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Rosa had voted for the sunny shores of Costa del Sol, but she'd been out-voted three-to-one.

They'd wound up at the Gold Saucer instead. It was tacky, it was beautiful. There wasn't an inch of that wasn't infused and inundated with blaring noises and lights that dazzled the senses. It was rotten to the core and unabashed about it. Come play a game, the Gold Saucer beckoned, try and win against me.

Ino loved it.

She loved the sparkling lights, the crowds, the sheer noise of it. She loved the quiet glittering world that spread out beneath her when she rode the gondola, she loved the chocobo races, she loved all the different ways she could cause trouble and not get in trouble.

(Though her uniform likely helped with that.)

As soon as they'd ditched their things in their hotel room, Ino had grabbed Reno, since Rosa had been too slow at not being left with Rude to avoid such a fate (secretly, that was exactly what Rosa had wanted), and headed out.

They hit the games room about twenty minutes after they'd arrived. Two Turks, in jet black suits, Reno's looking sloppy, hers' adorned with a flimsy pink ribbon instead of a tie. His hair was pulled back into that ridiculous ponytail of his, while her hair was loose and shimmering down around her in a pale blonde waterfall. Neither of them was visible armed, which meant nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

She tended to bounce a little when she walked, he sauntered, or slouched, as the step and his mood took him.

Ino's grin was unrepentant as she took in the rising wariness of the employees of the Gold Saucer and picked out her first target.

"Oh my gods," Ino said, leaning around Reno, and pointing with one hand. Her nails were the same pink as her ribbon. "Reno, you still owe me from the last job. Get me one of those chocobo plushies or I cut you."

[OOC: Unlike the puppy, as of this post, Ino is reachable by phone/email/text! Post is for the one she's threatening to cut and anyone who feels like calling. I'm so happy to have her back! \o/]
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When Reno had said they could go out for tea, Ino had kinda figured he'd meant some place like the Perk, or even Caritas if 'tea' meant 'booze' (and knowing Reno, she'd guessed that it might've meant that).

So when she'd wound up in the preserve with him, Ino absolutely, positively, had to be a brat:

"Don't think the trees serve tea, yo."

[For Reno, yoto!]
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Something in her relaxed and tightened all at once when the portal closed behind her, leaving her staring at the empty Causeway. Go back to your island.

Well, she had. Here she was.

It didn't really feel solid or real or firm. Like walking through a fog. Those were her feet and they were moving but Ino didn't remember making a conscious decision about where to go. She should go to the dorms. Was she going there?

It didn't really matter, did it? Not right now. There was something wrong with that train of thought but she couldn't be bothered to figure out what it was. There was walking, that was close enough to properly functioning for her, right now.

Maybe she was heading towards her garden? That would make sense, almost. Things felt muffled, strangled, thoughts only half-formed before they skittered back, dissipating under the weight of the ennui that had fallen over her.

The preserve was another option. She had a hideaway there. That seemed… almost… like a good idea. Ino didn't really feel like company. She didn't feel like a whole lot, honestly. Blanked out, washed out, numb.

When her feet stopped moving, she blinked at her surroundings. Oh.

Well that wasn't much of a surprise either, though it twisted weirdly in her chest.

Ino didn't so much sit as collapse like a puppet whose strings had been cut. Slumping down against the wall outside the door, sandaled feet out in front of her, as she just closed her eyes.

Knocking just seemed like too much effort right now.

[For he whose apartment she's sitting outside of.

Warning: There is discussion of character death happening in this post.]
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It was the night before class and Reno was out…

But, well, there was a lot more than a mouse stirring about his apartment. Sneaky little blondes with clever little hands and mischief on their minds.

... and a truly terrifying amount of mayhem planned. That was, of course, what one got when Rookies got ideas and had the nerve to execute them.

"Right," one little 'mouse' murmured, as they got the door open and lugged their boxes of supplies in. "Where did you want to start?" She set her box down on the couch with a thump and grinned at her co-conspirator. "I think we should start with the dye—we can do other things while the dye sets."

