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Ino was in a Mood. Had been since yesterday and talking to Liir, and then talking to Cal had only made it worse. She was in a Mood.

Now, normally, this meant she’d be raging or ranting or flinging things around, but instead she’d drawn her curtains, shut her door, and for good measure settled down against it so no one could get in.

Staffy leaned against the wall by her desk and she wondered what Liir would say when she saw him again.

Whatever, right? She wasn’t in the mood for flying with him. She wasn’t in the mood to be happy, or silly, or even pissed off at him. Or, really, at anyone.

Just kind of... quiet. Almost sad. It wasn’t a very comfortable mood, she decided.

But it was still her Mood. And that was that. She didn’t need anyone coming by and telling her otherwise. Didn’t want anyone coming by and telling her otherwise.

[Primarily establishy, but open if you can convince her to open the door.ETA: And the time altered a bit so I don't joss myself because apparently I can't remember things today, go me. *siiiiighs*]
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Ino… didn’t want to go back to the town. But she couldn’t think of a way to miss work and not have it be seen simply as giving up.

She leaned against her tree, nibbling on a granola bar, and studying the dark forest. Seeing was a challenge, but she knew the location well enough by now that it didn’t really matter how much or little she could see.

If it changed, she would notice.

“I’ll be back,” she said, glancing up at her tree. “I’m not done thinking.”

She’d done enough though, that Ino was fairly confident in her ability to keep her temper for the next two days. If she hadn’t come to any solid conclusions, well, that was alright. She didn’t have to. There was no rule saying things needed to be set in stone.

Finishing the granola bar, tucking the wrapper away, Ino flung herself back into her own private battle. Low on sleep, low on food, concentration forced to sharpen--shoved on by her determination--Ino set herself to working through her problems again.

Was there even a conclusion? Or did it all just keep moving on, and she had to go with it?

She’d fight until dawn then, and head back to town. For a little while. To keep up appearances.

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Dawn came slowly deep in the preserve. It came with creeping fingers, slowly lighting up the forest leaf by leaf, stem by stem, and tree by tree. Her tree, fortified first to her satisfaction, and then further fortified, not once more, but twice over, was not spared the light. It did not touch her, not physically, not yet, but the change in the air as everything else woke was more than enough to rouse her from the small nap she’d permitted herself to have. She watched it, safe in her tree, and for the moment not moving. A moment of stillness before the battle started again. The calm before the storm.

Or something. Dawn had come. She acknowledged it with a wry twist of her lips. There’d be no more sleep for her until dusk.

Ino had, in the last few days... )

And Ino had no intentions of just giving up. That was the cowardly way out. Yamanaka weren’t cowards.

Even when it’d be easier to be.

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Finally... silence.

She’d made it through all three classes, faking it, smiling--and yes, she was going to enjoy all three of those classes--as soon as she could convince Logan that she really wasn’t interested in being the best in flowers when she had other more useful skills to hone, and as soon as she figured out a way to properly ignore that, ugh, that Temari bitch. Who do you think you are?

Me. Just me. )

Okay. Okay. She wouldn’t. Every step, every twist, every scratch of a branch--Too damn slow! Be more observant!--let her think.

She needed to this. Wanted this. Shut up and just think.

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Right after her first period class Ino had handwavily stopped by her alcove, before heading out into the Preserve. She made sure to go much further in than she figured most people around here would go. Stopping in a small clearing, Ino set her water bottle, and the few granola bars she’d brought with her, to the side and fell to stretching.

Ino’d tried the social thing... )

Work tomorrow. It was better to be tired and maybe closer to an answer than to be wide awake and just talking through the same argument she’d been having with Cable-san lately. Something had to give.

Let’s see what I find then.

Spin. Kick. Dart around a tree and then up.

Who said thinking’s got to be just a mental thing anyway? Throw a punch. Stupid.

It’d be a long night.

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June 9th


…that’s a bit silly isn’t it?

Whatever. I’m allowed to be silly here. So there.

You know what? I don’t even know why I’m trying this. Even I think this is a stupid idea and the only thing that it has going for it is that it’s less stupid than Lana’s idea of writing a letter to Cable-san and letting him read that. What good would that do? Honestly.

Because this went way long )

[Also? This is IC knowledge for two people and that’s it. And that’s Cable, and Ino (clearly). And this just proves that no internet connection plus the promise to write some of Ino’s journal means that I have way too much time on my hands. Also? Ino tangentializes like a fiend. Seriously.]


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