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Two days of fretting and freaking out internally and feeling like things were going to fall down on her head meant that, when Thursday dawned utterly gorgeous (and neither of them having noticed anything odd about the island), she set about planning. She needed a distraction.

Zack's participation in this idea was secured with some kisses and, honestly, just asking him if he wanted to hang out on a date with her. Ino was straightforward like that, when it suited her to be.

So: picnic. In the preserve! She had food and drinks and even a dorky blanket (it had glossy stars on it!) for them to lounge out on.

Ino also had a Frisbee. The obvious difficulty of using a Frisbee in the preserve hadn't yet occurred to her, as she?

She was busy holding Zack's free hand (he carried the basket, even though as it had been her idea, and Ino still felt like she ought to be the one doing the carrying—but he'd won that discussion before they'd ever left their room) and smiling.

And asking questions. Very important, earth-shaking questions:

"What do you want for your birthday?"

[For the one she's smiling for!]
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It didn’t seem to matter that, when they’d woken up in a tangled grouping of hands and legs and eyes and smiles that touched their eyes until they’d woken up enough that the smiles stopped hitting their eyes, that they hadn’t really spoken at all as they’d gotten dressed.

As they’d headed down into town to pick up something for breakfast—they hadn’t really even glanced at the kitchen in the cabin—they still kept mostly to their silence, though he held her hand as they walked.

Or she held his. Ino wasn’t really sure if that distinction mattered. Either way, neither of them was letting go of the other.

It wasn’t a conscious decision either to head out to the preserve once food in neat brown bags had been obtained.

It wasn’t conscious, but she wasn’t going to complain as they walked deeper and deeper into the trees. Ino liked trees, she liked Zack, and she liked breakfast. The silence was just something that had happened. They’d work it out.

She glanced sidelong and up at him, blue eyes worried. Her smile had faded into something more serious. Last night had been only part of it. He’d needed last night. (He’d scared her last night.)

Ino didn’t know what this would bring, out here, with breakfast and him. Just that it happening was the only thing that made sense to her. A weird and twisted snarl of emotions curled in her mind and Ino thought it couldn’t be anything as bad as how he felt. That wasn’t comforting.

[For the one whose hand she won’t let go of.]
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When Reno had said they could go out for tea, Ino had kinda figured he'd meant some place like the Perk, or even Caritas if 'tea' meant 'booze' (and knowing Reno, she'd guessed that it might've meant that).

So when she'd wound up in the preserve with him, Ino absolutely, positively, had to be a brat:

"Don't think the trees serve tea, yo."

[For Reno, yoto!]
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Ino was very dubious indeed at the moment.

It was bad enough that she'd woken up in the same room with a boy. (Even if she happened to like that boy.) Bad enough that he'd had cooler slippers than she'd had. Bad enough that all her weapons had been turned into toys.

But Zack had a smile on him, and was pretty cute (for a boy), and he shared his magic marble things with her. Jump had been a lot of fun, really.

She still didn't believe him when he claimed his toy sword could summon things, though. Ino spun and came to a stop in a clearing in the preserve. "Far enough in!" she declared, because clearly things like this couldn't just be shared where anyone could see. "Now you've got to show me. I'm watching you."

Half hoping he'd fail so she could lord it over him. And half hoping he'd manage it because that would be the best thing ever.

[For the weetiny puppy!]
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There were few things more awesome than rounding out a day spent hard at work by getting a phone call from a totally awesome guy who was bound and determined to drag her out into the snow to train.

Okay, so her protests had been laughing and consisted mostly of 'where, when, and I'll need to change first' but shhh. She had totally put up a fight. Really.

That was totally why she was grinning up at Zack, despite the snow landing on her face, and bouncing a bit as she tucked her gloves away. "So," Ino said brightly, "materia first? Or weapons?"

She'd brought both. A call for training was way too general to do anything but.

[For the puppy who was modded with permission!]
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Ino's comprehension of Christmas didn't run much past shiny presents and such but she definitely had the looking like a kid on Christmas morning thing down pat as she half-danced half-bounced her way into the preserve with Zack after the dishes had shooed them out of Café Fina for the day.

And admiring her shiny armlet with her shinier Thunder materia in it. It wasn't technically a Christmas present, but it was the best present ever.

She was going to get to do magic!

There was nothing cooler than that. Well. Except for the next two weeks, uh huh.

"So," she said, grin evident in her eyes, her voice, her bounce, her face. "How does this work?"

[For the modded with permission puppy only, please!]
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So, today had kinda been a wash even though she’d gotten some awesome sweaters of Romeo’s and was going to kill Cal dead eventually, especially if he kept it up, but now—now Ino had something far more interesting to amuse herself with.

Which would be why there was a small blonde ninja out in the preserve.

With a pink rhino costume.

She was trying to figure out how to string it up in one of the trees while waiting for her partner-in-crime. It… wasn’t going that well.

“No,” she said to the costume, “seriously. What are you made of? You’re freakin’ heavy.”

Smoochy didn't answer her. That was probably a good thing since it was just a costume.

[For Reno, please! And totally NFB.]
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The preserve, really, ought to have been fully dark considering how late it was, but Ino had brought a few portable lanterns and set them up around the perimeter of the clearing. She wore short sleeves despite the cold, and had her cards on her. Getting the kunai from the locker would’ve been too much hassle with everything else.

