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Awesome day had kinda dribbled into augh, blah day, and it was kinda Romeo's fault.

It wasn't that she blamed him, really—or, at least, no more than she blamed everyone else for the issues that came up whenever her world was inevitably compared to theirs—but few people asked so out-right and then the whole religion deal just gave her a headache.

She sprawled on her bed, punching in a text on her phone and stared at it for a long moment before hitting send, and tugging out a scroll to read.

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Ino got out of class, and it was one she was really going to have to reread her notes for and hope the handouts made sense because paying attention had kinda... failed her there, grabbed a quick sandwich from the common room (because, really, sandwiches were just about the easiest thing ever to make and she was hungry) and wandered back to her room with it in tow.

And the mirror. And the fact that, if she was going to make sure she was ready for things, then she ought to maybe make sure she had everything all set out. For the moment though, she was just sitting on her floor and staring at the mirror while she ate her sandwich.

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Ino, getting back from Tyler-sensei’s office, and quite content with the glitter she’d gotten in her hair (it had been on her hands, and therefore... well, had migrated to her hair quite easily and maybe on purpose).

Leaving the door open, she flopped down on her bed and set about writing a letter to her dad that detailed just what she’d gotten up to this weekend, and how Liir had the worst taste ever in boys.

Seriously. Ugh.

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It was almost sad, really, that she’d had this happen to her before. So, when she woke up as a guy that morning, rather than freak out about it (okay, maybe she’d flailed a bit), Ino spent a good bit of time attempting to see what she could and couldn’t accomplish in terms of training before heading back to her room.

Stupid center of balance. Why did it have to change?

At least she was pretty?

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Ino ushered Tether in, taking him off his leash, and shut the door to her room with a sigh. Leaning against it, she watched as the puppy made himself comfortable on her bed with a whump of displaced air.

That got a bit of a grin, a small one, but there. “Maybe I’ll see if I can keep you, yeah?” she said, knowing she wouldn’t ask but the thought was the same—she did like having him around. He wasn’t going to care that she was in a bad mood, or that she wasn’t looking forward to tracking down, well, her.

And he hadn’t paid any bit of attention to her haircut. She appreciated that because she totally didn’t want to talk about it. Totally didn’t. She’d cried while they’d done it.

“Move over,” she told him, slumping exhaustedly on the bed. “It’s not your bed.”

He licked her hand, and she laughed quietly.

[Establishy mainly, and the door is shut but open if you have reason to talk to her. And as of this post, Ino’s hair is short (despite some of her icons, la). Mwah.]
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Friday afternoon and Ino was sprawled out on her bed with an anatomy text. Talk about boring. This was better than brooding about Cal, or giving into the urge to go and strangle Ichigo though, so whatever. The text, at the moment, was closed and she was testing how well she'd managed to retain what she'd studied.

Ino wondered, really, if she'd ever feel like she knew enough to actually feel confident in her abilities while working at the clinic. What had she been thinking, seriously? She didn't know anything about healing.

Bruises and cuts were only the tiniest tip of the knowledge she needed to know. She sighed, and focused again on her studying.

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Ino was practically vibrating with a mix of excitement and sudden, last minute, worry that Liir wouldn’t like what she’d plotted decided to do for his birthday.

She paced the width of the Causeway and hoped it’d go well. It had better go well or she’d, she’d…

She’d think of something. Shut up.

Either way, Ino waited impatiently in the early morning for the rest of them to, you know, show up so they could go.

[For those that know who they are! Anything said on the Causeway is FB, anything past that is NFB due to distance zomg. Wait for the OCD is up!]
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“I am so glad you’re a kitten,” Ino told Liir after she’d listened to the radio broadcast. “Because, seriously, I highly doubt you’d be pleased.”

What, with radio speculating that Hannibal thought she was a whore and all of that. Ugh. And she still wasn’t sure how they’d managed to think that she’d been talking about, erm, bestiality with Jack. What was up with that? Seriously radio.

For now though, her brother was a kitten and she was more than content to just pet him and talk to him about lighter things--no need to mention how the conversation with Cal had ended, right?--and leave her door open in case anyone wanted to come by.

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“Liir,” Ino was saying patiently to a wee green-eyed kitten. “I can’t pet you and go through my closet at the same time. Seriously.”

The door was shut, just incase her brother got it into his head to make an escape for it (and, really, she doubted he would--he just wanted snuggles, and scritches) but whatever. Better to be cautious.

“Oh, fine,” she said, rolling her eyes and picking him up. And snuggling him, shut up. “I’m waiting for Lana you know and you’re totally not allowed to look while we change, or I’ll stuff you in the closet... or come up with a kitty blind-fold, or something.”

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Ino was, well, slightly cross at radio--she so did not need sugar chill pills, okay?--but other than that was in a fairly good mood considering the weather. Which was... not snowy enough for her.

If it was going to be cold, at the very least it could give her snow to throw at people, right? Geez.

Either way, for the moment, she was quite content to sit cross-legged on her floor, with the door wide open, and reread the medical scrolls Kabuto had given her.

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After first period Ino was back in her room, sprawled on her bed, and carefully making notes on how best to poison Logan-sensei for class on Thursday.

What? He’d pretty much told her to. Ino was only listening to his instructions.

And, well, playing with poisons was an excellent thing to focus her fury on. her opinion anyway.

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Ino had a mouse. She’d deliberately gone out and found the most adorable and pathetic looking mouse she could find.

And then she’d named it Andrew.

