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Morning found her up and determinedly cheerful. Stubbornly so even. She had music turned on, the window and door both opened and was sitting on her floor. Beside her was the box of seeds Karal had given her, the parchment telling her what was what and how to care for them in her lap.

And spread out in front of her were her plans for the garden. Ino was trying to work out where and how she'd incorporate these new plants in with her others.

It was proving to be a difficult 'battle' really. "It'd be easier," she muttered, making another note. "If I knew for sure what they looked and smelled like." And for all her complaining was glad to have something to do, something that reminded her that some people figured she was good enough to trust.

Red and gold for Sun's Glory, though. That she could work with, surely.

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After her talk with Annette, Ino had retreated to her room and was flipping through a magazine as she tried to decide how to spend her night.

She would’ve liked to go. Stupid Kabuto and his avoiding her.

Ino sighed, and pondered other options. Surely she could do something fun for the evening.

[Expecting one, but totally open.]
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When she got back to her room after spending the night across the hall, well, it was a good thing she was in a good mood.

Because Angel had somehow gotten into her hair elastics again. "How did you do that?" Ino wondered, kneeling down to pet Angel. "I'm pretty sure I put those away in a drawer specifically so you couldn't get them."

Angel purred.

"That's not helpful."

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