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Really, it had been a month and a half now and Ino had to admit that she was—feeling better. Between her father teaching Zack (and water walking had proved to be quite a hilarious thing to watch) and her father teaching her, she was feeling useful and busy without it being anything too taxing.

She hadn’t seen either of her previous teammates, which stung, but Ino stomped down firmly on that as she disentangled her mind from her father’s and ignored his look. It wasn’t the first time she’d avoided… whatever it was he’d wanted to talk about.

And she doubted it would be the last.

“That’s enough for now,” he said, after a moment. “How about you go and get some air?”

It was phrased as a suggestion, but Ino was well used to her father’s orders. With a quick kiss to his cheek, she left the room, went down the long, dark hall and out into the sunshine. It was a lovely day—February, already, which made her head hurt if she thought too hard about the days and how they related to Fandom—but, Ino thought, as she leaned against the balcony and pulled out her phone, hitting speed dial, maybe all that time had been what she’d needed.

And, across universes, her phone call reached…

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Ino laughed.

Perched up on a wooden fence, elbows on her knees and her chin propped up in her hands, she watched with bright, rested, eyes as Zack was walked again through the basic steps to walk up a tree.

It was a skill, truly, that wasn't usually taught to those who hadn't gone through the Academy, but her father had decreed that he was going to learn a few things, or so help him, and while she was supportive in the sense that she'd give him theory…

Well, when it came to watching his practical attempts, Ino tended to dissolve into giggles. (Truly, he wasn't doing so badly for someone who, a week and a half ago hadn't known chakra from dirt, but…)

"You've got to keep your eyes open while moving," she called helpfully, before cracking up again.

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The trip to Konoha had been blissfully uneventful and a tension that Ino hadn't even been aware of drained away as the day had gone on, which almost, but did not quite, eradicate the peculiar feeling that she was on vacation in truth and not… home.

It was nice to see her parents, however, and Ino pretended that she didn't notice the way her mother frowned at her appearance or the glances over her head between them (at seventeen, Ino was resigned to never getting to be taller than they were) and concentrated on enjoying just being at the shop and explaining to Zack what each flower was and what it meant when combined with other flowers.

That was a topic that kept her well entertained until supper, wherein the talk had turned to more general matters and Ino found herself trying to stifle yawns over her rice. Zack's dietary habits earned her a raised eyebrow, when Zack wasn't looking, but were handled otherwise without comment for which Ino was grateful for.

All the gratefulness in the world, however, was going to keep her awake long once they'd retired from the table to the living room and had settled themselves on the couch. It wasn't more than a few minutes before she was fast asleep.

And that, all unknown to Ino, was when her father set his tea down on the coffee table and gave her boyfriend a blue-eyed glance that verged on hostile.

"So," he said, "my daughter."

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There was one good thing... )

The sun was slowly rising. )

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The funeral passed... )

Shikamaru stared down... )

Some decisions… )

[NFB & NFI. Many many thanks to the awesome [ profile] need_no_moon. Tweaked and altered from manga canon, yo.]
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'Dude, the smell!' )

Ino spotted the messenger bird first... )

It was almost good to be running.... )

[NFB & NFI due to distance. Preplayed with the insanely stupendous [ profile] need_no_moon. Tweaked and altered from manga canon, yo. Please note that there's violence and death in this one.]
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A day spent sight-seeing had been a fantastic excuse to keep her dad and Zack as far apart as possible (because even while it was hilarious, in her opinion, Ino also liked breathing and it was hard to do when hyperventilating from laughter) without seeming like that was her goal.

Today, she'd gotten a bit lucky—her dad had left early on a mission, the kind that made his face go distant before he ever got out the door—and Ino had proceeded to drag Zack out and about before her mom roped him into working at the shop for the day.

Which would have been funny as well, but seriously? Parents were so annoying sometimes, geez. She had plans here.

"Getting bored yet?" Ino asked, grinning down (yes down) as she walked on the railing over the bridge they were on. "Hope not, 'cause I ain't done."

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Ino was just glad, all things considered, that the rain wasn't sheeting down on them and the sky was a brilliant red overhead with the sunset--there'd been no way to check that out before coming and umbrella's weren't really used much by, well, ninja.

Or by SOLDIER members, she was pretty sure, considering Zack still... didn't seem to own coat. It was cold, geez.

The forest rustled with the wind and the hard-packed dirt road they were on was clearly well used. Ino grinned over her shoulder at him. "It's just a bit further, and we'll be to the gates. You've got your papers on you, yeah?"

Because if not, they were going to have a problem. And Ino would kick Zack in the shins.

[NFB due to distance, and for the SOLDIER with her!]
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Almost two days of running had done little but exhaust her and cover her with grit and dust and sweat. Her thoughts still spiraled around—what was up? what was down?—and it was almost with relief that Ino took to, in the little debriefing room (white walls, metal chairs, tired looking table, and feeling almost like an institution), writing her report.

Still, her stomach complained... )

Can you do that? she asked herself silently.

She was going to have to. Even if it killed her.

[NFB, NFI, OOC a-okay.]
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Normally, missions were given out by the desk Chuunin, who marked down which mission scrolls had gone out and which teams were capable of handling each level of missions.

