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There were only a few places that Ino wanted to be, one of where she was supposed to be—Fight Club—and none where she could get away from stupid things like her boyfriend leaving so he could fight a war on his world and the awful fact that he wasn't coming back.

He wasn't. Coming. Back.

And, again, she'd been left behind. She curled up under one of the stupid trees Dor had put in her garden, and stared moodily over her green domain. (No, Ino didn't care that it was technically the school's domain.)


[Establishy, though open if your character would be in the gardens during the evening/call her for some reason, I suppose.]
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Between work and the phone call from Reno, Ino was kinda not in the mood to go, like, out and about and socialize.

Which would totally be why, in a concession to not being utterly antisocial, she left the door propped half open and was on the floor flipping through magazines and nibbling on some cashews.

[Expecting one, but totally open yes yes.]
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It had been a day spent dealing with two of four of the children, and Ino was pretty sure she’d gotten the easy two. Isae had wanted to window shop, and Ken had been pleased enough to walk with them while she asked questions about his classes. Then she and Ken had gone to Fight Club.

“Isae, honey, we’re back,” Ino said, pushing the door open. “Have you seen Masaki, or Masaru around yet?”

“Nuh huh,” Isae said, while Ken took a seat on the floor. “Otousan’s probably going to be back soon. Masaki’s a baby and’ll need sleep! I don’t need sleep yet, Okaasan. Honest!”

[Primarily for the other half of the family, but sure, open if you want!]
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After work Ino had stopped by the weapons locker and inspected her things there. Satisfied that everything there was in good working order, she’d wandered back to her room, showered and wound up in her pajamas before sprawling out on her bed with that book on American History.

Because, seriously, she had to get some reading done, right? Right. She was just going to put her head down and close her eyes for a few moments first though. She wasn’t sleeping, geez. Honest.

[For one, please.]
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She had her window cracked open an inch even though it was rather cold, but Ino figured that, whatever, she could just toss a blanket over herself if she got too cold, and the fresh air made her feel like her room was less stuffy. And with the door to her room open, well, she had a nice bit of air flow running through her room.

As for her, she was sprawled out, stomach down, on her bed and rereading for the umpteenth time her notes on the scrolls. She was getting better at it! But ‘better’ still wasn’t ‘good enough’ in her opinion.

Ichigo, who was still a fox, was sleeping on top of her blankets and every now and then she’d reach over to pet him. Awwww.

[Open door, open post, and that fox-boy’s thread is chronologically last!]
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It was getting colder, and Ino wasn’t all that fond of the cold unless there was also snow that she could throw at people, so Ino’s dress for tonight was a bit warmer than she liked her dresses.

But warmth won out over favouring lighter fabrics. She added tights, and casual heeled boots and left her hair down. Slightly dressed up yes, but nothing (hopefully) that would send him running for the hills.

[For that boy who flails a lot.]
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Ino, getting back from Tyler-sensei’s office, and quite content with the glitter she’d gotten in her hair (it had been on her hands, and therefore... well, had migrated to her hair quite easily and maybe on purpose).

Leaving the door open, she flopped down on her bed and set about writing a letter to her dad that detailed just what she’d gotten up to this weekend, and how Liir had the worst taste ever in boys.

Seriously. Ugh.

[Door and post are open!]
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Ino, unlike most the rest of Fandom today, woke up and was perfectly a-okay with the world. She was chirpy, even.

And giggling whenever she looked over to the spare bed in her room, and saw Ichigo there. She’d be less amused if he woke up still all mentally ill-like, but Ino figured that, for now, she’d just take the hopeful route and assume it had worn off over the night.

Because she couldn’t wait to mock him mercilessly.

[For that boy she knocked unconscious, please. ETA: Any discussion relating to hollows is NFB, please.]
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Really, if you wanted to make a case for it, Ino hadn’t been seen, or heard from, since Friday evening. That was because, in the case of all long running shows, relatively minor characters get written out of the story only to return three seasons later for no good reason.

Ino wasn’t particularly aware of any of that though, as other than having spent a day being completely non-existent, she was still her perfectly normal self.

And as such, was spending the evening in her pajamas, listening to Utada Hikaru, and singing along under her breath while studying her medical scrolls, having completely missed any sort of news that things were out of the ordinary. (And, really, was glad of that.)

[Open, though Ichigo's thread is chronologically last, please!]
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Boys, Ino had decided, we bound and determined today to royally piss her off. Between creepy-Tyler, and Michael pointedly ignoring her in Chemistry, and then with Ichigo being hurt again and then having to shear sheep in Phys Ed…

…It was a foul temper sort of day.

“You,” Ino informed Ichigo sharply, as she opened the door to her room. “Are an idiot. Get inside.”

[For that boy she’s calling names. And he’s totally modded with permission.]
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Ino... had heard radio. Thanks a lot, radio.

Ino was now contemplating hiding in her room for the rest of the day just in case Temari-san had heard, and took offense, to what had been said.

It didn’t look much like she was hiding, since she had the door open and was ostensibly just doing a thorough check up on all of her many plants. She was honest enough with herself though to know that she was hiding. If Temari-san had really wanted to have words with her then a closed door was hardly going to stop her.

Just... staying out of Temari-san’s way sounded like a real good idea right about now. So that's what Ino was doing.

[Open door, open post.]
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Ino was in a Mood. Had been since yesterday and talking to Liir, and then talking to Cal had only made it worse. She was in a Mood.

Now, normally, this meant she’d be raging or ranting or flinging things around, but instead she’d drawn her curtains, shut her door, and for good measure settled down against it so no one could get in.

Staffy leaned against the wall by her desk and she wondered what Liir would say when she saw him again.

Whatever, right? She wasn’t in the mood for flying with him. She wasn’t in the mood to be happy, or silly, or even pissed off at him. Or, really, at anyone.

Just kind of... quiet. Almost sad. It wasn’t a very comfortable mood, she decided.

But it was still her Mood. And that was that. She didn’t need anyone coming by and telling her otherwise. Didn’t want anyone coming by and telling her otherwise.

[Primarily establishy, but open if you can convince her to open the door.ETA: And the time altered a bit so I don't joss myself because apparently I can't remember things today, go me. *siiiiighs*]
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There was a rather ominous level of rage emanating from room 504 today.

After being carried back to the dorms, Ino had slept in fits and starts, too wound up to ever really rest, and eventually gave up entirely.

A few hours later, Ino was sitting cross-legged on her floor, in one of Kabuto’s shirts and not much else (which, really, his shirts were more than long enough to be pajamas on her, come on) and fuming.

And considering how to burn the poster bits. Should she do it one piece at a time? Or all at once?

Ino would be good for tonight, and the boy hunting.

For now though—the poster bits were going to die by fire.

As soon as she figured out which way would be the most satisfying.

[Door shut, post open. Enter at your own risk zomg.]


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