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Ino and Cassandra were down at Wellspring Arms for dawn. Slipping inside, taking note of what the other two had cleaned (and wincing at the damage that was still evident) they quickly went about making the place their own sort of ‘base’ for the next twenty-four hours.

She had her gun, and every weapon she’d come to Fandom with, down to the shuriken that Kabuto had given her for Christmas and the wire that had been sitting in the weapons locker for nearly a year.

In relatively short-order, Wellspring Arms became severely infested with booby-traps. Anyone entering was going to get several very vicious surprises if they didn’t knock first.

And if they knocked, well, there’d be very little answer until they’d confirmed the identity of the knocker.

The sign was still on the door and—

Wellspring Arms was very very closed.

[Establishy mainly, though you could have a character come by and react to it being closed. Either way, they won’t be answering you. Cassandra totally modded with permission! Not part of The Plot, just the blondes dealing with the aftermath again.]
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Ino calls for back-up )

[Preplayed with the crazy-awesome [ profile] iseewhatyoumean. Tether is totally modded/in Ino's care with permission. This isn't technically part of The Plot, just a bit of continuing the trend of the blondes dealing with the aftermath of it. NFI, broadcast is a-okay, and OOC is always total love.]
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After getting Kabuto’s letter last night, all hope Ino had of writing out what was bugging her fled and she’d spent most of the night alternating between ranting at Kusanagi (who hadn’t cared at all) and sleeping fitfully.

Stupid stupid Kabuto.

Either way, it was a relief to be up on the roof and waiting for Cassandra. She wanted to hit someone, and Cassandra was the perfect one to try and hit.

Because Cassandra totally got it.

[Locked to Cassandra! And up early for SP throughout the day.]
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Waking up, for a few mintues, she'd managed to convince herself that yesterday was just a really bad dream. Then she'd caught sight of one of the textbooks he'd lent her and it had all come crashing back.

She buried her face in her pillow. She'd been so stupid to, to... care about him. And he'd used that against her.

Later, perhaps, she'd want to find people who actually cared about her and weren't just lying.

Right now though, Ino was curled up in her blankets and really didn't feel like doing much of anything.

[Door is closed, post is open!]
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Black on black wasn't really her style, no. Ino'd meant what she'd said yesterday though and was determined to do her best. Which, sadly, meant ditching the purple and white. Ino could be practical sometimes.

Ino now sat crosslegged on her bed with a mouthful of bobby pins and the determination to trap any errant wisp of hair before tying on the head scarf which was currently draped at the foot of her bed.

She was definitely going to give this challenge as good as she got.

[Establishy, but sure, open!]


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