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Ino had had a perfectly ordinary day, broken by lunch with Liir, had gotten an ice cream cone from Chilly Boulder and was leisurely walking back up to the dorms fairly content with the world.

Very clearly, she was utterly oblivious of Edward’s awful awful plan for killing her through embarrassment.

Until she, you know, spotted one of the signs. Ice cream cone dropped from nerveless fingers as she stared in growing horror at it. Oh no, no, he had to be kidding, she’d suggested the park because it would’ve had less people not more and then he’d gone and made signs?!

Ino was not best pleased. Her shriek of dismay was terribly eloquent on that point.

[Establishy! *laughs at Ino’s paaain*]
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Ino had spent most the afternoon out hitting things after her detention. Now though, she was considering the bruises she’d gained from training and trying to decide if it was worth it to heal them or not.

Oh, who cared? It wasn’t like they were serious.

That done, she started trying to decide what to bring with her to Lana’s for the night. And, you know, Not Thinking about anything that had happened yesterday. Some parts had been good, very good even, but others had really failed.


[Up early for timezones, and expecting one. But door and post are totally open!]
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Ino was careful to sneak back into her cabin after being gone for so long, but careful is somewhat relative when you're really low on sleep and things were sort of hazy as she tried to focus.

But only sort of. And she wasn't that loud besides. Ino was stubborn enough that, even though her bed looked inviting, she was going to ignore it and find a clean set of clothing to wear. She'd showered already, her hair hanging loose and damp down her shoulders.

Tugging on a clean pair of pants, Ino made a face at the bruises she had. She'd get rid of those once she'd slept, seriously. Geez.


[For one, please!]
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Ino was in a fairly decent mood all things considered. The day had started off rather… rocky, with Liir being angry, but she’d taught him to meditate, then had to deal with the mess of him leaving his body but a visit with A.J. had left her happier.

Now though, she was lying on her bed, hair loose and going through the last few pages of one of Kabuto’s old personal medical notebooks. She’d have to return it when she was done… Ino eyed it. Maybe she wouldn’t finish it today? Put it off…

Cut to save flists! )

Hugging the notebook to her, carefully though so not to damage the pages, Ino rolled over and stared at the ceiling. Her mind attempting to put that together with everything else. Her notebook. Not his.

What did that mean?

[Door is closed but entirely knockable, post is open!]


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