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Ino ushered Tether in, taking him off his leash, and shut the door to her room with a sigh. Leaning against it, she watched as the puppy made himself comfortable on her bed with a whump of displaced air.

That got a bit of a grin, a small one, but there. “Maybe I’ll see if I can keep you, yeah?” she said, knowing she wouldn’t ask but the thought was the same—she did like having him around. He wasn’t going to care that she was in a bad mood, or that she wasn’t looking forward to tracking down, well, her.

And he hadn’t paid any bit of attention to her haircut. She appreciated that because she totally didn’t want to talk about it. Totally didn’t. She’d cried while they’d done it.

“Move over,” she told him, slumping exhaustedly on the bed. “It’s not your bed.”

He licked her hand, and she laughed quietly.

[Establishy mainly, and the door is shut but open if you have reason to talk to her. And as of this post, Ino’s hair is short (despite some of her icons, la). Mwah.]
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Ino had a ball, and a bathing suit, and was in generally a really great mood.

And why not?

They were in a totally beautiful place and she'd skipped out of work.

"Lana!" Ino chirped, spinning lightly and laughingly tossing the ball. "Catch!"

[For the one that convinced her to cut work!]
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After training with Liir, which la, is still in progress, Ino had had another shower and was now puttering around her room and fussing with her plants.

She was debating going out. After all she did tend to go see A.J. often on Sundays but...

Ugh. Ino just didn't feel like being social today, really. Nonetheless, she left the door open a bit.

[Expecting one, but otherwise entirely open as well!]
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There was nothing quite like training all morning, taking a long hot shower, then collapsing onto your bed and flipping through gardening magazines and making notes.

And, you know, not thinking about what she had to do. That worked. Maybe if she just stayed in her room it’d all be okay for another day.

Luck ran in her family. Surely that meant this tactic would work. She'd keep her promise to A.J., but really, did it have to be today?

[Door is shut, post is for a certain alien-boy, but open if you come before him in the timeline.]
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Ino was in a fairly decent mood all things considered. The day had started off rather… rocky, with Liir being angry, but she’d taught him to meditate, then had to deal with the mess of him leaving his body but a visit with A.J. had left her happier.

Now though, she was lying on her bed, hair loose and going through the last few pages of one of Kabuto’s old personal medical notebooks. She’d have to return it when she was done… Ino eyed it. Maybe she wouldn’t finish it today? Put it off…

Cut to save flists! )

Hugging the notebook to her, carefully though so not to damage the pages, Ino rolled over and stared at the ceiling. Her mind attempting to put that together with everything else. Her notebook. Not his.

What did that mean?

[Door is closed but entirely knockable, post is open!]


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