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It was highly likely that, had she been back in the dorms and able to curl up against Zack, Ino would not have gone through with her hastily tossed together plan for dealing with her fears about Jenova.

She wasn't sure, yet... )

That was why, when she wound up calling Zack, Ino was laughing. Because Ino was stupidly tired and it was either laugh or cry and hilarity was better than giving up and admitting that she was still scared.

It was half past two Saturday morning.

[NFB due to distance. World hopping done with permission. For that boy she's calling.]
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Jenova's patience was… )

[Preplayed with the utterly fantastic [ profile] notyourpawn and [ profile] puppy_fair. Directly follows this. Establishy! And we're done!]
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Jennifer hadn't really thought… )

[Preplayed by the absolutely amazing [ profile] puppyfair, [ profile] notyourpawn, and [ profile] not_jaded_yet. Directly follows this. There are hints at torture as we FTB in this one. Establishy!]
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Awareness came slowly. Filtering through wires, up cords, being transmitted via life-energy-electricity. The pulse of liquids, of beeping machinery, carried though wires that spilled out from her prison. A shift, the faintest of motions, a breath—or was it imagination? Machinery beeped and whirled, regulating, confining: reducing.

Her container all but glowed. She floated, trapped, but there. Awake. Angry. Always angry, always trapped—they knew not what they played with, only knew enough to fear—she did as she always did.

Tried the bounds of her confinement. This time, she found something different.

She was not where she had been.

Her laugh was the pulsing rasp of energy through wires. The twitch of long hair. Hardly there, unless you knew her. This was not the same planet she'd been on.

This would do. Could they contain her here? Let them try.

Jenova reached; searching—all she needed now…

There. One of her wayward sons.

Her voice rippled outwards, barely a brush of energy, hardly more than the faintest dream of a whisper. Unheard, unfelt, unnoticed.

But by one.

Come to mother, she called, on a level too instinctive to ignore. Find me.

That ruffling, pulsing laugh again. Too low for any to hear. Indistinct. More machinery than anything biological. This was what they'd put her in. Controlled her with. It wasn't enough. She was still awake. Still aware.

Free me.

Still wanting.

[Establishy! Ino is Jenova from Final Fantasy VII. And the boiler room is her home for the weekend!]


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