Warning: Dark/disturbing matters being discussed. )

"No further comments," she said, voice far more level than her stomach felt. "Mission accepted."

Reno's voice echoing in her head: You do the job.

[NFB, NFI, OOC a-okay. Warning: Dark/disturbing matters being discussed.]
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Necks were easier... )

[NFI, NFB, OOC a-okay. There’s death in this one, so ‘ware and all that! ^^ ]
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"—right, so then—what?—yeah, whatever forehead girl, in your dreams. No, I don’t have a crush on him!" Ino wrinkled her nose, hopping slightly from foot to foot with impatience as she chattered into her phone, the loudest thing on the causeway by far at the moment. "No, don’t even think about it, what are you? Mental. Yes, that’s what I said. No, I’m not over-reacting. Geez, where’s Hinata?--no I don’t expect you to know, come on, grow up--"

Hinata was running slightly behind, Yei hadn’t wanted to let her leave, even though she’d purred happily enough when left with Amber, and her smile was a bit sheepish as she trotted up the causeway, from the town. "Good evening, Ino-san!"

'Ah, there she is--' )

"Nuh huh," Ino carolled. "No apologies! Keep up the good work and all of that! Hurrah for Hinata-chan and her newfound backbone! Hip hip hurrah!"


And then they were gone.

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Ino had her kit packed, and knelt tightening her sandal straps, her forehead protector and making a few phone calls just in case she wasn’t back in time.

Duty totally done, for now at least, and feeling a bit like she was still back at the Academy where she always had to tell her dad who she was hanging out with after—and, seriously, her teachers were not her dad, geez—Ino shut her door, locking it, and left.

Weapons locker, and then home.

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Konoha was a warm contrast to the lack of power and heat in the dorms. That wasn’t why she was shivering though, trying not to, as her thoughts spiraled around her head, over and over. She had to stop shivering, chin up, back straight, hands shaking a bit though she had them clasped behind her back so that they weren’t right there for everyone to see. Had to look professional, had to... be a ninja. All over again.

Baby steps. )

Mission accomplished, then, in more ways than one.
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When she got back to Fandom that night, Ino made a couple of calls. She did her best to sound happy, but wasn’t sure if she succeeded. Then, setting the phone down, and standing in the middle of her dorm room she just looked at what was there for a long while. Mostly plants, which was alright, she could keep those. Dad would approve. Her notebooks she could keep. The medical books and scrolls she’d gotten in Konoha were placed neatly on her desk.

Her magazines were trashed. She didn’t need them.

Ino yanked open the door to her closet and studied her clothing for nearly twenty minutes, just standing there; before beginning, methodically, to throw out everything that she deemed was impractical. Pretty and practical, she kept. Practical, she kept. Everything useless though, she bagged. She wasn’t going to need any of it. Keeping it around would only be a temptation to backslide and she couldn’t afford that right now.

After that, after purging her room of anything she deemed to have no value to what she was going to have to do, Ino sank down to the floor, leaning with her back against the door to her room and closed her eyes.

Tomorrow would be hard. Ino glanced at her hair, and her lips firmed. It would be hard, but she’d do it anyway.

Because the next step would be harder. Changing the way she thought. Swallowing her pride.

It would’ve been easier just to stay home. But taking the easy way had landed her in this position in the first place.

She’d take the hard way, then.

[That Ino is back is for broadcast, everything else is NFB. Establishy.]
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The next morning came slate grey and dreary, but not wet. The streets were dry as she walked down them, blue eyes watching as the civilians started setting up for the day, opening their shops. It was just past six, and Konoha seemed, to her, to be still cradled in the hush of early morning. Each scuffle of a foot against the stone, each creak of a door, it all felt muffled. Here and again a shinobi darted by on the rooftops.

In which Ino continues to have a bad time of it. )

[NFB, NFI, OOC is total love.]
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Her alarm went off at four.

She blinked, blearily, across the room at it and glared at the time displayed on it. Who in their right mind got up at four in the morning willingly? Regularly? Ino muttered vile threats under her breath as she reluctantly wriggled out of her blankets, rolled off her bed, and stumbled across her bedroom to shut up the increasingly shrill whine of her alarm.

It wasn’t going to be a good day, Ino knew. )

[NFB, NFI, OOC is total love.]
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The portal dropped her off in the middle of the forest. Ino glanced around carefully, trying to orient herself—she knew that the portal had set her in the right world, but that wasn’t much help in making sure that she knew exactly where she was and how to get home from here.

Ino wondered, idly, if the portal was so inexact in other worlds and what that might mean. How did portals work, anyway? It wasn’t anything she knew about.

Last time... )

[NFB, NFI, OOC is total love.]
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After class Ino picked up her weapons and headed for the causeway. Which was where she was now. Waiting for Kabuto.

"So much for meeting me quickly." Ino muttered, crossing her arms and wondering if this was a good idea. "I thought girls were supposed to be the ones chronically late." If they were spotted back home... messy wouldn't be the word to cover it.

And all of this just so they could match at Homecoming?

... okay. Ino had to admit she thought it was worth it. Just as long as they didn't come across her dad.

Now if he'd just show up so they could get going.

[Locked to Kabuto. The fact that they've gone off is FB, the rest is NFB due to distance.]


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