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Jennifer hadn't really thought… )

[Preplayed by the absolutely amazing [ profile] puppyfair, [ profile] notyourpawn, and [ profile] not_jaded_yet. Directly follows this. There are hints at torture as we FTB in this one. Establishy!]
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Reno having been successfully avoided, Zack having gotten his travel permit to her world, and Ino in a totally good mood having scored some chocolate after a quick stop in town... she was pretty sure most of the things in her world were right and good for the moment.

Ino flopped down, radio turned on because, no, she wasn't sick of the carol thing yet, and tugged out one of her notebooks.

This one was red. She figured it was fitting.

Breaking a piece of chocolate and nibbling on it, she set about dividing her list of questions into smaller sections and making notes on which ones she could probably get away with asking Reno. Which ones Zack would answer with no problems, and which ones Elena would probably answer without arousing much suspicion from her.

She hummed absently as she worked, feet kicking idly at the air. It was Good Fun and Good Use of Her Skills to have something like this to do.

Reno was probably wishing she'd never ever thought of it, though. He had no idea how thorough she could be.

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Ino staggered into her room, looking exhausted, and struggled out of her over-weighted backpack (the stupid thing nearly weighed as much as she did, geez) and mentally cursed herself for being dumb enough to get a training schedule from Centurion.

He was a very bad man.

Which would be why Ino was just going to collapse on her bed for a minute, just to relish the fact that she didn’t have the stupid backpack from hell on any more (stairs were nasty evil things with it on, okay?). After a few minutes of that, she forced herself off the bed and down to the floor so she could stretch out.

Because, curse it, she had to do it all again later. As if she’d complain to him about it. Geeeeez.

While she stretched out (slowly and carefully), Ino forced her mind off of the evil of Centurion (never mind that she was one of his TAs, he was still a Bad Man even if this had been all her idea to start with) and began planning her approach in talking to Miss Atreides about Jen.

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Awesome day had kinda dribbled into augh, blah day, and it was kinda Romeo's fault.

It wasn't that she blamed him, really—or, at least, no more than she blamed everyone else for the issues that came up whenever her world was inevitably compared to theirs—but few people asked so out-right and then the whole religion deal just gave her a headache.

She sprawled on her bed, punching in a text on her phone and stared at it for a long moment before hitting send, and tugging out a scroll to read.

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