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So, I’m Killaurey, and I uh, like ninja. A lot. I also play ninja; two in particular, so let’s get on with that, shall we?

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"—right, so then—what?—yeah, whatever forehead girl, in your dreams. No, I don’t have a crush on him!" Ino wrinkled her nose, hopping slightly from foot to foot with impatience as she chattered into her phone, the loudest thing on the causeway by far at the moment. "No, don’t even think about it, what are you? Mental. Yes, that’s what I said. No, I’m not over-reacting. Geez, where’s Hinata?--no I don’t expect you to know, come on, grow up--"

Hinata was running slightly behind, Yei hadn’t wanted to let her leave, even though she’d purred happily enough when left with Amber, and her smile was a bit sheepish as she trotted up the causeway, from the town. "Good evening, Ino-san!"

'Ah, there she is--' )

"Nuh huh," Ino carolled. "No apologies! Keep up the good work and all of that! Hurrah for Hinata-chan and her newfound backbone! Hip hip hurrah!"


And then they were gone.

[NFI, definitely for broadcast, and Ino and Hinata are out of town until the BDE is over, la!]
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Ino was up bight and early and neatly dressed with her hair pulled back. And pacing, and making sure she had the things she knew she'd need.

Like her Dad's credit card.

And a bit of her money from working at Wellspring, but mostly her Dad's card. Dad, Ino knew, would totally understand if it was for weapons.

Now she just had to wait for Triela to show up and they could go.

[For the shopping buddy! Up early for crazy sp, and everything past the Causeway is NFB due to distance!]
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Can we call the fashion police yet? )

[Not for interaction, not for broadcast due to distance, OOC is love, and preplayed with the ever awesome [ profile] mouthy_merc and [ profile] konoha_flash, and [ profile] spring_lost who totally cameo'd the New X-Men.]
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Ino, like usual, showed up hours early for her shift, flipping the sign to Open and going to fuss with her plants. She was midway through watering them when she heard Tether barking from upstairs. That was usual enough.

It was only... )

Another kiss to Tether’s head, a quick ruffling of the ears, and she darted down the stairs, through the shop, barely remembering to flip the sign to Closed and turn off all the lights, in her haste.

Wellspring Arms is Closed.
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This morning, Ino could be found sprawled out on the floor of her room, after having cracked the door open for airflow, and scribbling in a notebook. It… it was probably incredibly pathetic of her to be making a list of the pros and cons of choosing either Michael or Kabuto.

Michael, she had to admit, had more pros. At least at the moment. Of course, she was somewhat biased, because Kabuto was being a jerk to her. Even though she did deserve it.

She stared at her Kabuto-list and sighed. Cons she had plenty of, but…

That was just it. If she were really certain then there wouldn’t be a ‘but’. Yet there was.

This was going to be a total pain, wasn’t it? What did she want?

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Waking up, for a few mintues, she'd managed to convince herself that yesterday was just a really bad dream. Then she'd caught sight of one of the textbooks he'd lent her and it had all come crashing back.

She buried her face in her pillow. She'd been so stupid to, to... care about him. And he'd used that against her.

Later, perhaps, she'd want to find people who actually cared about her and weren't just lying.

Right now though, Ino was curled up in her blankets and really didn't feel like doing much of anything.

[Door is closed, post is open!]
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Her wrist hurt from when he'd grabbed her, and Ino darted across the hall to her room. Getting inside she slammed the door behind her and leaned against it. Her breathing was ragged, like there was a weight pressing down making it impossible to get enough air, and her eyes burned with unshed tears.

Shoving herself away from the door, she stumbled over to her bed. She'd been seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses, had she? And it was all just a lie... Ino sniffled. It hadn't felt like that to her.

Tugging her blankets up around her tightly, Ino buried her face in her arms. She'd been so stupid, letting him fool her like that. She'd thought they'd had something... thought... it had been real.

And it had just been a game to him. She'd be angry soon, but right now...

