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Ino was sprawled out in her jammies, hair damp against her skull, and idly rereading her notes on the latest things her father wanted her to practice on.

Nibbling on candy (she'd totally got it on sale and ha, it was just as good bought as it would've been had she gone around to get it), Ino was in a good mood.

From the candy, from the studying, from what she'd gotten up to today?

Totally all of the above.

[Open door, open post!]
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Ino had not been out begging for candy with many of her peers. It was not that she didn't want candy, naturally, because she most certainly did, it was simply that something far more nefarious and interesting had needed the preparation time and Ino had willingly devoted herself to that.

After all, she could always buy her candy half off and no one would know the difference, right?

Because it got long, and a costume was graphically tortured to death and described herein, yes )

Leaving her macabre present for Tyle—Mr. Durden to find.

[Warning: Smoochy's end result is described in detail. He was tortured to death. If that bothers you, please don't read this/keep it in mind! House and tree modded with permission of those whose property it is. The identity of the culprit is NFB, that there was a culprit is FB, and this is open for reaction from the one whose birthday it is only, please. Unless, naturally, he calls you over/you've his mun's permission.]
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So, today had kinda been a wash even though she’d gotten some awesome sweaters of Romeo’s and was going to kill Cal dead eventually, especially if he kept it up, but now—now Ino had something far more interesting to amuse herself with.

Which would be why there was a small blonde ninja out in the preserve.

With a pink rhino costume.

She was trying to figure out how to string it up in one of the trees while waiting for her partner-in-crime. It… wasn’t going that well.

“No,” she said to the costume, “seriously. What are you made of? You’re freakin’ heavy.”

Smoochy didn't answer her. That was probably a good thing since it was just a costume.

[For Reno, please! And totally NFB.]
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It was super late night, long after radio had aired, and Weechee had finally fallen asleep before she got to work, loading up her supplies, and sneaking from her room and into the school. The fact that Tyler-sensei had a window to his office was a total bonus as far as she was concerned, and even then it took her more than one trip up the wall to get it all in.

Once inside, Ino quickly shut the window, pulled the blinds closed, and flicked on her flashlight. With the speed of someone who knew what she was doing inside-and-out Ino set out three different bouquets. (She’d failed in not making it look like a crazy-lady had gone to town, but whatever, he’d said to do what she’d wanted.) …it was probably best not to speculate how much money she’d spent on getting all of the flowers together either.

The first vase held a bouquet of sour figs, a single black poppy, with a tiny branch from a weeping willow, and periwinkles as the main flower. A single lobelia and a lone aconite flower finished off that vase.

Second vase had mint, then a blue poppy and a thorn apple tied together with a deep crimson ribbon. An anemone was similarly twinned with some white lilac, while birdfoot deervetch, balsamine, more aconite, and poppies rounded it out.

A much smaller vase with only hyacinth and candytuft in it was the last. Ino surveyed her work for a minute, gathered up the stray leaves that had fallen, and then methodically searched his office for her other mission goal.

When she left out the window, a few minutes later, Ino was also bearing a box that carried a certain rhino costume, and no sign of her ever visiting the office, except for the flowers, was left behind.

Totally an excellent mission.

[NFB, NFI, OOC a-okay! Office, flowers, and rhino were all broken into/brought in/stolen with permission!]
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Ino had made it through the day. Between getting back, going to class, and talking to Tyler-sensei, she’d figured that whatever Hinata-chan said that she’d totally done her quota of being around and putting her schedule back on normal sort of tracks.

Of course, that’s when she made it back to her room, showered and wriggled into her jammies that Ino realized, depressingly, that she wasn’t sleepy. Making a phone call killed all of thirty seconds, and then she pulled out several gardening magazines and tried to start planning for Tyler-sensei’s flowers. Maybe she would go the love note route, just to make him facepalm.

Her door was left open, as a matter of course.

[Door and post are open! ETA: Anything mission related, beyond it happening, is NFB please!]


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