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It was kinda funny how she was getting used to being cold.

Not that she'd complain to Reno about it—what the hell was he going to do? Give her another blanket? As if she was going to let him do that when he was the one that was painfully thin and had to feel it more—or anything but, still. She was pretty sure she hadn't been properly warm since getting to Edge and that? That was totally not cool.

Ino was glad, at least, that it wasn't too windy right now. Drafts were demon-things. She tucked the blanket she was using around her feet more securely and went back to her reading, on the couch, while Reno played with Mako. (Or, well, Mako waged war or something and Reno didn't seem to mind. Ino wasn't paying that much attention to them, honestly; her book was pretty good.)

As far as she was concerned they could totally do this for a little while longer before going to look for fun. Mako wasn't tired yet. Ino was cold and didn't feel like moving.

Which, of course, was when someone knocked on the door.

Ino turned the page in her book. "You get it, yo," she told Reno impishly. "Rookie is lazy."

[For the one she's talkin' to! NFB due to distance.]
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Ino would be lying if she claimed that she hadn't told Reno the wrong time to expect her.

So she had absolutely no plans to actually let anyone know about that tiny insignificant fact. Especially not Reno. Fully armed and wearing leggings and a turtleneck rather than anything like she fought in at home, but that she'd found more comfy for dealing with Midgar's weather, and so had figured the same would apply roughly to Edge's weather, Ino's gaze when she stepped through the portal was scrutinizing. (You try staying warm in the middle of winter in what basically amounts to a short skirt with slits clean up the sides, a tank top, and a bunch of bandages wrapped around your torso and see how long it takes you to find something warmer to wear.)

She had a bit of time to kill. A few hours before Reno would even think to wonder where she was.

Plenty of time to explore Edge on her own. Reno would… probably not approve. He didn't need to know. Making sure she knew which direction his apartment was in, Ino darted off on silent feet.

Edge was, she determined a few hours later, making her careful way to his place, a lot worse off than Reno had told her. Despite the fact that some of the areas she'd snooped through had made her, well, violently ill (Ino had not been prepared for the number of starving people, of homeless people, of hopeless dying people she'd seen living on the streets in conditions she'd only vaguely grasped before), Ino was tentatively calling her snooping a good idea.

Also, mints were amazing things. Shut up. She was a ninja and a Rookie. He absolutely didn't need to know she'd gotten sick over some of what she'd seen. Ino had no intentions of telling him anything at all about that. Need to know basis said he totally didn't need to know. She found the building he lived in and headed up the stairs exuding an air that said she totally belonged here no really.

So, it was a pale (but for the colour quickly pinched into her cheeks) and rather wide-eyed Rookie that rapped smartly on his door at exactly the time she'd told him she'd be there.

[For the Turk expecting her, zoto! NFB due to distance!]
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Ino had her stuff packed and was cross-legged on the floor giving the seedlings she'd sent Reno a little while ago a good looking over while waiting for her portal.

She was still… iffy about that whole Fandom Thing, but while being around was fun, she was pretty sure that putting it off would only make it worse.

Zen. She was zen. Okay. As much as Ino ever was.

Which… wasn't very. But alrighty then. Lying to herself was totally healthy!

"So," she said, "you wouldn't whine if I wanted to come kill monsters some more sometime?"

[NFB due to distance and for the red-haired Turk!]
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So, Ino was pretty sure she was a bit daft because she thought that Edge was pretty awesome. Really, okay, so it was mostly awesome because it wasn't Fandom and wasn't home but there was a certain excitement to getting to explore a completely different world just for the sake of being there.

There was no mission to do, no reason for being there (besides the fact that she was… weak and that was on the list of things she Wasn't Thinking About Right Now, Thanks), she was totally a tourist. With violent tendencies and a certain level of gleefully horrified trauma at the sight of some of the monsters around here. What the hell.

Seriously awesome.

"The ruins were more interesting in an 'I will try and do my best to kill you' sort of way," she said, cheerfully making a face at him. They were in the wastelands where, well, it was pretty much how it sounded. Wasteland~y. Ino was awesome at describing stuff, shut up. "This view is totally going to be worth it, right?"

If it wasn't, Ino was totally just going to pout until they went and found monsters. That would utterly make it worth it anyway. She didn't have to think while killing monsters.

Not thinking was good.

[NFB due to distance. For the red-haired Turk!]


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