[Apartment pranking done with permission/enabling of the faaabulous [ profile] raspberryturk. For the other mousie! NFB, please!]
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Zack had the crazy idea to let the baby chicobo go and Ino and sulked and pouted and kissed the wee bird and informed him that he couldn't sleepover anymore ever if he managed to get rid of it.

She was pretty sure he hadn't even heard her since he'd already been out the door and rambling at Mister Chocho. So Ino was going to spend the afternoon talking to the plants in the room and making sure they were all watered just exactly as her Daddy had taught her.

Being Ino, she wasn't doing that bad of a job considering her age. She did know her plants.

And they were getting a very grave recitation about why boys were stupid and boys who wanted to get rid of something as adorable as the chicobo were even stupider.

(… Sorry, Zack.)

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Ino had not had a particularly restful night. Even after they'd managed to get the kids to sleep, she'd dealt with the fact that… she really wasn't sure what to do about Zack, other than pretend she hadn't known he'd been faking sleep.

She hadn't really gotten much sleep and had called Reno early that morning to ask him to please take them, just for a bit, and that bit of news had effectively distracted the kids from paying too much attention to the things that were wrong.

They thought sleeping outside was great fun! That seeing Uncle Reno would be awesome. Inori reluctantly confessed that she'd called and talked to Aunt Rikku and that maybe she wouldn't be in trouble for that…?

Most importantly, though, they weren't paying attention to the way Zack wasn't himself. Inori especially had to be watched for that. Angeal—and why, she thought, had he had to show up now with that name, but Ino couldn't bring herself to get angry, just tired—was a bit too young to pinpoint the exact causes of anything wrong.

Now, after breakfast of pastries and milk and Ino spending a lot of her time as a distraction without trying to seem like one… they were waiting for Reno to show up and give them space.

Ino's fingers tightened around Zack's hand as she ruffled Angeal's hair. Inori bounced excitedly on the other side of Zack.

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So, once upon a time Ino was pretty sure Romeo had made her promise to tell him about anything crappy happening on the island before someone else did. Which explained the message she left for him.

… Four days late, sure, but she was trying here.

Leaving her door open, Ino was sprawled out on her bed and scribbling into a notebook she'd started working through on Tuesday. Writing down every little thing she could remember about Jenova, what she knew about Jenova from other sources (well, Elena and Reno), and what she could guess about her from—being her for a weekend.

Ino wasn't sure what purpose there was in it, really, except for the fact that—

This way she'd know her new shiny fear as inside and out as she could.

[Open door, open post!]
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It was kinda funny how she was getting used to being cold.

Not that she'd complain to Reno about it—what the hell was he going to do? Give her another blanket? As if she was going to let him do that when he was the one that was painfully thin and had to feel it more—or anything but, still. She was pretty sure she hadn't been properly warm since getting to Edge and that? That was totally not cool.

Ino was glad, at least, that it wasn't too windy right now. Drafts were demon-things. She tucked the blanket she was using around her feet more securely and went back to her reading, on the couch, while Reno played with Mako. (Or, well, Mako waged war or something and Reno didn't seem to mind. Ino wasn't paying that much attention to them, honestly; her book was pretty good.)

As far as she was concerned they could totally do this for a little while longer before going to look for fun. Mako wasn't tired yet. Ino was cold and didn't feel like moving.

Which, of course, was when someone knocked on the door.

Ino turned the page in her book. "You get it, yo," she told Reno impishly. "Rookie is lazy."

[For the one she's talkin' to! NFB due to distance.]
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Ino would be lying if she claimed that she hadn't told Reno the wrong time to expect her.

So she had absolutely no plans to actually let anyone know about that tiny insignificant fact. Especially not Reno. Fully armed and wearing leggings and a turtleneck rather than anything like she fought in at home, but that she'd found more comfy for dealing with Midgar's weather, and so had figured the same would apply roughly to Edge's weather, Ino's gaze when she stepped through the portal was scrutinizing. (You try staying warm in the middle of winter in what basically amounts to a short skirt with slits clean up the sides, a tank top, and a bunch of bandages wrapped around your torso and see how long it takes you to find something warmer to wear.)

