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Ino would be lying if she claimed that she hadn't told Reno the wrong time to expect her.

So she had absolutely no plans to actually let anyone know about that tiny insignificant fact. Especially not Reno. Fully armed and wearing leggings and a turtleneck rather than anything like she fought in at home, but that she'd found more comfy for dealing with Midgar's weather, and so had figured the same would apply roughly to Edge's weather, Ino's gaze when she stepped through the portal was scrutinizing. (You try staying warm in the middle of winter in what basically amounts to a short skirt with slits clean up the sides, a tank top, and a bunch of bandages wrapped around your torso and see how long it takes you to find something warmer to wear.)

She had a bit of time to kill. A few hours before Reno would even think to wonder where she was.

Plenty of time to explore Edge on her own. Reno would… probably not approve. He didn't need to know. Making sure she knew which direction his apartment was in, Ino darted off on silent feet.

Edge was, she determined a few hours later, making her careful way to his place, a lot worse off than Reno had told her. Despite the fact that some of the areas she'd snooped through had made her, well, violently ill (Ino had not been prepared for the number of starving people, of homeless people, of hopeless dying people she'd seen living on the streets in conditions she'd only vaguely grasped before), Ino was tentatively calling her snooping a good idea.

Also, mints were amazing things. Shut up. She was a ninja and a Rookie. He absolutely didn't need to know she'd gotten sick over some of what she'd seen. Ino had no intentions of telling him anything at all about that. Need to know basis said he totally didn't need to know. She found the building he lived in and headed up the stairs exuding an air that said she totally belonged here no really.

So, it was a pale (but for the colour quickly pinched into her cheeks) and rather wide-eyed Rookie that rapped smartly on his door at exactly the time she'd told him she'd be there.

[For the Turk expecting her, zoto! NFB due to distance!]
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A headache brought on by uncomfortable sleep—not nightmares, thank you very much, she didn’t have nightmares—meant that Ino was going to spend the morning with music on (cheerful bubbly pop), singing along while wondering idly if she ought to give Edward a call (it would be a distraction, he would terrify her in ways that had nothing to do with children’s eyes) and giving her plants an inspection that probably went a good bit beyond meticulous.

Reno would probably tell her that she ought to get her ass out of her room. She’d get there.

No, no studying this morning. Ino was pretty sure that it’d only make it harder to sleep when she crashed out later. After all—what was worse, dreams about what she’d done when the body she’d been in hadn’t known what was going on?

Or dreams where Kinjo still had thought, but just as little control, and she could imagine Kinjo's consciousness fluttering, struggling against her will like a broken butterfly? To Ino, it was no contest. Seriously no contest.

Forcing her mind away from that she sang along to the radio. Music. Plants. She could do this.

[Open door, open post.]
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Ino had her stuff packed and was cross-legged on the floor giving the seedlings she'd sent Reno a little while ago a good looking over while waiting for her portal.

She was still… iffy about that whole Fandom Thing, but while being around was fun, she was pretty sure that putting it off would only make it worse.

Zen. She was zen. Okay. As much as Ino ever was.

Which… wasn't very. But alrighty then. Lying to herself was totally healthy!

"So," she said, "you wouldn't whine if I wanted to come kill monsters some more sometime?"

[NFB due to distance and for the red-haired Turk!]
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So, Ino was pretty sure she was a bit daft because she thought that Edge was pretty awesome. Really, okay, so it was mostly awesome because it wasn't Fandom and wasn't home but there was a certain excitement to getting to explore a completely different world just for the sake of being there.

There was no mission to do, no reason for being there (besides the fact that she was… weak and that was on the list of things she Wasn't Thinking About Right Now, Thanks), she was totally a tourist. With violent tendencies and a certain level of gleefully horrified trauma at the sight of some of the monsters around here. What the hell.

Seriously awesome.

"The ruins were more interesting in an 'I will try and do my best to kill you' sort of way," she said, cheerfully making a face at him. They were in the wastelands where, well, it was pretty much how it sounded. Wasteland~y. Ino was awesome at describing stuff, shut up. "This view is totally going to be worth it, right?"

