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After getting Kabuto’s letter last night, all hope Ino had of writing out what was bugging her fled and she’d spent most of the night alternating between ranting at Kusanagi (who hadn’t cared at all) and sleeping fitfully.

Stupid stupid Kabuto.

Either way, it was a relief to be up on the roof and waiting for Cassandra. She wanted to hit someone, and Cassandra was the perfect one to try and hit.

Because Cassandra totally got it.

[Locked to Cassandra! And up early for SP throughout the day.]
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Ino had showered, found the oldest of Kabuto’s shirts and put it on (she was guessing that, from the amount of wear on it), and curled up on her bed with a purple notebook. Clearly she needed to figure out what was going on with her.

Stupid thoughts.

And she still couldn’t center herself. Ugh.

She was going to work this out. Seriously. For Lana, who’d made her promise to listen to Cable-san. For Liir, who’d said he’d believed in her. For Cable-san ‘cause she kept messing up there and even though she thought that he’d done his own share of mess-ups that didn’t mean she had to keep going with it. Or something.

And for herself, she supposed. Yeah. That too.

Ino stared blankly at the notebook for a long time before picking up her pen (purple, of course) and starting to write furiously in it. Every thought, every issue, every stupid thing she’d done lately.

Who knew? Maybe it would help. It could, really, hardly make anything worse.

[Open! ETA: Ino getting a letter from Kabuto via snake comes last, please! Everything else is before that!]
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Ino, having had a totally awesome day chattering at so many people had still noticed that Kabuto had totally not shown up.

Go figure. She hadn't been kidding when she'd told Cal that Kabuto wasn't a people person. Ino rapped sharply on his door. "Kabuto?"

No answer. Ino rolled her eyes. Like, whatever.

"I'm coming in," she said then, without waiting for an answer, pushed the door open.

"Over-confident, much? Geez," Ino muttered, then took a good look at his room.

He'd mentioned, vaguely, to her that he'd been sending books home. She had not, however, expected it to look so empty. Kusanagi's tank-thing was in the corner still, and his computer was still there... but the room had the odd feel of him being gone.

"This is totally not funny," she said, even though it looked like he was out, as she walked over to the desk. "It's creepy."

Ino glanced at the books, then glanced at them harder when she noticed the titles. He'd mentioned something about him studying portals and such, hadn't he? Right? A sinking feeling started in her stomach as she flipped through them quickly, then glanced at the computer.

"Oh," she said quietly, viciously, "you wouldn't have been that stupid, would you?"

He so would. Ino steeled herself and re-activated his laptop. If it turned out that he'd just gone to the bathroom or something, she'd so owe him, like, a million apologies. If her gut feeling was right though...

She was so chucking his laptop at him the next time she saw him. If she saw him.

It took her awhile to find what she was looking for, but yes, Ino found plenty of more notes--in a short-hand that she couldn't read much of... and another mention of space-time. Another look at the books had her closing the laptop abruptly, suddenly furious, suddenly near tears, knowing what the stupid fucking moron had done.

Kabuto was gone.

And she'd been left behind again. Ino burst into tears. Half anger, half stress, half of everything. He'd promised he wouldn't go. He'd promised her.

And he'd lied.

[Establishy. Room and all within totally modded with permission.]
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Ino was on her bed and pretending that the weekend hadn’t existed. Because she’d been a moron all weekend. The word ‘hi’ was banned from her vocabulary from now on. Yes. That’d work.

At least it had been mostly fun, though she’d bet that at least one person was totally going to mock her for being wee and chocolate obsessed. This reminded her—she had to throw out the rest of the chocolate she had in her room. Ino wasn’t going to eat it any time soon. Definitely not. No.

It had been fun. Except for the ‘mean lady’. Ino groaned. Yeah. Avoiding Lieutenant Kerrigan was right up there on her list of things to do from now on. And she had to check in with Annette at some point to see what the damage was to Annette’s room. What had they been thinking?

Oh, right. They hadn’t been.

