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This time of night all the good boys and girls were in bed.

At least, they usually were in the stories. Ino knew far, far too much about how Midgar (and life in general) worked to think that being up late was any real indicator of good or badness.

She didn't have to be out tonight, patrolling, and she wasn't officially on the clock anyway (not that that meant much) but she'd been away for the last few weeks, out in Wutai since it was easy for her to pass as a native there, and so she wanted to reacquaint herself with her home.

Midgar was an ugly city, all dark metal, rust, and green smoke skies. She still thought it was beautiful, when she saw the flicker and glitter of mako lit streetlights and the old empty-eyed fallen trains. Beautiful in a lonely sort of way, which suited her mood completely.

There'd been no time, out in Wutai to celebrate her birthday (she was twenty-two now), and while the Turks had offered to take her out tonight, none of them had been surprised when she'd begged off. They could go drinking without her.

As she usually did, when she was in this sort of mood, her footsteps ghosted her to Aerith's church. This time of night, Aerith wasn't there. Aerith was (mostly) a good girl.

Letting the door slip shut behind her, Ino approached the flowers, somehow lit by the moon despite the plate overhead (she knew, she'd gone looking once and it still didn't make sense), and knelt down to touch them.

"Hey," she said, smiling slightly as her hair spilled over her shoulders to touch the flowers too. "How've you been? Being good for your mom?"

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[OOC: So yeah. If you're seeing this... I have no idea why you're reading Ino's journal years after I dropped her, but hi! This post was written waaay back in 2011 as a companion piece to this post over on [ profile] puppy_fair's journal. (And you should go read that one because it's way, way better than this post.) Then it got lost in my inbox and I didn't feel like posting it and now I do? I'm feeling nostalgic tonight, I guess.]

It's pretty weird for you to be summoned directly to him and when you consider the fact that you've not gotten yourself in trouble--not even because of Silly--you realize that, really, he's probably summoned you to talk about the future and how to proceed with it.

And you're right, in a sick and twisted way that leaves you trying not to vomit on the carpet, as he tells you that he is dead in action and that he (not he) is sorry. He doesn't look at you as he says this. That's right, he was his friend too. You shake your head, long hair tumbling with the movement, tumbling like your thoughts, like your world is spinning and trying to realign and can't because the foundation you've found, made, used here is--


You'd been told you had years. To change things, to fix them, to make the world a better place. That he died at some point during all of that.

You'd thought you had years to figure that out and change it. They'd let you go on thinking that, knowing you knew, and beneath the shock is a current of red-hot fury, but the shock is winning now. They lied. You're certain at least one of them loves you, but they lied and let you believe and let you wind your life around his and now… now you're all alone, in a world that's not even yours.

In a world that, maybe, you can still even save. You know a lot, though you didn't know enough.

He's gone, after all.

You realize hazily, belatedly, dizzily, that he, your boss, is waiting for an answer of some sort. Acknowledgement.

You've got none to give.

"No," you say, in a voice that might as well be dead, because you wish you were dead just then, and without hearing an answer (perhaps he gave one, perhaps he didn't) you walk out. You don't even know what you're saying no too. Just that--no. That's it, that's all there is: no. No, you refuse to deal with it. No, it didn't happen. No, he didn't, wouldn't, couldn't, just leave you like that.

No, he couldn't be gone is the same as no, this can't be happening. Except that it has and it did and you're all alone and even if you were to call someone, who would you trust? Those who knew lied to you. That means there's no one to trust. Not in your crumpled up, closed off heart that trusted little and loved few already.

You find yourself at the top of many, many stairs. You don't remember getting there. It makes sense not to go to your room, or to your other room. Too easy to be found by other people and you don't want to talk to them. If you're spoken to right now, you think you might go violent. It would be a release, since you can't cry. (Because this isn't happening. Your birthday is in a few days and he's got a surprise for you so it can't be happening.)