If it wasn't, Ino was totally just going to pout until they went and found monsters. That would utterly make it worth it anyway. She didn't have to think while killing monsters.

Not thinking was good.

[NFB due to distance. For the red-haired Turk!]
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Fandom was smothering.

It was mid-afternoon... )

She didn't notice when he picked up.

[For the guy on the other end of the line. That Ino got back and was really upset is FB everything else is NFB, please. Warning: Dark/disturbing matters likely to be discussed.]
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Almost two days of running had done little but exhaust her and cover her with grit and dust and sweat. Her thoughts still spiraled around—what was up? what was down?—and it was almost with relief that Ino took to, in the little debriefing room (white walls, metal chairs, tired looking table, and feeling almost like an institution), writing her report.

Still, her stomach complained... )

Can you do that? she asked herself silently.

She was going to have to. Even if it killed her.

[NFB, NFI, OOC a-okay.]
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Kinjo Sae was a tall leggy brunette with a sway to her hips that drew stares wherever she went. Her chest was nice enough, Ino thought, from the vantage point up in a tree that overlooked the garden where Yamada's mistress liked to spend her afternoons, but it was her legs that got most of the attention.

Warning: Mmmm, possession. )

Everyone she passed saw only Kinjo Sae going about her usual evening, all of them unaware of the ninja wearing the woman like a cloak.

[NFB, NFI, OOC a-okay. Warning: Possession.]
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Normally, missions were given out by the desk Chuunin, who marked down which mission scrolls had gone out and which teams were capable of handling each level of missions.

Warning: Dark/disturbing matters being discussed. )

"No further comments," she said, voice far more level than her stomach felt. "Mission accepted."

Reno's voice echoing in her head: You do the job.

[NFB, NFI, OOC a-okay. Warning: Dark/disturbing matters being discussed.]
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Her phone was ringing.

Ino squinted up at the ceiling and wondered who she'd pissed off enough to have had several days of actual clinic work and then, once she'd finally gotten to sleep, her phone had the nerve to ring.

She picked up on the second ring.

"Yamanaka," she bit out. Almost a snarl.

The person who answered her was unexpected. Her back straightened even though he was in a different world and couldn't see her.

"Yes, Asuma-sensei," Ino said, irritation gone, even as she booted up her laptop to check Portalocity for the times. "I'll be there."

It was the matter of half an hour to shower quickly, brush her hair, grab her bags and—Ino hesitated, then sighed. So what if they were probably too out of it from the last week—she knew she was supposed to even if, with one especially, she so didn't want to—to even care. Ugh. Leaving a few messages, yes, that last one was cheating a bit, but whatever, she tossed her phone on her bed, made sure her plants were good, and raced out the door to catch her portal.

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Awesome day had kinda dribbled into augh, blah day, and it was kinda Romeo's fault.

It wasn't that she blamed him, really—or, at least, no more than she blamed everyone else for the issues that came up whenever her world was inevitably compared to theirs—but few people asked so out-right and then the whole religion deal just gave her a headache.

She sprawled on her bed, punching in a text on her phone and stared at it for a long moment before hitting send, and tugging out a scroll to read.

[Open door, open post!]
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Ino ached, and her chakra was too low to even think of healing any of the bruises and scrapes that she’d picked up, so after her shower and changing into the most comfy sleeveless set of jammies she owned (which gave her ample time to study the bruises on her arms oh well), Ino flopped back on her bed and just sort of stared up at the ceiling while contemplating taking a painkiller before mostly deciding it was so totally not worth it.

She could, like, just get some sleep and then deal with the bruises tomorrow. A glance at her calendar made her sigh since she’d manage to miss club, but whatever, hopefully she hadn’t been picked and Ino highly doubted that Tyler-sensei would’ve made her fight while exhausted.

Oh well. She’d apologize next week, if it was terribly important by then. A yawn and Ino considering her open door. Really, she ought to shut it.

…maybe in a few minutes. Really. She’d get up in a few minutes. Her bed was awfully comfy after all; she couldn’t be blamed for not wanting to get up.

