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Ino ushered Tether in, taking him off his leash, and shut the door to her room with a sigh. Leaning against it, she watched as the puppy made himself comfortable on her bed with a whump of displaced air.

That got a bit of a grin, a small one, but there. “Maybe I’ll see if I can keep you, yeah?” she said, knowing she wouldn’t ask but the thought was the same—she did like having him around. He wasn’t going to care that she was in a bad mood, or that she wasn’t looking forward to tracking down, well, her.

And he hadn’t paid any bit of attention to her haircut. She appreciated that because she totally didn’t want to talk about it. Totally didn’t. She’d cried while they’d done it.

“Move over,” she told him, slumping exhaustedly on the bed. “It’s not your bed.”

He licked her hand, and she laughed quietly.

[Establishy mainly, and the door is shut but open if you have reason to talk to her. And as of this post, Ino’s hair is short (despite some of her icons, la). Mwah.]
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When she got back to Fandom that night, Ino made a couple of calls. She did her best to sound happy, but wasn’t sure if she succeeded. Then, setting the phone down, and standing in the middle of her dorm room she just looked at what was there for a long while. Mostly plants, which was alright, she could keep those. Dad would approve. Her notebooks she could keep. The medical books and scrolls she’d gotten in Konoha were placed neatly on her desk.

Her magazines were trashed. She didn’t need them.

Ino yanked open the door to her closet and studied her clothing for nearly twenty minutes, just standing there; before beginning, methodically, to throw out everything that she deemed was impractical. Pretty and practical, she kept. Practical, she kept. Everything useless though, she bagged. She wasn’t going to need any of it. Keeping it around would only be a temptation to backslide and she couldn’t afford that right now.

After that, after purging her room of anything she deemed to have no value to what she was going to have to do, Ino sank down to the floor, leaning with her back against the door to her room and closed her eyes.

Tomorrow would be hard. Ino glanced at her hair, and her lips firmed. It would be hard, but she’d do it anyway.

Because the next step would be harder. Changing the way she thought. Swallowing her pride.

It would’ve been easier just to stay home. But taking the easy way had landed her in this position in the first place.

She’d take the hard way, then.

[That Ino is back is for broadcast, everything else is NFB. Establishy.]
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The next morning came slate grey and dreary, but not wet. The streets were dry as she walked down them, blue eyes watching as the civilians started setting up for the day, opening their shops. It was just past six, and Konoha seemed, to her, to be still cradled in the hush of early morning. Each scuffle of a foot against the stone, each creak of a door, it all felt muffled. Here and again a shinobi darted by on the rooftops.

In which Ino continues to have a bad time of it. )

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Her alarm went off at four.

She blinked, blearily, across the room at it and glared at the time displayed on it. Who in their right mind got up at four in the morning willingly? Regularly? Ino muttered vile threats under her breath as she reluctantly wriggled out of her blankets, rolled off her bed, and stumbled across her bedroom to shut up the increasingly shrill whine of her alarm.

It wasn’t going to be a good day, Ino knew. )

[NFB, NFI, OOC is total love.]
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The portal dropped her off in the middle of the forest. Ino glanced around carefully, trying to orient herself—she knew that the portal had set her in the right world, but that wasn’t much help in making sure that she knew exactly where she was and how to get home from here.

Ino wondered, idly, if the portal was so inexact in other worlds and what that might mean. How did portals work, anyway? It wasn’t anything she knew about.

Last time... )

[NFB, NFI, OOC is total love.]
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Friday afternoon and Ino was sprawled out on her bed with an anatomy text. Talk about boring. This was better than brooding about Cal, or giving into the urge to go and strangle Ichigo though, so whatever. The text, at the moment, was closed and she was testing how well she'd managed to retain what she'd studied.

Ino wondered, really, if she'd ever feel like she knew enough to actually feel confident in her abilities while working at the clinic. What had she been thinking, seriously? She didn't know anything about healing.

Bruises and cuts were only the tiniest tip of the knowledge she needed to know. She sighed, and focused again on her studying.

[For Hinata, then open afterwards.]


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