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It was highly likely that, had she been back in the dorms and able to curl up against Zack, Ino would not have gone through with her hastily tossed together plan for dealing with her fears about Jenova.

She wasn't sure, yet... )

That was why, when she wound up calling Zack, Ino was laughing. Because Ino was stupidly tired and it was either laugh or cry and hilarity was better than giving up and admitting that she was still scared.

It was half past two Saturday morning.

[NFB due to distance. World hopping done with permission. For that boy she's calling.]
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A headache brought on by uncomfortable sleep—not nightmares, thank you very much, she didn’t have nightmares—meant that Ino was going to spend the morning with music on (cheerful bubbly pop), singing along while wondering idly if she ought to give Edward a call (it would be a distraction, he would terrify her in ways that had nothing to do with children’s eyes) and giving her plants an inspection that probably went a good bit beyond meticulous.

Reno would probably tell her that she ought to get her ass out of her room. She’d get there.

No, no studying this morning. Ino was pretty sure that it’d only make it harder to sleep when she crashed out later. After all—what was worse, dreams about what she’d done when the body she’d been in hadn’t known what was going on?

Or dreams where Kinjo still had thought, but just as little control, and she could imagine Kinjo's consciousness fluttering, struggling against her will like a broken butterfly? To Ino, it was no contest. Seriously no contest.

Forcing her mind away from that she sang along to the radio. Music. Plants. She could do this.

[Open door, open post.]
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Ino was... back from her trip to Gaia. And Reno. Who was totally her favourite person ever right that second and was so getting a shipment of booze and soil once she'd figured out just how well she was really dealing with things enough to want to go out. And, augh, she had work the next two days. Lovely. It looked like she wasn't going to get a chance to brood. And maybe contemplate how much trouble she was likely to be in for getting back from a mission and fleeing again without so much as a by-your-leave. Whatever.

It was still rather up in the air as to whether or not being back was a good thing, but at least she wasn't freaking out about just being in Fandom anymore. Baby steps. Small improvements. She could live with that. Setting her bags on her bed, she'd deal with unpacking in a minute, Ino checked her voicemail messages and left a few of her own.

Then she stretched, ran her hands wearily through her hair, and got down to the business of checking over every single one of her plants. Shhh. They enjoyed it, and so did she.

[Door cracked open, post wide open.]
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Ino had her stuff packed and was cross-legged on the floor giving the seedlings she'd sent Reno a little while ago a good looking over while waiting for her portal.

She was still… iffy about that whole Fandom Thing, but while being around was fun, she was pretty sure that putting it off would only make it worse.

Zen. She was zen. Okay. As much as Ino ever was.

Which… wasn't very. But alrighty then. Lying to herself was totally healthy!

"So," she said, "you wouldn't whine if I wanted to come kill monsters some more sometime?"

[NFB due to distance and for the red-haired Turk!]
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So, Ino was pretty sure she was a bit daft because she thought that Edge was pretty awesome. Really, okay, so it was mostly awesome because it wasn't Fandom and wasn't home but there was a certain excitement to getting to explore a completely different world just for the sake of being there.

There was no mission to do, no reason for being there (besides the fact that she was… weak and that was on the list of things she Wasn't Thinking About Right Now, Thanks), she was totally a tourist. With violent tendencies and a certain level of gleefully horrified trauma at the sight of some of the monsters around here. What the hell.

Seriously awesome.

"The ruins were more interesting in an 'I will try and do my best to kill you' sort of way," she said, cheerfully making a face at him. They were in the wastelands where, well, it was pretty much how it sounded. Wasteland~y. Ino was awesome at describing stuff, shut up. "This view is totally going to be worth it, right?"

If it wasn't, Ino was totally just going to pout until they went and found monsters. That would utterly make it worth it anyway. She didn't have to think while killing monsters.

Not thinking was good.

[NFB due to distance. For the red-haired Turk!]
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Really, with the light going, it wasn’t the best idea to be up in the air and drawing, but that was better than living in the same cabin with the most thoughtless person ever because Ino knew herself, and knew good and well that if it came to fight?

She wouldn’t be pulling her punches. And she wanted to fight. Necks broke easier than she’d thought, what else could break so easy? So, rather than deal with that piece of crap, that’d no doubt be even worse once Dinah’s idiotic friends, if she hit her, got pissed on Dinah’s behalf—aw, someone needed protectors from the big bad widdle ninja, oh noes someone dared raise their voice to them, oh my God it’s the end of the world—Ino had prudently taken herself away from temptation to go out and start that fight.

