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After talking to Hurley, Ino was glad to wander back to the room she shared with Zack—that was still weird to her, that she couldn’t say it was just her room anymore—and collapse on her bed.

Yay. A week gone by and she hadn’t—been weird and issuey at people other than... well, Bod had gotten a bit, but he hadn’t seemed to care and Ino just... wasn’t going to push that. All right, fine, and so on. She was fine.

Repression was probably bad, yes. Ino closed her eyes briefly, then sat up and stared at the open door. She should shut it. But that seemed like far too much work and instead she fumbled for one of her notebooks. A pen.

If she was thinking, she didn’t have to think.

It made sense to her.

[Open door, open post.]
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Ino had whined at her dad until he'd sent her weapons catalogues, and getting a lengthy lecture on how she wasn't to take up anything that would have her neglect her other studies (ha, as if) and was sprawled out in her favourite jammies flipping idly through the magazines and pausing on a page that detailed some of the types of unbreakable wires they had.

Interesting, she admitted, making a note to go back and maybe get some more wire later, but really, she needed a weapon that was better for close range.

Humming idly along to Ikimono-gakari, she flipped the next page, and kicked her feet idly. It was totally a nice relaxing way to spend an evening. Dorky music and weapons—how better?

[Ooopen door and post, yes.]
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Paperwork was not Ino's very bestest friend ever, no.

Especially when she probably didn't know enough about the subject to fill in all the blanks. This was not stopping her from going through the pile and filling in anything she did know, mind, but it did mean she was gathering a list of questions that Ino was pretty sure the village only wanted so they could totally be insanely nosey.

Did it really matter if he had siblings, after all?

Ino was pretty sure he didn't, anyway, but that wasn't the point.

Once you'd ascertained that, oh hey, no they were not a threat to Konoha and yes were willing to swear on this, Ino was of the opinion that the rest of it was garbage.

This did not stop her from doing it, of course, but it did mean she was muttering to herself about utter idiots who needed a book written for a visitor as she steadily worked her way down the questions. Music was on, the door was half open and Ino was working on her bed.

[Open door, open post!

ETA: The phone call with Reno is chronologically last, plz. The content of the call is NFB!]
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Ino was sprawled out in her jammies, hair damp against her skull, and idly rereading her notes on the latest things her father wanted her to practice on.

Nibbling on candy (she'd totally got it on sale and ha, it was just as good bought as it would've been had she gone around to get it), Ino was in a good mood.

From the candy, from the studying, from what she'd gotten up to today?

Totally all of the above.

[Open door, open post!]
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A headache brought on by uncomfortable sleep—not nightmares, thank you very much, she didn’t have nightmares—meant that Ino was going to spend the morning with music on (cheerful bubbly pop), singing along while wondering idly if she ought to give Edward a call (it would be a distraction, he would terrify her in ways that had nothing to do with children’s eyes) and giving her plants an inspection that probably went a good bit beyond meticulous.

Reno would probably tell her that she ought to get her ass out of her room. She’d get there.

No, no studying this morning. Ino was pretty sure that it’d only make it harder to sleep when she crashed out later. After all—what was worse, dreams about what she’d done when the body she’d been in hadn’t known what was going on?

Or dreams where Kinjo still had thought, but just as little control, and she could imagine Kinjo's consciousness fluttering, struggling against her will like a broken butterfly? To Ino, it was no contest. Seriously no contest.

Forcing her mind away from that she sang along to the radio. Music. Plants. She could do this.

[Open door, open post.]
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Really, with the light going, it wasn’t the best idea to be up in the air and drawing, but that was better than living in the same cabin with the most thoughtless person ever because Ino knew herself, and knew good and well that if it came to fight?

She wouldn’t be pulling her punches. And she wanted to fight. Necks broke easier than she’d thought, what else could break so easy? So, rather than deal with that piece of crap, that’d no doubt be even worse once Dinah’s idiotic friends, if she hit her, got pissed on Dinah’s behalf—aw, someone needed protectors from the big bad widdle ninja, oh noes someone dared raise their voice to them, oh my God it’s the end of the world—Ino had prudently taken herself away from temptation to go out and start that fight.

See? Ino was exercising restraint. She just would stay the hell out of her cabin until they went back to the dorms. As if she was sleeping under the same roof. Then everyone could be happy! Except, of course, for her, because rage simmered under her thoughts. Distantly, she realized she wasn’t being entirely fair, but Ino told fair to take a hike and shove off.

So. She was here until the sun was gone, and then she’d... think of something. After all, what was two nights? Ino could easily find places to crash, now that the weather was nice. The air was cool, at least, and that was comforting. So was the progress she was making on her maps.

[Establishy unless you can a) fly and b) would brave the pissed off ninja. IC is not OOC, totally for broadcast and all of that good cheer, la!]
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Boys were dumb. But she knew that already. It was just the degree of dumb that differed from boy to boy.

Which is why Ino was perfectly happy to level a long glare that the wall that connected her room to Romeo’s and then go back to murmuring silly nonsense to her plants that yes, she was back, and she’d missed them, and weren’t they just darling for being so good and looking so well for her?

Yes, yes they were. So she turned on music for them, left the door open for her, and went about unpacking her things and humming along with the radio.

[Open door, open post!]
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Ino was in a bit of a Mood. Not really cheerful, despite being bouncy in class, but not really grumpy or anything either. Mostly thoughtful.

On the bright-side, it was mainly manifesting itself in her muttering, almost inaudibly, to her plants as she went about reorganizing them and debating if she ought to just… get rid of the extra bed entirely, somehow, as she’d been without a roommate since the summer and that sounded about fine to her.

But it wasn’t like the plants cared if she kept them on the other bed, and for the moment it was being used as stage-zero for her to put them all, and then decide from there where they ought to go.

[Open door, open post!]
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Ino could sing just fine thank you very much even though Ichigo was a bit of an idiot about it and was proving that, this evening, but singing at the top of her lungs with the radio up and blaring, not caring that she didn’t know half the words to the songs, and dancing around in her room in her pyjamas.

With the door wide open. As you do.

What? She was having fun! Loudly.

Take that, Ichigo!

[Oooopen door, open post!]
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Ino was up bight and early and neatly dressed with her hair pulled back. And pacing, and making sure she had the things she knew she'd need.

Like her Dad's credit card.

And a bit of her money from working at Wellspring, but mostly her Dad's card. Dad, Ino knew, would totally understand if it was for weapons.

Now she just had to wait for Triela to show up and they could go.

[For the shopping buddy! Up early for crazy sp, and everything past the Causeway is NFB due to distance!]
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After training with Liir, which la, is still in progress, Ino had had another shower and was now puttering around her room and fussing with her plants.

She was debating going out. After all she did tend to go see A.J. often on Sundays but...

Ugh. Ino just didn't feel like being social today, really. Nonetheless, she left the door open a bit.

[Expecting one, but otherwise entirely open as well!]


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