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Zack was a dead man.

… Maybe.

When she got back to herself anyway. (Maybe.)

How dare he leave her trapped in their room? Ino was Most Displeased. As such, that clearly meant that he didn’t really need to know where she was since he wasn’t returning the favour at all. Hmph.

He’d never think to look where she’d wriggled into! Ino felt sure of that! Why would he? He already had a pair of boots on his feet! He didn't need his spare boots!

She felt quite pleased with herself: her current hiding place was clever, safe, and not obvious. As long as he didn’t notice the fact that every now and then the boot tended to… shift.

[For the boy first, but open after.]
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Ino—hadn't really done a whole lot for Halloween, honestly. She'd nabbed candy from Turtle & Canary and hadn't bothered with a costume or even going out.

Which was all truly unusual and weird for her, unless you took in the fact that she had been studying and when Ino actually wanted to learn something, that something took precedence over everything ever.

Even trick-or-treating.

And yet, Fandom, in it's infinite wisdom decided, even if she wasn't going to dress up… that she should get to have the fun of being something else for a bit.

Which would be why there was an Ino. Bent over a book, earphones in, and taking notes.

And then Ino wasn't there any more.

A baby boar, a cranky baby boar, had taken her place and was trying, futilely, to get out of the tangled shirt that had fallen on it.

When she got out of the shirt, someone was going to pay. Really.

Even if she had to bite them.


[Establishy, la.]
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If Ino had to summarize the weekend so far, it'd be with words that were not really along the lines of 'amazing' and 'heartbreaking', no.

Her words were more along the lines of 'complicated' and 'awkward' and the constant feeling of being in the way. Which would be why she'd gotten very very good at excusing herself from—conversations where she felt like she was intruding. Zack didn't have much time with Angeal, after all.

She wasn't going to impinge or expect him to spend the time with her in that case. It was a little lonely, if she was honest. And more than a little depressing, since no one had shown up for her and she'd thought, maybe—


There was no use thinking about it. She'd been thinking about it too much as it was between drifting around the island and feeling peculiarly at odds with everything.

Which was why, when she'd gotten antsy enough for the third time that even her plants couldn't distract her, Ino had tracked down her spear and headed for a secluded area of the beach. Stepping out onto the water, she brought her weapon down and flung herself into a pattern dance.

Training. When in doubt, more training was always a good thing.

[Open for one, maybe two. And massive SP is seriously likely. ^^;]
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It had been a day of being out-of-sorts (more like most of the week, really) and Ino wasn't sure why and that had left her in a bit of a mood where all she really wanted was to… do exactly what she was doing.

Which was sitting on the floor in the middle of her room and carefully taking care of her plants—trimming what needed to be trimmed, watering what needed to be watered—while talking softly to them.

They were, perhaps, some of her dearest confidants. They could never betray her secrets, however silly some of them were. They could not judge her.

Right then, when her mood was sliding between peevish and… blah, it was enough for her to do this. Hair loose, piled on the floor behind her and blue eyes soft as she inspected some of the Sun's Glory she had growing.

After their talk on the beach, Zack had contented himself to just... hang around. )

[NFI in that establishy sort of way, and preplayed with the fantabulous [ profile] puppy_fair and marvellous [ profile] firstclasshonor/[ profile] the_merriest.]
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Ino had to admit that country was not normally her music type, no. But the song that she kept finding herself singing was fun at least, and it amused her enough that Ino really didn’t see a need to try and stop.

She just kept the singing down sort of low as she sprawled out on her bed and read.

My daddy always was... )

Ino snickered, humming it, and turned to the next page of her book. Kicking she could definitely do. Totally amusing, geez.

[Open for visitors, cabinmates, phone calls what have you.]
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The door to the closet of room 504 burst open. "Well finally," the very unnaturally red-headed teenage girl snapped as she stalked out of it all in black. "Can you believe she had me in her suitcase?"

A much littler girl with natural red hair was sitting on the floor and carefully arranging the gorgeous scarlet and gold flowers in her hair. She gave a shrug at that. "Mama knows where she puts things."

"And you," the older said, hands on her hips. "Why didn't you get up and help me? Like, get off your ass and open the door?"

That got another shrug and a grin. "I'm doing what I'm supposed to do," she said with impeccable logic, "and that's keeping my flowers safe 'till Mama comes to check up on them again."

"Right." Yeah, that was getting the little girl a look. "We're so not staying here. I'm going to find her and you're coming with me."

"I don't wa—"

"Tough," she snapped, grabbing the younger girl by her arm and tugging her with her. "Shut up, you're coming, hon-est-ly. Do I have to do everything around here?"

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Okay, so today had been pretty boring really. She’d trained, answered a phone message (that still kinda confused her, but hey, sure she was good with hanging out) and wound up sprawled on her bed with the phone. She also got a bit snippy in answering her next message though. Geez. And then there was the one about wanting to burn pants and how could she resist answering that? Or the one that said she'd been in her underwear around him. Which she hadn't, thanks. And the one that said she was into propositioning random strangers! Okay, Chuck had been an exception, but she didn't normally do that. What was up with things today?

Of course, that meant she had to try calling Dojima-san. And then she had to try calling Reno. The door was open and she was trying to think if there were any other calls she needed to make.

[Establishy, more links'll get added eventually I'm sure, and open if you want.]
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Ino, unlike most the rest of Fandom today, woke up and was perfectly a-okay with the world. She was chirpy, even.

And giggling whenever she looked over to the spare bed in her room, and saw Ichigo there. She’d be less amused if he woke up still all mentally ill-like, but Ino figured that, for now, she’d just take the hopeful route and assume it had worn off over the night.

Because she couldn’t wait to mock him mercilessly.

[For that boy she knocked unconscious, please. ETA: Any discussion relating to hollows is NFB, please.]
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Really, if you wanted to make a case for it, Ino hadn’t been seen, or heard from, since Friday evening. That was because, in the case of all long running shows, relatively minor characters get written out of the story only to return three seasons later for no good reason.

Ino wasn’t particularly aware of any of that though, as other than having spent a day being completely non-existent, she was still her perfectly normal self.

And as such, was spending the evening in her pajamas, listening to Utada Hikaru, and singing along under her breath while studying her medical scrolls, having completely missed any sort of news that things were out of the ordinary. (And, really, was glad of that.)

[Open, though Ichigo's thread is chronologically last, please!]


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