[Door is shut, post is open!]
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Ino had freshly brewed tea in a teapot, two cups, several medical textbooks, a notebook with questions scribbled in it, her hairbrush, a change of clothes, and chocolate. A fair bit of chocolate actually, even though he probably wouldn't eat it. She had tea biscuits though if he wanted something. Ino was thoughtful!

Even with the help of a bag it was rather a lot for her to carry all in one trip. So, when she crossed the hall, with the bag slung over her shoulder and carrying the tea and cups on a tray, Ino found herself without a way to knock. Oh well. Too late now. Since her hands were full, she decided on the next best thing.

No, she didn't kick the door.

She flared her chakra instead. Once, twice. Three second pause. Once, twice.

He'd better get the idea and open the stupid door.

[For that boy she likes. Room number shamelessly modded with permission.]
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She'd been alright getting back to the island. Holding it together and keeping a bounce in her step. She'd managed, even, to get through a shower--and was she ever glad to have a real shower again--but it was looking around her room, her things just as she'd left them--

Less than a week ago. More than seven months ago.

--that was making it hard for her to keep her composure. Ino settled herself--thinner than before but still herself--gingerly on her bed, her unfamiliar and yet almost too familiar bed, in a plain white shirt and grey leggings. Ino shrugged a bit, picking at the shirt.

She wasn't ready to sleep yet. Not now.

Not when things kept swirling around in her head. The quick patter of thoughts, persistent and aching, not letting her close her eyes and relax. Ino hadn't relaxed in months, not really, not daring to.

She was glad to be back. Seriously.

But it'd take time for her to be comfortable again.

[Door closed, post is oh so totally open!]
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Her wrist hurt from when he'd grabbed her, and Ino darted across the hall to her room. Getting inside she slammed the door behind her and leaned against it. Her breathing was ragged, like there was a weight pressing down making it impossible to get enough air, and her eyes burned with unshed tears.

Shoving herself away from the door, she stumbled over to her bed. She'd been seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses, had she? And it was all just a lie... Ino sniffled. It hadn't felt like that to her.

Tugging her blankets up around her tightly, Ino buried her face in her arms. She'd been so stupid, letting him fool her like that. She'd thought they'd had something... thought... it had been real.

And it had just been a game to him. She'd be angry soon, but right now...

Slowly… painfully… Ino began to cry.

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Ino got back to her room and shut the door with a click and a suspicious glance at Kabuto's door. She would swear that she'd caught sight of him several times today in places that she didn't usually see him. That, coupled with Isabel telling her that Jeff had done the radio broadcast last night and that Michael and her had made it on...

She was torn between wondering if she was just being paranoid, or if it was something more. It wasn't like he'd care about what she'd done, right?

[Kabuto's stalkerishness totally modded with permission, and while the door is shut the post is zomg open.]
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She'd woken up in Kabuto's bed before, but this was the first time she'd done so while naked.


Ino blinked sleepily as she shifted slightly. She wondered vaguely how many people had ever woken up with Kabuto’s arm draped over them and felt… safe… about it. Probably not many.

It took her a few moments to orient herself enough to notice the clock. Ino wrinkled her nose. Way too early for her. Even for getting up to train. Maybe she'd go back to sleep? She tugged the blankets tighter around her, leaning back against Kabuto.

Or maybe she'd wake him up... Decisions, decisions.

[For the boyfriend, yes yes. Room and boy both modded with permission.]
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After class found Ino laying sprawled out on her bed and resisting the urge just to fall asleep. It would totally screw over her regular schedule if she slept now and woke up at, like, one in the morning. Instead, she was trying to study the notebook Kabuto had given her.

She wasn’t retaining much though. Ino buried her head in her arms and sighed. Was it later yet?

Ino left the door open in hopes that someone would stop by and help keep her awake.

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Ino was bored. The day had started well enough with training from Cable-san and then her helping Lana learn how to fall but now she was back in her room and literally walking on walls just to give her something to focus on while she tried to think of something to do. Her radio was playing some kind of girly pop, and there might have been some almost dancing going on. She'd deny it though if anyone asked.

Her door was open in case anyone felt like stopping by. Not, Ino thought, that there were very many around to stop by. Still, the effort was made and Ino continued dancing walking on the walls.