Your hands are trembling, shaking, when you look at them and consider the easiest way to get out of this nightmare. There's so many. Your room is filled with options, your person has others. You shake, wrapping your arms tight around you, leaning against the door and consider it.

But if you did, he wouldn't understand. That's still important to you, his understanding.

Instead, you force yourself down those steps. Waveringly, alarmingly, as they pitch and roll in your eyesight because everything's out of focus and worse, but you keep going, clinging to the railing like it's a lifeline, because it is. One step of steps, around a corner, then another. Then you start picking up your pace as you go spiralling down and down and down which is exactly how you feel and somewhere on the twentieth floor, tears start spilling down your cheeks and you keep running.

Reaching the bottom is like hitting the end of the line. You stand, shuddering, on the last step and refuse to take it. Refuse to touch rock bottom.

Instead, you turn and force yourself to go up and up and up so that you can go down again. You can't talk to anyone, you can't go outside--who knows who'll see you, and here you can at least move, run--you just have to hide from one person, that's all, because if he says anything right now, you might try to kill him and you don't want to do that just because he looks like someone who broke your trust. So you'll avoid him.

That's easy, when you don't feel like you exist anyway. What's one more layer to this farce?

You continue up and up and up so that you can go down and down and down.

And that's fitting too, whispers your thoughts, under the haze of no.
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There wasn’t really room in the quarters she and Zack shared in the ShinRa building for a proper vanity and mirror, but Ino was used to living in dorms and had adapted to the smaller spaces those offered. It wasn’t so much of a bother, truly, so long as there was time to get ready and nothing had to be rushed.

But for tonight, they had as much time as they needed. Hours yet before the production started and everything (what little they needed) was packed for the trip they were taking tomorrow. (Which was so very different from the one their classmates were on.) Ino shifted, the silk of her dress clinging to her as she moved, and tried to think if there was anything she’d forgotten.

She studied herself in the hand mirror, touching up a bit of lipstick, before glancing at Zack.

“Almost ready?” she asked, though, of course, Zack had far less to do to get ready, when it came to dressing up for a night out.

Or perhaps she was asking about tomorrow and what that would bring.

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Ino had felt—good, stable, all the way out of Fandom, off the island, and into Midgar, which was her own home now (and that was something she still had to remind herself of), even while they stopped to let her change into her uniform.

It was only as Zack pressed a kiss to her cheek, in the lobby of the ShinRa building and headed off for his own orders, that Ino felt the clawing uncertainty come back.

Talk to the receptionist, she’d been told. Ino could do that, though she despised walking into a situation blind. It was a comfort, at the least, that she already had her uniform, her I.D. , and that she was supposed to be here, so far as anyone was concerned.

That didn’t mean she wasn’t nervous, still, underneath the cool demeanour. This was her first time, after all, on the job, in this capacity. Her hair was down, flowing in careful waves down her back and her shoulders were straight as she approached the mission--reception desk.

“Excuse me?”

And Ino ignored the creeping panic that reminded her she had no idea of what else to say.

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Little changed in the hospital room overnight. The girl slept, the boy slept, and machines continued their monitoring—more to be safe than out of true need for them—and if the nurses came by to check on them (but always careful not to wake them) a little more often than necessary…

Well, there was nothing wrong with that, was there?

And in this manner, time passed until morning.

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Having a free Monday hadn’t been too bad—since Zack was, in ShinRa’s eyes supposed to be back on Fandom that day, they’d had a chance to spend the time all to themselves without him having to hare off on missions and her having to stay behind.

Tuesday, however, she could not say the same about. When an attempt to get through to Portalocity had netted them the same drivel as yesterday (We are sorry for the inconvenience, but portal service from Midgar is temporarily unavailable due to routine maintenance.) Ino had sighed, more than a bit put out by missing not only work but class, as well, and had fired off a quick text to Reno.

Sry 2 miss class. Portals r down, zoto

Then she’d begun contemplating how to spend the rest of her day, with Zack.