See? Ino was exercising restraint. She just would stay the hell out of her cabin until they went back to the dorms. As if she was sleeping under the same roof. Then everyone could be happy! Except, of course, for her, because rage simmered under her thoughts. Distantly, she realized she wasn’t being entirely fair, but Ino told fair to take a hike and shove off.

So. She was here until the sun was gone, and then she’d... think of something. After all, what was two nights? Ino could easily find places to crash, now that the weather was nice. The air was cool, at least, and that was comforting. So was the progress she was making on her maps.

[Establishy unless you can a) fly and b) would brave the pissed off ninja. IC is not OOC, totally for broadcast and all of that good cheer, la!]
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Ino ushered Tether in, taking him off his leash, and shut the door to her room with a sigh. Leaning against it, she watched as the puppy made himself comfortable on her bed with a whump of displaced air.

That got a bit of a grin, a small one, but there. “Maybe I’ll see if I can keep you, yeah?” she said, knowing she wouldn’t ask but the thought was the same—she did like having him around. He wasn’t going to care that she was in a bad mood, or that she wasn’t looking forward to tracking down, well, her.

And he hadn’t paid any bit of attention to her haircut. She appreciated that because she totally didn’t want to talk about it. Totally didn’t. She’d cried while they’d done it.

“Move over,” she told him, slumping exhaustedly on the bed. “It’s not your bed.”

He licked her hand, and she laughed quietly.

[Establishy mainly, and the door is shut but open if you have reason to talk to her. And as of this post, Ino’s hair is short (despite some of her icons, la). Mwah.]
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Ino was in a Mood. Had been since yesterday and talking to Liir, and then talking to Cal had only made it worse. She was in a Mood.

Now, normally, this meant she’d be raging or ranting or flinging things around, but instead she’d drawn her curtains, shut her door, and for good measure settled down against it so no one could get in.

Staffy leaned against the wall by her desk and she wondered what Liir would say when she saw him again.

Whatever, right? She wasn’t in the mood for flying with him. She wasn’t in the mood to be happy, or silly, or even pissed off at him. Or, really, at anyone.

Just kind of... quiet. Almost sad. It wasn’t a very comfortable mood, she decided.

But it was still her Mood. And that was that. She didn’t need anyone coming by and telling her otherwise. Didn’t want anyone coming by and telling her otherwise.

[Primarily establishy, but open if you can convince her to open the door.ETA: And the time altered a bit so I don't joss myself because apparently I can't remember things today, go me. *siiiiighs*]
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After first period Ino was back in her room, sprawled on her bed, and carefully making notes on how best to poison Logan-sensei for class on Thursday.

What? He’d pretty much told her to. Ino was only listening to his instructions.

And, well, playing with poisons was an excellent thing to focus her fury on. her opinion anyway.

[Expecting one, but open. ETA: ...I know what day it is. Really. ^^;;]
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Ino had a mouse. She’d deliberately gone out and found the most adorable and pathetic looking mouse she could find.

And then she’d named it Andrew.

Now she was back in her room, and there was a hungry foul-tempered snake eyeing her from the confines of his terrarium. This could only end in pain for poor little Andrew.


"Who is the bestest snake around?" Ino cooed as she dumped Andrew into the terrarium, his little mouse body quivering in fear and squeaking as Kusanagi’s tongue flicked out and he turned his head to stare beadily at the present she’d given him.

She wouldn’t kill the real Andrew, because Liir didn’t want her to.

But that didn’t mean she was going to be pleasant about it. "I’ll get you another Andrew," Ino said to Kusanagi, "when that one’s been fully digested."

Then she laughed; though it wasn’t funny at all.

[Open if you want, but her mood is severely out-of-whack. Fair warning.]
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June 9th


…that’s a bit silly isn’t it?

Whatever. I’m allowed to be silly here. So there.

You know what? I don’t even know why I’m trying this. Even I think this is a stupid idea and the only thing that it has going for it is that it’s less stupid than Lana’s idea of writing a letter to Cable-san and letting him read that. What good would that do? Honestly.

Because this went way long )

[Also? This is IC knowledge for two people and that’s it. And that’s Cable, and Ino (clearly). And this just proves that no internet connection plus the promise to write some of Ino’s journal means that I have way too much time on my hands. Also? Ino tangentializes like a fiend. Seriously.]


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