly.

Take that, Ichigo!

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Ino got out of class, and it was one she was really going to have to reread her notes for and hope the handouts made sense because paying attention had kinda... failed her there, grabbed a quick sandwich from the common room (because, really, sandwiches were just about the easiest thing ever to make and she was hungry) and wandered back to her room with it in tow.

And the mirror. And the fact that, if she was going to make sure she was ready for things, then she ought to maybe make sure she had everything all set out. For the moment though, she was just sitting on her floor and staring at the mirror while she ate her sandwich.

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Ino was flopped out on her bed and eyeing Kusanagi dubiously. She’d heard radio, you see. For his part, Kusanagi was still a snake.

Ino had decided that this was a very very good thing for her. Kabuto had vaguely mentioned something about the snake becoming human the last time this had happened, and Ino was, frankly, good with her snake… still being a snake. Especially since he was a very grumpy one.

She stuck her tongue out at the terrarium and wriggled around so she could go back to rereading her notes for various things she was studying. And eat chocolate. Mmmm, chocolate.

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Ino... had heard radio. Thanks a lot, radio.

Ino was now contemplating hiding in her room for the rest of the day just in case Temari-san had heard, and took offense, to what had been said.

It didn’t look much like she was hiding, since she had the door open and was ostensibly just doing a thorough check up on all of her many plants. She was honest enough with herself though to know that she was hiding. If Temari-san had really wanted to have words with her then a closed door was hardly going to stop her.

Just... staying out of Temari-san’s way sounded like a real good idea right about now. So that's what Ino was doing.

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