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'Dude, the smell!' )

Ino spotted the messenger bird first... )

It was almost good to be running.... )

[NFB & NFI due to distance. Preplayed with the insanely stupendous [ profile] need_no_moon. Tweaked and altered from manga canon, yo. Please note that there's violence and death in this one.]
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Things are afoot in Konoha! )

In which Room 504 gets a wake up call... )

And back in Konoha, this time with Ino there... )

[Preplayed with the fabulous [ profile] puppy_fair, who was himself, and with the awesomtastic [ profile] need_no_moon who spared me having to play a million ninja by myself. Tweaked and stolen from manga canon, lalala. Ino and Zack's bit is FB everything else is NFB due to distance.]
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Kinjo Sae was a tall leggy brunette with a sway to her hips that drew stares wherever she went. Her chest was nice enough, Ino thought, from the vantage point up in a tree that overlooked the garden where Yamada's mistress liked to spend her afternoons, but it was her legs that got most of the attention.

Warning: Mmmm, possession. )

Everyone she passed saw only Kinjo Sae going about her usual evening, all of them unaware of the ninja wearing the woman like a cloak.

[NFB, NFI, OOC a-okay. Warning: Possession.]
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Normally, missions were given out by the desk Chuunin, who marked down which mission scrolls had gone out and which teams were capable of handling each level of missions.

Warning: Dark/disturbing matters being discussed. )

"No further comments," she said, voice far more level than her stomach felt. "Mission accepted."

Reno's voice echoing in her head: You do the job.

[NFB, NFI, OOC a-okay. Warning: Dark/disturbing matters being discussed.]
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Necks were easier... )

[NFI, NFB, OOC a-okay. There’s death in this one, so ‘ware and all that! ^^ ]
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Konoha was a warm contrast to the lack of power and heat in the dorms. That wasn’t why she was shivering though, trying not to, as her thoughts spiraled around her head, over and over. She had to stop shivering, chin up, back straight, hands shaking a bit though she had them clasped behind her back so that they weren’t right there for everyone to see. Had to look professional, had to... be a ninja. All over again.

Baby steps. )

Mission accomplished, then, in more ways than one.


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