[Establishy, but also open if you want.]
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Ino had made it through the day. Between getting back, going to class, and talking to Tyler-sensei, she’d figured that whatever Hinata-chan said that she’d totally done her quota of being around and putting her schedule back on normal sort of tracks.

Of course, that’s when she made it back to her room, showered and wriggled into her jammies that Ino realized, depressingly, that she wasn’t sleepy. Making a phone call killed all of thirty seconds, and then she pulled out several gardening magazines and tried to start planning for Tyler-sensei’s flowers. Maybe she would go the love note route, just to make him facepalm.

Her door was left open, as a matter of course.

[Door and post are open! ETA: Anything mission related, beyond it happening, is NFB please!]
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Necks were easier... )

[NFI, NFB, OOC a-okay. There’s death in this one, so ‘ware and all that! ^^ ]
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Ino had her kit packed, and knelt tightening her sandal straps, her forehead protector and making a few phone calls just in case she wasn’t back in time.

Duty totally done, for now at least, and feeling a bit like she was still back at the Academy where she always had to tell her dad who she was hanging out with after—and, seriously, her teachers were not her dad, geez—Ino shut her door, locking it, and left.

Weapons locker, and then home.

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Konoha was a warm contrast to the lack of power and heat in the dorms. That wasn’t why she was shivering though, trying not to, as her thoughts spiraled around her head, over and over. She had to stop shivering, chin up, back straight, hands shaking a bit though she had them clasped behind her back so that they weren’t right there for everyone to see. Had to look professional, had to... be a ninja. All over again.

Baby steps. )

Mission accomplished, then, in more ways than one.
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The preserve was nearly silent this time of night. Her jacket and sweater were neatly folded and laid to the side. It was cold enough out that she really wished that there was a better place to practice because a short-sleeved shirt was not comfortable at all out here. But the last thing she needed was someone bothering her in the dorms and coming to the wrong conclusion about the blood. Blood and ink were two huge parts of sealing things up in her world. She couldn’t exactly avoid using it just because it made people uncomfortable. So she’d just... not mention it. Somehow, Ino thought, it wouldn't bother Reno much anyway.

Ino sighed, and flopped down cross-legged on the hard ground. At her side was a neat pile of blank scrolls designed to hold a chakra charge—she’d ordered them from home—and a few portable lamps were set out a few feet in front of her. She'd need to be able to see what she was doing, after all. Thirty pounds of potatoes were on the other side of her, and a slender paintbrush was tucked behind one ear. Not for long though.

Taking a deep breath, making sure she was properly centered, she reached for the first scroll, all the while mentally reviewing the steps she’d spent the last three weeks studying, and settled into work.

It would be a long night. Somehow, as she drew the first seal in ink charged with her chakra, Ino was pleased about that. At least she was doing something.

[Establishy and NFB.]
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Ino and Cassandra were down at Wellspring Arms for dawn. Slipping inside, taking note of what the other two had cleaned (and wincing at the damage that was still evident) they quickly went about making the place their own sort of ‘base’ for the next twenty-four hours.

She had her gun, and every weapon she’d come to Fandom with, down to the shuriken that Kabuto had given her for Christmas and the wire that had been sitting in the weapons locker for nearly a year.

In relatively short-order, Wellspring Arms became severely infested with booby-traps. Anyone entering was going to get several very vicious surprises if they didn’t knock first.

And if they knocked, well, there’d be very little answer until they’d confirmed the identity of the knocker.

The sign was still on the door and—

Wellspring Arms was very very closed.

[Establishy mainly, though you could have a character come by and react to it being closed. Either way, they won’t be answering you. Cassandra totally modded with permission! Not part of The Plot, just the blondes dealing with the aftermath again.]
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Ino calls for back-up )

[Preplayed with the crazy-awesome [ profile] iseewhatyoumean. Tether is totally modded/in Ino's care with permission. This isn't technically part of The Plot, just a bit of continuing the trend of the blondes dealing with the aftermath of it. NFI, broadcast is a-okay, and OOC is always total love.]


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