Now she was back in her room, and there was a hungry foul-tempered snake eyeing her from the confines of his terrarium. This could only end in pain for poor little Andrew.


"Who is the bestest snake around?" Ino cooed as she dumped Andrew into the terrarium, his little mouse body quivering in fear and squeaking as Kusanagi’s tongue flicked out and he turned his head to stare beadily at the present she’d given him.

She wouldn’t kill the real Andrew, because Liir didn’t want her to.

But that didn’t mean she was going to be pleasant about it. "I’ll get you another Andrew," Ino said to Kusanagi, "when that one’s been fully digested."

Then she laughed; though it wasn’t funny at all.

[Open if you want, but her mood is severely out-of-whack. Fair warning.]
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She slipped into the cabin just after dawn, having stayed out--again--all night. She was moving stiffly, her fault for spending the night not moving after Temari had left her even when it rained intermittently on her and her bruises making their low opinion of this move known. Ino hadn’t bothered to heal any of the bruises. They served her right.

At least she’d had the presence of mind to have a shower before coming back? Ino wiggled into the softest set of pyjamas as quietly as she could, and curled up, sitting up, in her bed, back to the wall and blanket pulled over her head.

Yesterday had been stupid. She’d been stupid. What was the point in trying to think if you lost it the first time all that thinking was really challenged?

What was wrong with her? Even with Temari being so much stronger than her she should’ve done better. Instead, it had been a total fiasco.

Ino fought the urge to cry, trying not to sniffle, and that had to be the exhaustion talking. She wasn’t going to cry. That wasn’t useful.

What was she supposed to do? Where had she started messing up? Being stupid. It had to stop, and she didn’t know why it had started.

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Ino sat cross-legged on her bed, in one of Kabuto's shirts, grinning at the tortoises and making sure that they stayed far, far away from Kusanagi’s terrarium. Oh, Fandom. Silly silly Fandom.

She was very pointedly Not Thinking about last night’s discovery, or the fact that she’d woken earlier than normal thanks to weirdish dreams and something still was a bit off. Maybe she’d had too much sugar yesterday? Too much excitement?

Or something.

Either way, her door was wide open, and the tortoises were doing a good job at distracting her.

So. Cute.

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She'd been up here for hours. Tucked away, knees drawn close to her chest, and in a small corner where no one could see her, seedling trays lying--almost forgotten--on the ground in front of her.

Ino knew, in a quiet distant way, that she'd need to apologize to Liir for ditching him. But she hadn't wanted to talk. Or let anyone see her cry.

Now though, her head was fuzzy and her throat parched, and she really should be heading back down but...

She didn't want to.

Wasn't like it mattered anyway. She wasn't first priority to anyone here. They could do without her. Even Liir. He had Andrew. She was just... Ino.

Not as important. Okay. Okay. She was okay. Really. It was fine, she was fine and it didn't really matter, right? That she wasn't, that she didn't ever get to come first, right?

That thought though just made her eyes sting again.

[Establishy, yes. And Liir totally ditched with permission.]
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Morning found her up and determinedly cheerful. Stubbornly so even. She had music turned on, the window and door both opened and was sitting on her floor. Beside her was the box of seeds Karal had given her, the parchment telling her what was what and how to care for them in her lap.

And spread out in front of her were her plans for the garden. Ino was trying to work out where and how she'd incorporate these new plants in with her others.

It was proving to be a difficult 'battle' really. "It'd be easier," she muttered, making another note. "If I knew for sure what they looked and smelled like." And for all her complaining was glad to have something to do, something that reminded her that some people figured she was good enough to trust.

Red and gold for Sun's Glory, though. That she could work with, surely.

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By the time Ino got back to her room she had a headache from forcing herself to keep her temper. She opened the door, with slightly more force than was necessary, stepped inside then shut it. Oh-so-gently.

Then, almost calmly, she picked up one of her potted plants and flung it with all the force she could muster at the wall over her bed. The pot smashed satisfyingly but it wasn’t enough, not near enough, to make her feel better.

Another pot. Another crash against her wall.

How. Crash. Dare. Crash. He. Crash.

How. Crash. Dare. Crash. They. Crash.

Eventually she’d have to stop, either from running out of pots, or from spending her rage. Eventually she’d have to clean this mess up so she could sleep.



[Door is shut, post is very very open. ETA: Romeo showed up last, please. Everyone else is before him.]
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Ino was on her bed and pretending that the weekend hadn’t existed. Because she’d been a moron all weekend. The word ‘hi’ was banned from her vocabulary from now on. Yes. That’d work.

At least it had been mostly fun, though she’d bet that at least one person was totally going to mock her for being wee and chocolate obsessed. This reminded her—she had to throw out the rest of the chocolate she had in her room. Ino wasn’t going to eat it any time soon. Definitely not. No.

It had been fun. Except for the ‘mean lady’. Ino groaned. Yeah. Avoiding Lieutenant Kerrigan was right up there on her list of things to do from now on. And she had to check in with Annette at some point to see what the damage was to Annette’s room. What had they been thinking?

Oh, right. They hadn’t been.

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Ino had, actually, wound up spending the night on the roof. That had been an accident though. She’d fully meant to get up and leave at some point and then had just… fallen asleep. Which wasn’t the healthiest thing to do, but whatever. So, much like yesterday (only without the training), she had a nice long shower and curled up on her bed with one of her medical textbooks.

She had utterly no plans to go out. Yes. Even though it was a Saturday and that meant she normally went to Lukes to talk to Michael but… considering yesterday... Yeah, no. Maybe next week.

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