Oct. 2nd, 2010

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Ino had managed to get back to their room with only minimal having to look pathetic and frazzled and adorably dim. Once there, she'd cleaned the blood off her arm and inspected it. Fine, of course, but Potions still weren't her first thing to want to trust when it came to healing.

But no, there was no need to give away anything like that right now.

She glanced at the clock and bit her lip. Reno had said Zack would be okay, but she could be forgiven for--being a worried girlfriend, couldn't she?

And an angry one. That he'd been keeping something like that from her after all their talks about trying to be more honest with each other. Which was unfair of her, perhaps, but really...

Still, as midnight ticked by and still no sign of Zack, even Ino couldn't keep from being tired. Their normal schedule had them up early but that also meant to bed fairly early and she was determined to stay up. She was just going to read until he came back and sleep in.

For all her efforts, though, by half-past one, Ino had passed out on the bed, still in her pink dress, though sans the heels. Sleep wasn't something she'd been able to deny. Not after being angry for hours on end. Worried for hours on end.

Anger tired her out. Worry did moreso.

And it was about quarter after two that Zack finally made his way into his room, cracking the door open quietly and dragging his way in. )

[NFB, NFI and preplayed with the awesome [livejournal.com profile] puppy_fair!]


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