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Ino, having had a totally awesome day chattering at so many people had still noticed that Kabuto had totally not shown up.

Go figure. She hadn't been kidding when she'd told Cal that Kabuto wasn't a people person. Ino rapped sharply on his door. "Kabuto?"

No answer. Ino rolled her eyes. Like, whatever.

"I'm coming in," she said then, without waiting for an answer, pushed the door open.

"Over-confident, much? Geez," Ino muttered, then took a good look at his room.

He'd mentioned, vaguely, to her that he'd been sending books home. She had not, however, expected it to look so empty. Kusanagi's tank-thing was in the corner still, and his computer was still there... but the room had the odd feel of him being gone.

"This is totally not funny," she said, even though it looked like he was out, as she walked over to the desk. "It's creepy."

Ino glanced at the books, then glanced at them harder when she noticed the titles. He'd mentioned something about him studying portals and such, hadn't he? Right? A sinking feeling started in her stomach as she flipped through them quickly, then glanced at the computer.

"Oh," she said quietly, viciously, "you wouldn't have been that stupid, would you?"

He so would. Ino steeled herself and re-activated his laptop. If it turned out that he'd just gone to the bathroom or something, she'd so owe him, like, a million apologies. If her gut feeling was right though...

She was so chucking his laptop at him the next time she saw him. If she saw him.

It took her awhile to find what she was looking for, but yes, Ino found plenty of more notes--in a short-hand that she couldn't read much of... and another mention of space-time. Another look at the books had her closing the laptop abruptly, suddenly furious, suddenly near tears, knowing what the stupid fucking moron had done.

Kabuto was gone.

And she'd been left behind again. Ino burst into tears. Half anger, half stress, half of everything. He'd promised he wouldn't go. He'd promised her.

And he'd lied.

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Ino blinked awake not sure why. Daddy wasn’t here to make her get up early so why was she up…

That was when she noticed the boy in the bed. With her. Ino recoiled so fast that she nearly fell off the bed. Daddy said she was supposed to stay away from boys.

She looked petulantly at him. “Daddy’s going to kill you.” Never mind that Daddy wasn’t here—it still made a good threat.

Then she kicked him. “Get up!”

[For the other occupant of the bed! Room and boy totally modded with permission!]
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Ino had freshly brewed tea in a teapot, two cups, several medical textbooks, a notebook with questions scribbled in it, her hairbrush, a change of clothes, and chocolate. A fair bit of chocolate actually, even though he probably wouldn't eat it. She had tea biscuits though if he wanted something. Ino was thoughtful!

Even with the help of a bag it was rather a lot for her to carry all in one trip. So, when she crossed the hall, with the bag slung over her shoulder and carrying the tea and cups on a tray, Ino found herself without a way to knock. Oh well. Too late now. Since her hands were full, she decided on the next best thing.

No, she didn't kick the door.

She flared her chakra instead. Once, twice. Three second pause. Once, twice.

He'd better get the idea and open the stupid door.

[For that boy she likes. Room number shamelessly modded with permission.]
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She'd woken up in Kabuto's bed before, but this was the first time she'd done so while naked.


Ino blinked sleepily as she shifted slightly. She wondered vaguely how many people had ever woken up with Kabuto’s arm draped over them and felt… safe… about it. Probably not many.

It took her a few moments to orient herself enough to notice the clock. Ino wrinkled her nose. Way too early for her. Even for getting up to train. Maybe she'd go back to sleep? She tugged the blankets tighter around her, leaning back against Kabuto.

Or maybe she'd wake him up... Decisions, decisions.

[For the boyfriend, yes yes. Room and boy both modded with permission.]
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Ino woke up Wednesday morning feeling like someone had stabbed a kunai through her temples. Sitting up took more effort than it should’ve and to make things worse her back was itchy and she couldn’t seem to get warm. There was no point in denying that she was sick, that was obvious, but it irritated her all the same. She’d been fine last night.

Gritting her teeth, Ino managed to get out of bed and stumbled over to her door. She doubted that she’d make it to the Town Hall under her own power but across the hall would be doable, right?

It was. Eventually. There was something to be said for being stubborn.

She knocked weakly on his door. Then closed her eyes, the light was making her head worse, and leaned against the door shivering all the while. Kabuto would be able to make her feel better, right?

[For Kabuto! Heee.]
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Ino wasn't particularly sneaky about breaking into Kabuto's room - she knew for sure that he was at work after all - but if anyone had seen her in the hall they would have been right to be suspicious of the two buckets that she'd handwavily filled with dirt after this afternoon's events. Luckily, she didn't run into anyone.

She got the door open... )
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