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... In case the parade of animalified characters didn't give away the fact that something was up:

I'm moving!


(Also oh god kill me now before the stress does, but. Shhh.)

As I'm going to be pretty much toootally without internet until Tuesday evening (assuming MTS is excellent and does their job correctly and I get on that evening which isn't 100% certain…) and, as this is my first chance since I joined the game to do this, I am seizing my chance to animalify all my kids for all of most of two days. And Genesis. Mustn't forget him.

Modding rights go to the roomies--Zack, Warren, Scully. Genesis is one pissed off cat stalking around The Boards and his apartment. Arrangements have been made for rehearsal to go up if I'm not back on Wednesday but I'm hoping I am.

Wheeeeee moving!
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I probably should've done this… oh, a week and a half ago, but I totally spazzed out on it.

Anyway, at work I switched into a completely different department (which is totally awesome and I love it, but that's not the point of this) BUT their internet security is way way way more restrictive than my old position's was so the long and short of it is: none of my girls will really be around from 8am to 4pm CST.

I can ping from my phone, but that's about it. So it'll be massive SP during the day, but I'll totally still be around during the evening and most of the weekends.

This goes for Ino, Hinata, and Maron. ^^
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Soooo, I was a bit of a tactless nit during the Open Forum. I think we can agree on that? For which I seriously apologize to everyone I might have hurt. And, after a few days of talking it out with other people (and getting over a cold, alas, for colds don't care about online activity), I think I’ve managed to articulate what my concerns are and just wanted to post this as a more comprehensive explanation of my viewpoint, and to hopefully make up for any unintentional hurt I caused during the Open Forum.

I have hopefully managed to make my opinion clearer, and I'll do my level best do seriously better at giving everyone else’s viewpoints even consideration.

Read more... )

[Open for any discussion or comments, of course. I’m at work so if I’m slow, I beg your patience, and if you’d rather contact me privately I’m reachable through PM or at Lythis_sa_Iyani at yahoo dot co dot uk. (AIM is bloooocked at work.)]
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So, I’m Killaurey, and I uh, like ninja. A lot. I also play ninja; two in particular, so let’s get on with that, shall we?

Ino! )

Hinata! )

Viki! )

And the player! )
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Quick Note: Both Ino and Hinata come from the same point in the canon—which, by this time, is mid-timeskip. They don’t share a timeline with anyone else, despite the others from their canon running around.

And, both of them are only from Naruto manga canon. (Which, really, only matters if you know it.)


Yamanaka Ino )


Hyuuga Hinata )


Viki )

What that means for you is that:

IC-wise: Viki is highly likely to randomly teleport into any building/room/location at some point, purely by accident.

OOC-wise: If you don’t want her to ever teleport to your character’s room/house/what-have-you? Just tell me. And if you do want her to teleport in randomly or for a specific post--tell me that too. I’m really easy-going and seriously don’t want to step on anyone's toes by having Viki wind up where she’s not wanted. Tell me in the comments here, email me, ping me on AIM. I’m good with whatever.

Questions? Comments? Pie?
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I figure that since I wrote them out I might as well post them.

50 things, yes yes. )
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If you have any comments, criticism or praise about my RPing, please leave your comments here!

My characters currently are:

Yamanaka Ino ([ profile] flowering_mind)
Hyuuga Hinata ([ profile] shyest_eyes)
Rosalind ([ profile] give_areason)

Genesis Rhapsodos ([ profile] red_rhapsodos)

Comments are not screened, and anon is totally fine!
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I have internet again~! Everything has been put to order!

(Which means that I'll be around way more often. Yay!)
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For the next week or so my access to the internet is going to be extremely sporadic. Our house flooded on Friday (a water pipe broke) and when we got people in they found mold inside the walls (it's an old military building and they're supposed to check yearly for this sort of thing but they haven't for the last while) and promptly shuffled us off to the military hotel.

So I'm not going to be able to get anywhere near my computer (or my room, or my house ><; ) for at least a week. I'll be able (hopefully) to ping in for classes while I'm at work, but probably not much more than that.
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Summer II 2010 Classes:
Monday: The Day After Doomsday: Getting By In a Post - Apocalyptic World [Reno], Period 2
Tuesday: Infiltration and Advanced Sneakiness [Skywalker], Period 1

Summer I 2010 Classes:
Tuesday: Rookiehood 101 [Reno], Period 3
Tuesday: Breaking the Glass Ceiling [Kerrigan], Period 4

Spring 2010 Classes:
Monday: Build Your Own Philosophy [Durden], Period 2
Monday: Japanese Etiquette & Tradition [Algren], Period 5 [TA]
Tuesday: Magical Ethics [Gale], Period 1
Tuesday: Living With Difficult Women [Maximus], Period 5

Fall 2009 Classes:
Monday: Applied Science [Durden], Period 1
Tuesday: World Wars in the Media [Mitchell], Period 5
Wednesday: Infantry Tactics [Maximus], Period 2

Summer 2009 Term II Classes:
Monday: Sexual Anthropology [Brennan], Period 3
Tuesday: Mythbusting [Durden], Period 2 [TA]
Thursday: Tactics [Kirk], Period 4

Summer 2009 Term I Classes:
Monday: Arts and Crafts [Rodgers], Period 1
Monday: Spy Games [Walker], Period 5
Tuesday: Logically Speaking [Suresh], Period 6

Spring 2009 Classes:
Monday: Mad Kings & Queens [Atreides], Period 4
Tuesday: Ethics [Skywalker], Period 2
Thursday: American History [Durden & Algren], Period 2 [TA]

Fall 2008 Classes:
Monday: Diplomacy, Relationship & Tactics (Period 3)
Friday: Chemistry You Can Use (Period 1)
Friday: Phys Ed. (Period 2)

Summer 2008 Term II Classes:
Monday: Relationships: How to Do It the Right Way
Tuesday: The Right Tools
Tuesday: Enjoying Those Teenage Years: The Extracurriculars That Aren't School-Sponsored
Friday: Living On Your Own and Not Hating It

Summer 2008 Term I Classes:
Tuesday: Intergalactic Justice
Thursday: Chemistry for Anarchists, The History of Sex, and How to Be the Best at What You Do

Spring 2008 Classes:
Monday: Criminal Justice (As Taught by a Criminal)
Tuesday: Spycraft Codes, Poisons and Sneaky, Sneaky Weapons
Thursday: Fandom Invasions

Fall 2007 Classes:
Monday: No-Nonsense Sexual Education
Thursday: Ethics
Friday: Interdisciplinary Studies or Whatever


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