She had a bit of time to kill. A few hours before Reno would even think to wonder where she was.

Plenty of time to explore Edge on her own. Reno would… probably not approve. He didn't need to know. Making sure she knew which direction his apartment was in, Ino darted off on silent feet.

Edge was, she determined a few hours later, making her careful way to his place, a lot worse off than Reno had told her. Despite the fact that some of the areas she'd snooped through had made her, well, violently ill (Ino had not been prepared for the number of starving people, of homeless people, of hopeless dying people she'd seen living on the streets in conditions she'd only vaguely grasped before), Ino was tentatively calling her snooping a good idea.

Also, mints were amazing things. Shut up. She was a ninja and a Rookie. He absolutely didn't need to know she'd gotten sick over some of what she'd seen. Ino had no intentions of telling him anything at all about that. Need to know basis said he totally didn't need to know. She found the building he lived in and headed up the stairs exuding an air that said she totally belonged here no really.

So, it was a pale (but for the colour quickly pinched into her cheeks) and rather wide-eyed Rookie that rapped smartly on his door at exactly the time she'd told him she'd be there.

[For the Turk expecting her, zoto! NFB due to distance!]
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After talking to Reno, and maybe considering if she ought to phone Romeo because she hadn't heard from him in a while and at the same time idly wondering if maybe she should get out and about for a bit because Ino really was bored and kinda missing the rush of adrenaline that came from killing monsters and really wished that she could, like, get a mission or something from back home and…

You know what?

Chocolate, jammies, and flowers. There. She was well set for the evening and if people wanted to entertain her, well, she was totally okay with that.

[Posted expecting one (not that Ino knows that, mwahaha), but totally open, sure!]
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Paperwork was not Ino's very bestest friend ever, no.

Especially when she probably didn't know enough about the subject to fill in all the blanks. This was not stopping her from going through the pile and filling in anything she did know, mind, but it did mean she was gathering a list of questions that Ino was pretty sure the village only wanted so they could totally be insanely nosey.

Did it really matter if he had siblings, after all?

Ino was pretty sure he didn't, anyway, but that wasn't the point.

Once you'd ascertained that, oh hey, no they were not a threat to Konoha and yes were willing to swear on this, Ino was of the opinion that the rest of it was garbage.

This did not stop her from doing it, of course, but it did mean she was muttering to herself about utter idiots who needed a book written for a visitor as she steadily worked her way down the questions. Music was on, the door was half open and Ino was working on her bed.

[Open door, open post!

ETA: The phone call with Reno is chronologically last, plz. The content of the call is NFB!]
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Ino was sprawled out in her jammies, hair damp against her skull, and idly rereading her notes on the latest things her father wanted her to practice on.

Nibbling on candy (she'd totally got it on sale and ha, it was just as good bought as it would've been had she gone around to get it), Ino was in a good mood.

From the candy, from the studying, from what she'd gotten up to today?

Totally all of the above.

[Open door, open post!]
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Ino had not been out begging for candy with many of her peers. It was not that she didn't want candy, naturally, because she most certainly did, it was simply that something far more nefarious and interesting had needed the preparation time and Ino had willingly devoted herself to that.

After all, she could always buy her candy half off and no one would know the difference, right?

Because it got long, and a costume was graphically tortured to death and described herein, yes )

Leaving her macabre present for Tyle—Mr. Durden to find.

[Warning: Smoochy's end result is described in detail. He was tortured to death. If that bothers you, please don't read this/keep it in mind! House and tree modded with permission of those whose property it is. The identity of the culprit is NFB, that there was a culprit is FB, and this is open for reaction from the one whose birthday it is only, please. Unless, naturally, he calls you over/you've his mun's permission.]
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Ino was... back from her trip to Gaia. And Reno. Who was totally her favourite person ever right that second and was so getting a shipment of booze and soil once she'd figured out just how well she was really dealing with things enough to want to go out. And, augh, she had work the next two days. Lovely. It looked like she wasn't going to get a chance to brood. And maybe contemplate how much trouble she was likely to be in for getting back from a mission and fleeing again without so much as a by-your-leave. Whatever.

