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She'd been alright getting back to the island. Holding it together and keeping a bounce in her step. She'd managed, even, to get through a shower--and was she ever glad to have a real shower again--but it was looking around her room, her things just as she'd left them--

Less than a week ago. More than seven months ago.

--that was making it hard for her to keep her composure. Ino settled herself--thinner than before but still herself--gingerly on her bed, her unfamiliar and yet almost too familiar bed, in a plain white shirt and grey leggings. Ino shrugged a bit, picking at the shirt.

She wasn't ready to sleep yet. Not now.

Not when things kept swirling around in her head. The quick patter of thoughts, persistent and aching, not letting her close her eyes and relax. Ino hadn't relaxed in months, not really, not daring to.

She was glad to be back. Seriously.

But it'd take time for her to be comfortable again.

[Door closed, post is oh so totally open!]
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She never really gave up hope of getting back to Fandom.

But life went on. )
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Ino had totally chased off the drunken man who'd been sleeping on the bench before she'd decided to steal it from him. Now, she leaned back, almost comfortably, and tried to decide if heading back to the inn was even worth it for the night. She wasn't feeling very sleepy.

She kicked her feet out, letting them thud back onto the ground and sighed.

Maybe she'd just go steal something to take her mind off of the fact that they might never get home. Putting up a brave face in front of other people was easy, especially since none of them here knew her all that well, but Ino did worry about it.

"Don't be stupid," she scolded herself, "it'll work out."

It had better.

[For a certain mouthy merc! NFB as they are waaaaay in the past!]


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