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Okay, so it was, like, hours later than she’d planned but whatever. She’d lost track of time while training. Ino wandered into her room after a long day outside and training, and almost on auto-pilot went to get her things for a quick shower and then bed.

It was only after the shower, and in the midst of preparing for bed that Ino noticed the scroll that was sitting innocently on her desk.

Ino snatched it up, glancing at the clock as she did so. Her eyebrows rose—another mission? Already? And the portal was when—?

Another glance, this one rather more panicked, at the clock. Crap.

The next few minutes were very hurried changing, a quick comb through her wet hair—oh, excellent timing for a shower, bravo—and then she was snatching up her packs, her forehead protector, and out the door.

She had a portal to catch, like, right now.

[Establishy, yo!]
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It was far too early to be awake when it was this cold inside, but Ino was up, and fussing with her plants worriedly. She, after all, could handle the cold. They couldn’t so well, and some of her plants were already looking pretty sorry. Crap.

Her attention snapped away from the plants though at the small puff of smoke and the appearance of a scroll on her bed. Eyes narrowing, she grabbed it, and flopped down on her bed (even the blankets were cold, that was wretched) and cracked it open. A mission. Portal was arranged for her, be there.

Ino got up, stuffing the scroll in one of her packs, a lot less interested in her plants now. Time enough to get ready, spend in hour in class, and then race for her portal. Not, exactly, how she’d planned on spending her time today, but alright. Wasn’t like she had much of a choice.

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Ino got out of class, and it was one she was really going to have to reread her notes for and hope the handouts made sense because paying attention had kinda... failed her there, grabbed a quick sandwich from the common room (because, really, sandwiches were just about the easiest thing ever to make and she was hungry) and wandered back to her room with it in tow.

And the mirror. And the fact that, if she was going to make sure she was ready for things, then she ought to maybe make sure she had everything all set out. For the moment though, she was just sitting on her floor and staring at the mirror while she ate her sandwich.

[Open door, open post!]
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Ino had been planning on getting back from her scroll work, out in the preserve, showering, and flopping out on her bed with the very boring book of history she had to read. (Okay, it wasn’t that boring, but it was history and therefore she pretended it was. It made sense to her, honest.) What really happened, though, was that she got back from her shower, wriggled into her pajamas and found a letter from her dad saying that she was to resume taking missions back home, starting soon, and she’d get more information about when and where she was to be when it was necessary.

So, now, she was standing in front of the full length mirror she’d hung on her closet door and staring at herself contemplatively. Was she ready for a mission? She didn’t know. Man.

[Door and post are open.]
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Ino had been planning on going out and practicing her flying for a bit since she had nothing but various things to study, most of it of her own volition, until work tomorrow morning.

She paused on finding a package outside her door. Frowning slightly at it—Ino didn’t think she was expecting anything—she gingerly brought it inside her room and opened the scroll affixed to the package to see what this was all about. The letter was short, and to the point, much like the writer—Tenten-san wasn’t one to waste words after all—and the package contained the information about sealing things in scrolls. Information that she’d requested what felt like forever ago.

A few minutes later she was cross-legged on her bed, the package opened and spread around her. Another notebook, this one dark blue, and a pen with bright pink ink joined her on the bed as she set aside Tenten-san’s letter and opened the first scroll.

Flying, it seemed, would have to wait. She had something else to start studying.

[Open door, open post!]
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Friday afternoon and Ino was sprawled out on her bed with an anatomy text. Talk about boring. This was better than brooding about Cal, or giving into the urge to go and strangle Ichigo though, so whatever. The text, at the moment, was closed and she was testing how well she'd managed to retain what she'd studied.

Ino wondered, really, if she'd ever feel like she knew enough to actually feel confident in her abilities while working at the clinic. What had she been thinking, seriously? She didn't know anything about healing.

Bruises and cuts were only the tiniest tip of the knowledge she needed to know. She sighed, and focused again on her studying.

[For Hinata, then open afterwards.]
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Ino was really squeaky clean after having spent a good while in the showers getting rid of the jello from class. Now, wearing one of Kabuto's shirts that she'd appropriated, and her hair still damp and clinging slightly to her face, she was curled up on her bed and sorting through the box of pictures her Dad had sent her. She'd left the door open in case of visitors.

Sometimes? Ino really loved her Dad's timing. His letter had mentioned that it was Yondaime-sama's birthday on the 25th, which was tomorrow, and so, Ino wasn't going to sleep until she'd gotten everything arranged to her satisfaction.

She hummed as she set a picture neatly into the album she'd handwavily picked out.



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