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Being back in Fandom was a peculiar… sort of disconnect.

Ino was curled up on hers and Zack’s pushed together beds and pretending to read. Which was rather futile because she knew it was pretence and so it would have been more productive to actually do something…

But she didn’t really feel like it. There were a lot of things she had to think on, but those thoughts felt almost like she was clinging to broken glass in her hands, and that hurt.

Like a toothache, however, she couldn’t quite stop poking at them. Even when doing so only hurt things more.

And, turn the page. Keeping up appearances, even just to herself, was important.

She was supposed to be reading. Would claim to be reading.

But her gaze wasn't on the book.

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The nice thing about playing with a puppy for most of the day was that, once she’d gotten back to their room, Zack had conked out fast and hard in a pile of limbs and fuzzy ears on the edge of their bed. Which meant that, until he woke up, she had the freedom to think and do what she wanted to.

Which, tonight, was a matter of finishing her e-mails. It was the matter of seconds to actually send them after proofing them one more time, and then Ino just leaned back against the headboard and frowned thoughtfully, absently toying with her hair.

It was weird, now, to not have something to write as a goal. ‘Sending out the e-mails’ had been a good way to have something to focus on that made her feel like she wasn’t going to suffocate under her worries.

Nothing to stop that now.

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After talking to Hurley, Ino was glad to wander back to the room she shared with Zack—that was still weird to her, that she couldn’t say it was just her room anymore—and collapse on her bed.

Yay. A week gone by and she hadn’t—been weird and issuey at people other than... well, Bod had gotten a bit, but he hadn’t seemed to care and Ino just... wasn’t going to push that. All right, fine, and so on. She was fine.

Repression was probably bad, yes. Ino closed her eyes briefly, then sat up and stared at the open door. She should shut it. But that seemed like far too much work and instead she fumbled for one of her notebooks. A pen.

If she was thinking, she didn’t have to think.

It made sense to her.

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So, once upon a time Ino was pretty sure Romeo had made her promise to tell him about anything crappy happening on the island before someone else did. Which explained the message she left for him.

… Four days late, sure, but she was trying here.

Leaving her door open, Ino was sprawled out on her bed and scribbling into a notebook she'd started working through on Tuesday. Writing down every little thing she could remember about Jenova, what she knew about Jenova from other sources (well, Elena and Reno), and what she could guess about her from—being her for a weekend.

Ino wasn't sure what purpose there was in it, really, except for the fact that—

This way she'd know her new shiny fear as inside and out as she could.

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After talking to Reno, and maybe considering if she ought to phone Romeo because she hadn't heard from him in a while and at the same time idly wondering if maybe she should get out and about for a bit because Ino really was bored and kinda missing the rush of adrenaline that came from killing monsters and really wished that she could, like, get a mission or something from back home and…

You know what?

Chocolate, jammies, and flowers. There. She was well set for the evening and if people wanted to entertain her, well, she was totally okay with that.

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Ino had to admit that country was not normally her music type, no. But the song that she kept finding herself singing was fun at least, and it amused her enough that Ino really didn’t see a need to try and stop.

She just kept the singing down sort of low as she sprawled out on her bed and read.

My daddy always was... )

Ino snickered, humming it, and turned to the next page of her book. Kicking she could definitely do. Totally amusing, geez.

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Awesome day had kinda dribbled into augh, blah day, and it was kinda Romeo's fault.

It wasn't that she blamed him, really—or, at least, no more than she blamed everyone else for the issues that came up whenever her world was inevitably compared to theirs—but few people asked so out-right and then the whole religion deal just gave her a headache.

She sprawled on her bed, punching in a text on her phone and stared at it for a long moment before hitting send, and tugging out a scroll to read.

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Ino had made it through the day. Between getting back, going to class, and talking to Tyler-sensei, she’d figured that whatever Hinata-chan said that she’d totally done her quota of being around and putting her schedule back on normal sort of tracks.