It was still rather up in the air as to whether or not being back was a good thing, but at least she wasn't freaking out about just being in Fandom anymore. Baby steps. Small improvements. She could live with that. Setting her bags on her bed, she'd deal with unpacking in a minute, Ino checked her voicemail messages and left a few of her own.

Then she stretched, ran her hands wearily through her hair, and got down to the business of checking over every single one of her plants. Shhh. They enjoyed it, and so did she.

[Door cracked open, post wide open.]
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Ino had her stuff packed and was cross-legged on the floor giving the seedlings she'd sent Reno a little while ago a good looking over while waiting for her portal.

She was still… iffy about that whole Fandom Thing, but while being around was fun, she was pretty sure that putting it off would only make it worse.

Zen. She was zen. Okay. As much as Ino ever was.

Which… wasn't very. But alrighty then. Lying to herself was totally healthy!

"So," she said, "you wouldn't whine if I wanted to come kill monsters some more sometime?"

[NFB due to distance and for the red-haired Turk!]
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So, Ino was pretty sure she was a bit daft because she thought that Edge was pretty awesome. Really, okay, so it was mostly awesome because it wasn't Fandom and wasn't home but there was a certain excitement to getting to explore a completely different world just for the sake of being there.

There was no mission to do, no reason for being there (besides the fact that she was… weak and that was on the list of things she Wasn't Thinking About Right Now, Thanks), she was totally a tourist. With violent tendencies and a certain level of gleefully horrified trauma at the sight of some of the monsters around here. What the hell.

Seriously awesome.

"The ruins were more interesting in an 'I will try and do my best to kill you' sort of way," she said, cheerfully making a face at him. They were in the wastelands where, well, it was pretty much how it sounded. Wasteland~y. Ino was awesome at describing stuff, shut up. "This view is totally going to be worth it, right?"

If it wasn't, Ino was totally just going to pout until they went and found monsters. That would utterly make it worth it anyway. She didn't have to think while killing monsters.

Not thinking was good.

[NFB due to distance. For the red-haired Turk!]
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Ino was very busy calling a whole lot of people on the phone tonight. Once that was done, she flopped down on her bed and double-checked her list to make sure she'd gotten someone from each cabin.

Valentine and Katina had agreed already, so that was no issue and then her and Elena were obviously judges… hmmm. She tapped her phone against her cheek idly. She'd already made sure she could get the videos, so that wasn't a problem.

Though, next time, Elena could do the phoning.

Mmm, planning. It was enough to take her mind off of Arthur. Slacking. Geez.

[For phone calls or cabin mates only, please.

Warning: The thread between Ino/Reno has the potential to cover dark/disturbing themes, so please keep that in mind if reading. Thanks! ^^]
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Between work and the phone call from Reno, Ino was kinda not in the mood to go, like, out and about and socialize.

Which would totally be why, in a concession to not being utterly antisocial, she left the door propped half open and was on the floor flipping through magazines and nibbling on some cashews.

[Expecting one, but totally open yes yes.]
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Awesome day had kinda dribbled into augh, blah day, and it was kinda Romeo's fault.

It wasn't that she blamed him, really—or, at least, no more than she blamed everyone else for the issues that came up whenever her world was inevitably compared to theirs—but few people asked so out-right and then the whole religion deal just gave her a headache.

She sprawled on her bed, punching in a text on her phone and stared at it for a long moment before hitting send, and tugging out a scroll to read.

[Open door, open post!]
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So, today had kinda been a wash even though she’d gotten some awesome sweaters of Romeo’s and was going to kill Cal dead eventually, especially if he kept it up, but now—now Ino had something far more interesting to amuse herself with.

Which would be why there was a small blonde ninja out in the preserve.

With a pink rhino costume.

She was trying to figure out how to string it up in one of the trees while waiting for her partner-in-crime. It… wasn’t going that well.

“No,” she said to the costume, “seriously. What are you made of? You’re freakin’ heavy.”

Smoochy didn't answer her. That was probably a good thing since it was just a costume.

[For Reno, please! And totally NFB.]


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