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Ino was very dubious indeed at the moment.

It was bad enough that she'd woken up in the same room with a boy. (Even if she happened to like that boy.) Bad enough that he'd had cooler slippers than she'd had. Bad enough that all her weapons had been turned into toys.

But Zack had a smile on him, and was pretty cute (for a boy), and he shared his magic marble things with her. Jump had been a lot of fun, really.

She still didn't believe him when he claimed his toy sword could summon things, though. Ino spun and came to a stop in a clearing in the preserve. "Far enough in!" she declared, because clearly things like this couldn't just be shared where anyone could see. "Now you've got to show me. I'm watching you."

Half hoping he'd fail so she could lord it over him. And half hoping he'd manage it because that would be the best thing ever.

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There were few things more awesome than rounding out a day spent hard at work by getting a phone call from a totally awesome guy who was bound and determined to drag her out into the snow to train.

Okay, so her protests had been laughing and consisted mostly of 'where, when, and I'll need to change first' but shhh. She had totally put up a fight. Really.

That was totally why she was grinning up at Zack, despite the snow landing on her face, and bouncing a bit as she tucked her gloves away. "So," Ino said brightly, "materia first? Or weapons?"

She'd brought both. A call for training was way too general to do anything but.

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After talking to Reno, and maybe considering if she ought to phone Romeo because she hadn't heard from him in a while and at the same time idly wondering if maybe she should get out and about for a bit because Ino really was bored and kinda missing the rush of adrenaline that came from killing monsters and really wished that she could, like, get a mission or something from back home and…

You know what?

Chocolate, jammies, and flowers. There. She was well set for the evening and if people wanted to entertain her, well, she was totally okay with that.

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Two classes meant that it she was actually fairly thinky when she got back to her room. Mostly about Philosophy more than about Etiquette but, really, that was to be expected even if Algren-sensei had made her a TA of her etiquette class. Besides classes (and a text to Reno that was totally all about unimportant stuff, but seriously, it was a text--what more could he expect, and having sent it mostly to prove she was still alive) Ino left her door open as she flopped down on her bed.

And her lists. And another notebook that held her observations from her vacation with Zack. And the play (which was interesting, if a bit confusing, but Ino suspected the confusion came from the fact that she didn’t normally read plays than anything else) she'd been reading at the clinic. With Leda’s present playing softly, she settled in to amuse herself by playing with information and humming along with whatever was playing at the moment.

It was peaceful, even. Ino supposed that was okay.

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Ino's comprehension of Christmas didn't run much past shiny presents and such but she definitely had the looking like a kid on Christmas morning thing down pat as she half-danced half-bounced her way into the preserve with Zack after the dishes had shooed them out of Café Fina for the day.

And admiring her shiny armlet with her shinier Thunder materia in it. It wasn't technically a Christmas present, but it was the best present ever.

She was going to get to do magic!

There was nothing cooler than that. Well. Except for the next two weeks, uh huh.

"So," she said, grin evident in her eyes, her voice, her bounce, her face. "How does this work?"

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