Slowly… painfully… Ino began to cry.

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Ino was really squeaky clean after having spent a good while in the showers getting rid of the jello from class. Now, wearing one of Kabuto's shirts that she'd appropriated, and her hair still damp and clinging slightly to her face, she was curled up on her bed and sorting through the box of pictures her Dad had sent her. She'd left the door open in case of visitors.

Sometimes? Ino really loved her Dad's timing. His letter had mentioned that it was Yondaime-sama's birthday on the 25th, which was tomorrow, and so, Ino wasn't going to sleep until she'd gotten everything arranged to her satisfaction.

She hummed as she set a picture neatly into the album she'd handwavily picked out.

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Ino got back to her room and shut the door with a click and a suspicious glance at Kabuto's door. She would swear that she'd caught sight of him several times today in places that she didn't usually see him. That, coupled with Isabel telling her that Jeff had done the radio broadcast last night and that Michael and her had made it on...

She was torn between wondering if she was just being paranoid, or if it was something more. It wasn't like he'd care about what she'd done, right?

[Kabuto's stalkerishness totally modded with permission, and while the door is shut the post is zomg open.]
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After lunch Ino headed right back to her room, sprawling out on her bed and leaving the door wide open. She was expecting someone after all.

Stretching, she got off her bed and fussed with her plants. Ino was glad her room had been a strange-free zone this weekend. Especially if it made him feel more like talking. She hummed a little as she inspected her plants.

[Expecting someone specific, but sure, open. Come flail at Ino! ETA: For my sanity? Anyone who visits shows up before Michael does, because zomg there will eventually be diiiiirty in that thread. Eventually. Timezones permitting. Yay sp!]
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She'd woken up in Kabuto's bed before, but this was the first time she'd done so while naked.


Ino blinked sleepily as she shifted slightly. She wondered vaguely how many people had ever woken up with Kabuto’s arm draped over them and felt… safe… about it. Probably not many.

It took her a few moments to orient herself enough to notice the clock. Ino wrinkled her nose. Way too early for her. Even for getting up to train. Maybe she'd go back to sleep? She tugged the blankets tighter around her, leaning back against Kabuto.

Or maybe she'd wake him up... Decisions, decisions.

[For the boyfriend, yes yes. Room and boy both modded with permission.]
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Ino woke up and peered around her room. She grinned at the sight of Shikamaru and Chouji both still sleeping then flopped back down on her bed in an attempt to get more sleep. Half an hour later she was still awake and was staring at the ceiling bored out of her mind.

She considered waking them. Then decided she’d be nice and let them sleep. Besides, there was someone she needed to talk to.

Being careful to keep things quiet she got changed and brushed her hair. She was almost out the door when she paused and padded back to her desk. Drawing out a sheet of paper she wrote a quick note.

Gone to see Dad. I feel fine. Don’t worry about me.

She signed it and drew little flowers around the edges, then stuck it on her bed where they’d be sure to notice it. Ino then slipped out of the room.

[Establishy unless the boys feel like waking up and finding the note. Ino is gone.]
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After a more eventful afternoon at the welcoming picnic thing than she'd planned on, thanks to Shikamaru, Chouji and her Dad all showing up, Ino was glad to be heading back to her room. Even with company.

Maybe even especially with company.

She grinned at Chouji as she opened her door, "This is my room, so no snooping!"

[For Chouji~]
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After class Ino picked up her weapons and headed for the causeway. Which was where she was now. Waiting for Kabuto.

"So much for meeting me quickly." Ino muttered, crossing her arms and wondering if this was a good idea. "I thought girls were supposed to be the ones chronically late." If they were spotted back home... messy wouldn't be the word to cover it.

And all of this just so they could match at Homecoming?

... okay. Ino had to admit she thought it was worth it. Just as long as they didn't come across her dad.

Now if he'd just show up so they could get going.

[Locked to Kabuto. The fact that they've gone off is FB, the rest is NFB due to distance.]


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