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Really, with the light going, it wasn’t the best idea to be up in the air and drawing, but that was better than living in the same cabin with the most thoughtless person ever because Ino knew herself, and knew good and well that if it came to fight?

She wouldn’t be pulling her punches. And she wanted to fight. Necks broke easier than she’d thought, what else could break so easy? So, rather than deal with that piece of crap, that’d no doubt be even worse once Dinah’s idiotic friends, if she hit her, got pissed on Dinah’s behalf—aw, someone needed protectors from the big bad widdle ninja, oh noes someone dared raise their voice to them, oh my God it’s the end of the world—Ino had prudently taken herself away from temptation to go out and start that fight.

See? Ino was exercising restraint. She just would stay the hell out of her cabin until they went back to the dorms. As if she was sleeping under the same roof. Then everyone could be happy! Except, of course, for her, because rage simmered under her thoughts. Distantly, she realized she wasn’t being entirely fair, but Ino told fair to take a hike and shove off.

So. She was here until the sun was gone, and then she’d... think of something. After all, what was two nights? Ino could easily find places to crash, now that the weather was nice. The air was cool, at least, and that was comforting. So was the progress she was making on her maps.

[Establishy unless you can a) fly and b) would brave the pissed off ninja. IC is not OOC, totally for broadcast and all of that good cheer, la!]
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Boys, Ino had decided, we bound and determined today to royally piss her off. Between creepy-Tyler, and Michael pointedly ignoring her in Chemistry, and then with Ichigo being hurt again and then having to shear sheep in Phys Ed…

…It was a foul temper sort of day.

“You,” Ino informed Ichigo sharply, as she opened the door to her room. “Are an idiot. Get inside.”

[For that boy she’s calling names. And he’s totally modded with permission.]
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Friday afternoon and Ino was sprawled out on her bed with an anatomy text. Talk about boring. This was better than brooding about Cal, or giving into the urge to go and strangle Ichigo though, so whatever. The text, at the moment, was closed and she was testing how well she'd managed to retain what she'd studied.

Ino wondered, really, if she'd ever feel like she knew enough to actually feel confident in her abilities while working at the clinic. What had she been thinking, seriously? She didn't know anything about healing.

Bruises and cuts were only the tiniest tip of the knowledge she needed to know. She sighed, and focused again on her studying.

[For Hinata, then open afterwards.]
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Ino was, well, slightly cross at radio--she so did not need sugar chill pills, okay?--but other than that was in a fairly good mood considering the weather. Which was... not snowy enough for her.

If it was going to be cold, at the very least it could give her snow to throw at people, right? Geez.

Either way, for the moment, she was quite content to sit cross-legged on her floor, with the door wide open, and reread the medical scrolls Kabuto had given her.

[Door and post are open!]
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Ino had chocolate (which had, for some reason, been cheaper than normal—possibly because it was Easter chocolate, but Ino didn’t see why that made a difference to the price), and an open door.

She was, also, studying her medical textbooks.

Studying how to make people healthy totally made perfect sense while eating enough chocolate to make herself very unhealthy indeed. It did. Shush.


Ino was willing to share though if company came by.

[Open door and open post!]
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Ino was up bright and early going over the medical scroll Kabuto had given her last week one more time. Well, more than once to be honest. She was going to try and heal Annette's bruised face, and she really, really didn't want to make a mistake.

Both because then she'd feel worse for Annette and if she failed Kabuto would ask in that irritating, condescending voice tone of voice he used sometimes if she was just wasting his time. Ino rolled the scroll up carefully and set her shoulders.

Deep breath. She could do this. She would do this.



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