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Ino laughed.

Perched up on a wooden fence, elbows on her knees and her chin propped up in her hands, she watched with bright, rested, eyes as Zack was walked again through the basic steps to walk up a tree.

It was a skill, truly, that wasn't usually taught to those who hadn't gone through the Academy, but her father had decreed that he was going to learn a few things, or so help him, and while she was supportive in the sense that she'd give him theory…

Well, when it came to watching his practical attempts, Ino tended to dissolve into giggles. (Truly, he wasn't doing so badly for someone who, a week and a half ago hadn't known chakra from dirt, but…)

"You've got to keep your eyes open while moving," she called helpfully, before cracking up again.

[NFB, for ze puppy, mmm gratuitous timewarpiness.]
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The door to Room 504 was open, while the occupant was flat on her back on the floor, feet propped up on her bed, and idly tossing a pen into the air—spin, spin, catch, toss, spin, spin, catch, and repeat—as she talked on the phone.

"—mutant alligators, Dad. No, I’m not kidding, yes they spit goldfish that tried to eat you—what? Pictures?"

Up and then down went the pen again as she listened.

"I mean, I guess? Maybe—I didn’t take any, I was busy, that’s why I need more explosive notes—I could always ask around, if you really need them but, like, my memory probably has them a lot clearer." Another toss. "Uh huh, exactly, don’t you think—no, it shouldn’t. I mean, I know what I’m allowed and not—but Sakura wants to—yes, Dad, so do I, okay? Okay." She absently tugged at her hair as her dad spoke. "Right. You’ve got my address for mailing? Mom’s got it, if you’ve lost it—no I’m not making fun of your age, did you want me to?--Dad!"

Ino blinked. "—you’ll think about it? Really?--Yes, I want to learn, I just thought—noooo, okay. Alright, take care.—Love you too, Dad. Bye."


[Oooopen door, open post, feel free to have heard however little or much of the telephone conversation as you want.]


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