Of course, that’s when she made it back to her room, showered and wriggled into her jammies that Ino realized, depressingly, that she wasn’t sleepy. Making a phone call killed all of thirty seconds, and then she pulled out several gardening magazines and tried to start planning for Tyler-sensei’s flowers. Maybe she would go the love note route, just to make him facepalm.

Her door was left open, as a matter of course.

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Ino could sing just fine thank you very much even though Ichigo was a bit of an idiot about it and was proving that, this evening, but singing at the top of her lungs with the radio up and blaring, not caring that she didn’t know half the words to the songs, and dancing around in her room in her pyjamas.

With the door wide open. As you do.

What? She was having fun! Loudly.

Take that, Ichigo!

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Ino had been planning on getting back from her scroll work, out in the preserve, showering, and flopping out on her bed with the very boring book of history she had to read. (Okay, it wasn’t that boring, but it was history and therefore she pretended it was. It made sense to her, honest.) What really happened, though, was that she got back from her shower, wriggled into her pajamas and found a letter from her dad saying that she was to resume taking missions back home, starting soon, and she’d get more information about when and where she was to be when it was necessary.

So, now, she was standing in front of the full length mirror she’d hung on her closet door and staring at herself contemplatively. Was she ready for a mission? She didn’t know. Man.

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Ino... found herself somewhat at a loss for something to do. It was Thursday, and Thursday was her one day a week that she had absolutely nothing planned at all.

In a bit of a holdover from yesterday’s thinking at the store, she was sprawled stomach down on her bed and scribbling in her purple notebook a list of what, in her estimation, was wrong/needed improvement/was annoying/she wanted to fix, and then was slowly adding in what she thought had to be done if she wanted things to change.

She’d left the door open just for air circulation and the radio was on, but low.

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After leaving a call for Principal Washburn, Ino was fiddling with a seedling tray in her room. It was stupid, she knew, to hover over plants because they grew in their own time and there was no point in waiting around for them.

But Liir’d given them to her. Which made them special. And she definitely wanted to see them change colour the way he’d said they would. She glanced over at the Sun’s Glory she had growing over by her window. She’d have to transplant them soon. But maybe she’d keep just one all for her.

Ino thought that was a fair trade, and she still had seeds too. Quite a few of them. And Karal had said she could do what she wanted with them.

She wrinkled her nose cheerfully. Plants, at least, had no bad associations in them.

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By the time Ino got back to her room she had a headache from forcing herself to keep her temper. She opened the door, with slightly more force than was necessary, stepped inside then shut it. Oh-so-gently.

Then, almost calmly, she picked up one of her potted plants and flung it with all the force she could muster at the wall over her bed. The pot smashed satisfyingly but it wasn’t enough, not near enough, to make her feel better.

Another pot. Another crash against her wall.

How. Crash. Dare. Crash. He. Crash.

How. Crash. Dare. Crash. They. Crash.

Eventually she’d have to stop, either from running out of pots, or from spending her rage. Eventually she’d have to clean this mess up so she could sleep.



[Door is shut, post is very very open. ETA: Romeo showed up last, please. Everyone else is before him.]
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There was nothing quite like training all morning, taking a long hot shower, then collapsing onto your bed and flipping through gardening magazines and making notes.

And, you know, not thinking about what she had to do. That worked. Maybe if she just stayed in her room it’d all be okay for another day.

Luck ran in her family. Surely that meant this tactic would work. She'd keep her promise to A.J., but really, did it have to be today?

[Door is shut, post is for a certain alien-boy, but open if you come before him in the timeline.]
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This morning, Ino could be found sprawled out on the floor of her room, after having cracked the door open for airflow, and scribbling in a notebook. It… it was probably incredibly pathetic of her to be making a list of the pros and cons of choosing either Michael or Kabuto.

Michael, she had to admit, had more pros. At least at the moment. Of course, she was somewhat biased, because Kabuto was being a jerk to her. Even though she did deserve it.

She stared at her Kabuto-list and sighed. Cons she had plenty of, but…

That was just it. If she were really certain then there wouldn’t be a ‘but’. Yet there was.

This was going to be a total pain, wasn’t it? What did she want?



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