It was a bad sign that she was wishing classes were being held, just for something to do.

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Ino wasn't quite asleep, but she was pretty close, sprawled out on her bed and in her pajamas. The little bonsai tree she'd picked up earlier was in a place of honour on her desk and every now and then she'd grin at it, then go back to trying to make her eyes focus on the page of one of the scrolls books her Dad wanted her to read. And consider when, exactly, she was going to give people their presents.

She'd probably actually try and sleep soon - unless someone distracted her.

[For the boyfriend~! Mwha.]
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Ino was glad to be inside, where it was warm, and she stopped outside her door still wrapped in Kabuto's cloak and looked up at him. And had to laugh 'cause his glasses were still streaky from the snow she'd dumped on his face.

"You coming in?" Ino said hopefully. She wasn't tired yet, and his company was welcome.

[For Kabuto~]
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Ino was up, and wasting the time until Kabuto came back to her room by reading her younger self's books and facepalming over the idea that the things in them had ever been difficult to learn.

The door was cracked open a tiny bit, just like she'd promised, and surely it was getting close enough to when he'd be back? A thorough search through her own things proved that she had class first thing in the morning. She figured it might be fun to go, just to see.

Of course, that depended entirely on how tired she was. Hmmm.

[For a certain evil ninja!]
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Ino woke up Wednesday morning feeling like someone had stabbed a kunai through her temples. Sitting up took more effort than it should’ve and to make things worse her back was itchy and she couldn’t seem to get warm. There was no point in denying that she was sick, that was obvious, but it irritated her all the same. She’d been fine last night.

Gritting her teeth, Ino managed to get out of bed and stumbled over to her door. She doubted that she’d make it to the Town Hall under her own power but across the hall would be doable, right?

It was. Eventually. There was something to be said for being stubborn.

She knocked weakly on his door. Then closed her eyes, the light was making her head worse, and leaned against the door shivering all the while. Kabuto would be able to make her feel better, right?

[For Kabuto! Heee.]
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After a handwavy day of training that had left her tired and achy, but in a good mood, Ino was sprawled out on her bed, hair still damp from a shower, and making faces at the latest book she was attempting to read. For something that had the word 'basic' in its title... it wasn't very basic at all.

And the dictionary she was flipping through only helped so much. Geez. She considered writing to the author and complaining about false advertising.

Or maybe she'd just fling it at the wall. The thunk it made was very satisfying.

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Ino stared up at her ceiling. She'd finished her letter to Dad. Which was good, because that had sorta needed to be done. Cleaned her room, eaten supper, taken a shower... and now was too wound up to sleep. It was too early, besides.

She sat up, crossed her legs, and considered going and visiting Kabuto. Not because she was worried or anything about Annette visiting him, well... maybe just a little, but just because. She hadn't talked to him for a few days. A look around her room, and her eyes landed on the book she'd finally finished reading. Maybe he'd like to borrow it?

That... sounded like a good enough excuse to her. Huh. She'd just buy Annette a pastry or something along with the tea tomorrow to make herself feel better about going to the 'Nest when she'd said she wouldn't.

Ino scrambled off her bed, and into her regular clothing. She didn't bother to tie her hair back - he liked it down, right? - and grabbed the book as she headed out of the dorms.

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A shower had been just the thing after a boring, but cheerful day. Ino was now sitting cross-legged on her bed, wearing a pair of leggings and Kabuto’s shirt which was totally hers now and brushing her damp hair. A book was open in front of her and Ino planned to read a bit more of once she was done with her hair. Just a quiet sort of evening.

She’d left her door open though, just in case anyone felt like stopping by.

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Ino lay sprawled out on her bed, hair down, with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. She was staring moodily at the rest of her room and wondering if she ought to go over her class notes for Thursday just to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything.

They were over on the desk somewhere though and she didn't feel like getting up to find them. None of her other books were interesting tonight and looking at the scrolls from home only made her cranky.

Oh, what to do?

Maybe someone would come and distract her? Her door was wide open. Ino eyed it with vague hope.



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