In her hands was a scroll and she was idly tossing it from one hand to the other as she waited for Reno. Because that was totally the way you treated quality literature. Of course.

The knapsack she had slung over one low hanging branch contained two other scrolls and she left them where they were for now.

[For the partner-in-crime, please!]
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The preserve was nearly silent this time of night. Her jacket and sweater were neatly folded and laid to the side. It was cold enough out that she really wished that there was a better place to practice because a short-sleeved shirt was not comfortable at all out here. But the last thing she needed was someone bothering her in the dorms and coming to the wrong conclusion about the blood. Blood and ink were two huge parts of sealing things up in her world. She couldn’t exactly avoid using it just because it made people uncomfortable. So she’d just... not mention it. Somehow, Ino thought, it wouldn't bother Reno much anyway.

Ino sighed, and flopped down cross-legged on the hard ground. At her side was a neat pile of blank scrolls designed to hold a chakra charge—she’d ordered them from home—and a few portable lamps were set out a few feet in front of her. She'd need to be able to see what she was doing, after all. Thirty pounds of potatoes were on the other side of her, and a slender paintbrush was tucked behind one ear. Not for long though.

Taking a deep breath, making sure she was properly centered, she reached for the first scroll, all the while mentally reviewing the steps she’d spent the last three weeks studying, and settled into work.

It would be a long night. Somehow, as she drew the first seal in ink charged with her chakra, Ino was pleased about that. At least she was doing something.

[Establishy and NFB.]
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Ino was tired after yesterday, but had made herself get up at four, eat, and make it out to the preserve before sunrise.

At least it wasn't raining today? That would've made this whole thing even more... interesting.

Rather than just stand around and wait for her to show up, Ino set to stretching, being extra careful today to do it properly.

[For one, please! And SP until later this afternoon zomg.]
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Her forehead protector was actually on her forehead, for once. She'd brought her kunai, her wire, and with reluctance left her gun behind. Ino had considered bringing a spear, but she doubted it'd do her any good and so hadn't.

She was... ready to get her ass kicked.

Ino resisted the urge to tug at her bangs. This was stupid. She knew it, Temari knew it, but she hadn't been able to stop it. She wasn't worthless.

That had to be proved even if what she turned out to be worth, in Temari's eyes, was still 'not much'.

Leaning against a tree, she had her eyes closed and was trying to see if she'd sense Temari's approach. Probably not, but she had try.

[For a certain fan-girl.]
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Ino… didn’t want to go back to the town. But she couldn’t think of a way to miss work and not have it be seen simply as giving up.

She leaned against her tree, nibbling on a granola bar, and studying the dark forest. Seeing was a challenge, but she knew the location well enough by now that it didn’t really matter how much or little she could see.

If it changed, she would notice.

“I’ll be back,” she said, glancing up at her tree. “I’m not done thinking.”

She’d done enough though, that Ino was fairly confident in her ability to keep her temper for the next two days. If she hadn’t come to any solid conclusions, well, that was alright. She didn’t have to. There was no rule saying things needed to be set in stone.

Finishing the granola bar, tucking the wrapper away, Ino flung herself back into her own private battle. Low on sleep, low on food, concentration forced to sharpen--shoved on by her determination--Ino set herself to working through her problems again.

Was there even a conclusion? Or did it all just keep moving on, and she had to go with it?

She’d fight until dawn then, and head back to town. For a little while. To keep up appearances.

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Dawn came slowly deep in the preserve. It came with creeping fingers, slowly lighting up the forest leaf by leaf, stem by stem, and tree by tree. Her tree, fortified first to her satisfaction, and then further fortified, not once more, but twice over, was not spared the light. It did not touch her, not physically, not yet, but the change in the air as everything else woke was more than enough to rouse her from the small nap she’d permitted herself to have. She watched it, safe in her tree, and for the moment not moving. A moment of stillness before the battle started again. The calm before the storm.

Or something. Dawn had come. She acknowledged it with a wry twist of her lips. There’d be no more sleep for her until dusk.

Ino had, in the last few days... )

And Ino had no intentions of just giving up. That was the cowardly way out. Yamanaka weren’t cowards.

Even when it’d be easier to be.

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Finally... silence.

She’d made it through all three classes, faking it, smiling--and yes, she was going to enjoy all three of those classes--as soon as she could convince Logan that she really wasn’t interested in being the best in flowers when she had other more useful skills to hone, and as soon as she figured out a way to properly ignore that, ugh, that Temari bitch. Who do you think you are?

Me. Just me. )

Okay. Okay. She wouldn’t. Every step, every twist, every scratch of a branch--Too damn slow! Be more observant!--let her think.

She needed to this. Wanted this. Shut up and just think.

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Right after her first period class Ino had handwavily stopped by her alcove, before heading out into the Preserve. She made sure to go much further in than she figured most people around here would go. Stopping in a small clearing, Ino set her water bottle, and the few granola bars she’d brought with her, to the side and fell to stretching.

Ino’d tried the social thing... )

Work tomorrow. It was better to be tired and maybe closer to an answer than to be wide awake and just talking through the same argument she’d been having with Cable-san lately. Something had to give.

Let’s see what I find then.

Spin. Kick. Dart around a tree and then up.

Who said thinking’s got to be just a mental thing anyway? Throw a punch. Stupid.

It’d be a long night.



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