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Ino had flowers! Ino was being an absolute dork over them as she went about trying to arrange them just so and giggling at the note that Zack had left her with the flowers from him. She had the radio broadcast playing as she paid an absent sort of attention to it.

She was all pleased that he'd actually looked up the meanings of the flowers before sending them out. And they were friends, so he'd been right about the weir--

Ino blinked at the radio.

Date? Her and Zack? What?

"We're just friends!" she protested, covering her eyes briefly and giggling madly.

... She'd probably be giggling as she fussed with her flowers for quite awhile, yes. They were just friends! Really!

It was a very giggly morning, all things considered.

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Ino had woken up at her normal ridiculous hour, freezing, and taken a long look outside before deciding that her clinic shift could go screw itself because Ino? Ino was not going outside in a blizzard. Even if, she'd realized as she'd hauled more blankets on to her bed and crawled back under the covers, the clinic probably had power and was warm. Clinics had things like back up generators and stuff, right? Eh, not worth the odds of getting lost and dying, no.

When she woke up a few hours later—warmer, but then enough blankets to drown in helped with that—Ino peeked out and swore when she realized what she really should have realized before. Her poor plants! It was funny how that got her out of her nest of blankets faster than anything else had as she went to work tacking up blankets over the window and wishing like anything that she had some way to keep her plants warm.

Poking her nose out the hall said that it was even worse out there and she shut her door tight and the shoved blankets at the bottom of it to keep any cold air from getting in. Then she went digging through her kit that she dragged around on missions and came up with a few glow sticks—snapping them got her some light, and if it was green light, well, it was better than nothing. Even if it was an absolute bitch to read by.

So, Ino spent her nibbling on chocolate and granola bars (she had ration bars but Ino was saving those for if this went on for longer than a day or two) alternately reading by glow stick and exercising because that got the blood moving and she could pretend she wasn't cold for a bit and fussing over her plants.

And hiding. But seriously, she was from the Fire Country. Snow and cold were not her friends. Ino curled up in about twelve blankets with another granola bar, another glow stick, and the play she'd picked up in Gaia.

Today sucked.

[Closed door but open post, yes.]
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There were only a few places that Ino wanted to be, one of where she was supposed to be—Fight Club—and none where she could get away from stupid things like her boyfriend leaving so he could fight a war on his world and the awful fact that he wasn't coming back.

He wasn't. Coming. Back.

And, again, she'd been left behind. She curled up under one of the stupid trees Dor had put in her garden, and stared moodily over her green domain. (No, Ino didn't care that it was technically the school's domain.)


[Establishy, though open if your character would be in the gardens during the evening/call her for some reason, I suppose.]
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Between work and the phone call from Reno, Ino was kinda not in the mood to go, like, out and about and socialize.

Which would totally be why, in a concession to not being utterly antisocial, she left the door propped half open and was on the floor flipping through magazines and nibbling on some cashews.

[Expecting one, but totally open yes yes.]
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It was super late night, long after radio had aired, and Weechee had finally fallen asleep before she got to work, loading up her supplies, and sneaking from her room and into the school. The fact that Tyler-sensei had a window to his office was a total bonus as far as she was concerned, and even then it took her more than one trip up the wall to get it all in.

Once inside, Ino quickly shut the window, pulled the blinds closed, and flicked on her flashlight. With the speed of someone who knew what she was doing inside-and-out Ino set out three different bouquets. (She’d failed in not making it look like a crazy-lady had gone to town, but whatever, he’d said to do what she’d wanted.) …it was probably best not to speculate how much money she’d spent on getting all of the flowers together either.

The first vase held a bouquet of sour figs, a single black poppy, with a tiny branch from a weeping willow, and periwinkles as the main flower. A single lobelia and a lone aconite flower finished off that vase.

Second vase had mint, then a blue poppy and a thorn apple tied together with a deep crimson ribbon. An anemone was similarly twinned with some white lilac, while birdfoot deervetch, balsamine, more aconite, and poppies rounded it out.

A much smaller vase with only hyacinth and candytuft in it was the last. Ino surveyed her work for a minute, gathered up the stray leaves that had fallen, and then methodically searched his office for her other mission goal.

When she left out the window, a few minutes later, Ino was also bearing a box that carried a certain rhino costume, and no sign of her ever visiting the office, except for the flowers, was left behind.

Totally an excellent mission.

[NFB, NFI, OOC a-okay! Office, flowers, and rhino were all broken into/brought in/stolen with permission!]
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Ino had made it through the day. Between getting back, going to class, and talking to Tyler-sensei, she’d figured that whatever Hinata-chan said that she’d totally done her quota of being around and putting her schedule back on normal sort of tracks.

Of course, that’s when she made it back to her room, showered and wriggled into her jammies that Ino realized, depressingly, that she wasn’t sleepy. Making a phone call killed all of thirty seconds, and then she pulled out several gardening magazines and tried to start planning for Tyler-sensei’s flowers. Maybe she would go the love note route, just to make him facepalm.

Her door was left open, as a matter of course.

[Door and post are open! ETA: Anything mission related, beyond it happening, is NFB please!]
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Ino had to admit that, really, she was pleased as anything about the fact that she got to show off her plants and have them be admired by someone who actually knew a bunch about them.

Which would be why she was fussing with her plants, rearranging them infinitesimally while she waited and tried not to look like she was waiting. Luckily, her plants were a rather good distraction.

Even if she was tired, and kinda wanted a nap instead.

[Expecting one, totally open for all. Door is open!]
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Ino was fussing with her plants, the door flung wide open and cheerful pop music was playing on her radio just for the background noise as she made sure all of her plants were healthy and happy.

She hummed with the music for the most part although sometimes she wound up chattering to her plants for a few seconds before going back to just humming. Plants liked it when you talked to them, okay? Okay.

On her desk, she'd left her notebook open on a neatly itemized list and every now and then beamed at it. She had her ideas, now she just needed to put them into action.

Mmmm, mission.

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After leaving a call for Principal Washburn, Ino was fiddling with a seedling tray in her room. It was stupid, she knew, to hover over plants because they grew in their own time and there was no point in waiting around for them.

But Liir’d given them to her. Which made them special. And she definitely wanted to see them change colour the way he’d said they would. She glanced over at the Sun’s Glory she had growing over by her window. She’d have to transplant them soon. But maybe she’d keep just one all for her.

Ino thought that was a fair trade, and she still had seeds too. Quite a few of them. And Karal had said she could do what she wanted with them.

She wrinkled her nose cheerfully. Plants, at least, had no bad associations in them.

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