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Ino had to admit that country was not normally her music type, no. But the song that she kept finding herself singing was fun at least, and it amused her enough that Ino really didn’t see a need to try and stop.

She just kept the singing down sort of low as she sprawled out on her bed and read.

My daddy always was... )

Ino snickered, humming it, and turned to the next page of her book. Kicking she could definitely do. Totally amusing, geez.

[Open for visitors, cabinmates, phone calls what have you.]
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Ino was very busy calling a whole lot of people on the phone tonight. Once that was done, she flopped down on her bed and double-checked her list to make sure she'd gotten someone from each cabin.

Valentine and Katina had agreed already, so that was no issue and then her and Elena were obviously judges… hmmm. She tapped her phone against her cheek idly. She'd already made sure she could get the videos, so that wasn't a problem.

Though, next time, Elena could do the phoning.

Mmm, planning. It was enough to take her mind off of Arthur. Slacking. Geez.

[For phone calls or cabin mates only, please.

Warning: The thread between Ino/Reno has the potential to cover dark/disturbing themes, so please keep that in mind if reading. Thanks! ^^]
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Ino had had class today—and she was pretty sure it'd be interesting if only because, yet again, her world had managed to be different from the norm in societal expectations again—and then she'd wandered into town for a while and met Derek, who was a) super attractive and b) going to make her shelving which was two points in his favour.

Now she was cross-legged on her bed, her alcove curtain half open, having handwavily called Derek back about the dimensions for her shelf, nibbling on a licorice stick and reading.

[Ooopen, of course!]
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Friday afternoon and Ino was sprawled out on her bed with an anatomy text. Talk about boring. This was better than brooding about Cal, or giving into the urge to go and strangle Ichigo though, so whatever. The text, at the moment, was closed and she was testing how well she'd managed to retain what she'd studied.

Ino wondered, really, if she'd ever feel like she knew enough to actually feel confident in her abilities while working at the clinic. What had she been thinking, seriously? She didn't know anything about healing.

Bruises and cuts were only the tiniest tip of the knowledge she needed to know. She sighed, and focused again on her studying.

[For Hinata, then open afterwards.]
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It was rather late by the time she got back to her alcove and flopped down on her bed. Ino was pretty sure, that right now, she hated just about everyone.

No real reason. Honest.

She totally hadn’t spent the whole day brooding about what Temari had said to her yesterday or anything.

Really. Would she do something like that?

Okay. Maybe. Whatever.

Ino was in a Bad Mood, and not inclined to be talked out of it. Rolling over on her side, she wondered, idly, if this was just…

…more of what Temari had said.


[Establishy primarily, but open if you want, I guess.]


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