Unfortunately, ShinRa had decided… )
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Ino shifted from foot to foot, a bit impatiently, but who could blame her? Their portal was late and they'd been early to meet it so there was no chance of them having, like, just missed it and oh that was a little perturbing.

She toyed with her hair, the movement making her earrings jingle merrily as if in counter-point to her mild annoyance, and waited for Zack, who was on the phone with Portalocity, to tell her what was going on.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but portal service from Midgar is temporarily unavailable due to routine maintenance. )

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Truly, she had the best boyfriend in the world.

One who’d taken a long considering glance at the fact that she’d been in a truly hideous mood since Tuesday and added to it what was going on around the island and had decided that, really, they didn’t have to stay on the island…

Which would be why Ino was currently balancing, on one foot, while reading a newsletter about the music scene, on the edge of the fountain in the middle of Sector Eight. Whatever was—in the air—in Fandom wasn’t entirely gone, being here, but it definitely was better.

And when Zack got back from getting them hot chocolates that’d be even better.

But seriously, already she felt less like kicking people where it would really desperately hurt them.

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It was—not funny, not really, how things were back to normal and yet not back to normal and even though she had fun on the missions she still felt…


Was that unfair of her? Maybe it was. It wasn't fair at all to expect him to break confidentiality to her.

And it wasn't fair, either, to think she'd be able to help without all the information, right?

That sounded right, to her. But who knew?

Ino kicked her feet, making the movement look harmlessly adorable even while she wished she could lash out, and sipped at her milkshake. Of course, Zack showing her around missions had only lasted so long. They'd wanted to—talk to him, or something: she didn't really know. He'd looked apologetic, she'd acted dumb, and off he'd went.

Hmm. She didn't really want this milkshake any more. This wasn't exactly going great, so far as weekends went.

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Ino had managed to get back to their room with only minimal having to look pathetic and frazzled and adorably dim. Once there, she'd cleaned the blood off her arm and inspected it. Fine, of course, but Potions still weren't her first thing to want to trust when it came to healing.

But no, there was no need to give away anything like that right now.

She glanced at the clock and bit her lip. Reno had said Zack would be okay, but she could be forgiven for--being a worried girlfriend, couldn't she?

And an angry one. That he'd been keeping something like that from her after all their talks about trying to be more honest with each other. Which was unfair of her, perhaps, but really...

Still, as midnight ticked by and still no sign of Zack, even Ino couldn't keep from being tired. Their normal schedule had them up early but that also meant to bed fairly early and she was determined to stay up. She was just going to read until he came back and sleep in.

For all her efforts, though, by half-past one, Ino had passed out on the bed, still in her pink dress, though sans the heels. Sleep wasn't something she'd been able to deny. Not after being angry for hours on end. Worried for hours on end.

Anger tired her out. Worry did moreso.

And it was about quarter after two that Zack finally made his way into his room, cracking the door open quietly and dragging his way in. )

[NFB, NFI and preplayed with the awesome [ profile] puppy_fair!]
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Most of yesterday had been spent sleeping—Ino wasn't sure what Zack had done, upon waking up—she only knew that she hadn't woken until late that evening and had been up for only a few hours before falling back asleep, her body more worn out than she'd thought.

Fear and monster hunting took a lot out of a person, who knew?

Sunday, though, was so far going better. Even if she was still obviously on edge to anyone who knew her as she lay on Zack's bed and idly watched him do squats. In this room, she was okay.

And they'd been out and about a bit earlier, for food and monsters. That was enough for her.

[For that one in Midgar with her. NFB due to distance, please.]
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It was highly likely that, had she been back in the dorms and able to curl up against Zack, Ino would not have gone through with her hastily tossed together plan for dealing with her fears about Jenova.

She wasn't sure, yet... )

That was why, when she wound up calling Zack, Ino was laughing. Because Ino was stupidly tired and it was either laugh or cry and hilarity was better than giving up and admitting that she was still scared.

It was half past two Saturday morning.

[NFB due to distance. World hopping done with permission. For that boy she's calling.]


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