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After saying goodbye to Hannibal, Ino had wandered back to her room and, upon finding Zack out, had smiled slightly, determinedly, and went about making her own preparations. It was not really necessary to change her clothing into something she'd have worn out on the streets of Midgar—pink, frilly, short (because short she could fight in, and pink and frilly could be worked around and the entire thing made her look ridiculously harmless)—and brush her hair out so that it was a bit fluffier than normal. A tiny bit of make-up to make her eyes look larger and her lips poutier (and her head emptier).

None of that was necessary, no. And yet, in order to get properly into the role it was.

Ino closed her door, but didn't lock it. If Zack came back he'd be concerned by a locked door. Taking a seat at her desk and crossing her legs, Ino took a moment to center herself in order to properly play the role she wanted to here.

(Reno was going to be angry, she thought, then shoved it from her mind.)

Then, she picked up her phone and dialled a number that she wasn't, absolutely wasn't, supposed to have.

Another deep breath and she let an insipid smile cross her face as she waited for the phone to be picked up a world away.

[Primarily for the one on the other end of the line, though open if you want. Door closed.

ETA: That Ino is calling someone is FB, the topics and identity of who she's calling is NFB, please!]
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Ino was brushing out her hair, humming idly to herself while reviewing her notes, when her phone rang.

"Yo!" Ino answered cheerfully when she picked up the phone. A beat. "Dad! Hi! What’s up?"

He told her. )


[Half open door, open post, sure.]
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After talking to Reno, and maybe considering if she ought to phone Romeo because she hadn't heard from him in a while and at the same time idly wondering if maybe she should get out and about for a bit because Ino really was bored and kinda missing the rush of adrenaline that came from killing monsters and really wished that she could, like, get a mission or something from back home and…

You know what?

Chocolate, jammies, and flowers. There. She was well set for the evening and if people wanted to entertain her, well, she was totally okay with that.

[Posted expecting one (not that Ino knows that, mwahaha), but totally open, sure!]
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After all the fun with the phones yesterday—which had kept her amply amused while she'd been studying at work—Ino had spent a quiet day, mostly in training and had wandered back to her room tired but quietly content.

A quick shower and then she changed into her jammies and was sprawled out on her bed idly surfing the 'net and listening to music. The door was half open and she nibbled on crackers absently.

It was a pretty good evening, all things considered. Lacked chocolate but whatever. That could always be remedied tomorrow.

[Open door and post, yes!]
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Ino was very busy calling a whole lot of people on the phone tonight. Once that was done, she flopped down on her bed and double-checked her list to make sure she'd gotten someone from each cabin.

Valentine and Katina had agreed already, so that was no issue and then her and Elena were obviously judges… hmmm. She tapped her phone against her cheek idly. She'd already made sure she could get the videos, so that wasn't a problem.

Though, next time, Elena could do the phoning.

Mmm, planning. It was enough to take her mind off of Arthur. Slacking. Geez.

[For phone calls or cabin mates only, please.

Warning: The thread between Ino/Reno has the potential to cover dark/disturbing themes, so please keep that in mind if reading. Thanks! ^^]


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