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Little changed in the hospital room overnight. The girl slept, the boy slept, and machines continued their monitoring—more to be safe than out of true need for them—and if the nurses came by to check on them (but always careful not to wake them) a little more often than necessary…

Well, there was nothing wrong with that, was there?

And in this manner, time passed until morning.

[For ze puppy. NFB due to distance.]
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Having a free Monday hadn’t been too bad—since Zack was, in ShinRa’s eyes supposed to be back on Fandom that day, they’d had a chance to spend the time all to themselves without him having to hare off on missions and her having to stay behind.

Tuesday, however, she could not say the same about. When an attempt to get through to Portalocity had netted them the same drivel as yesterday (We are sorry for the inconvenience, but portal service from Midgar is temporarily unavailable due to routine maintenance.) Ino had sighed, more than a bit put out by missing not only work but class, as well, and had fired off a quick text to Reno.

Sry 2 miss class. Portals r down, zoto

Then she’d begun contemplating how to spend the rest of her day, with Zack.

Unfortunately, ShinRa had decided… )


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