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Ino was… totally not hiding. Seriously not.

Curled up in bed, with hot chocolate and a book about this world’s methods of handling plants, and pretending that Annette’s room just barely down the hall wasn’t empty didn’t mean anything. Nothing at all. She wasn’t hiding. Really.

Even if it looked like she was hiding, she wasn’t. Curling up in her blankets was totally a good thing to do after work. Especially when two of her best friends had totally left this morning. Especially when work had kinda sorta sucked. Except for Lana. Lana had been a good reprieve from the suckiness. But whatever.

So Ino was... in her room. Not hiding. Really.

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By the time Ino got back to her room she had a headache from forcing herself to keep her temper. She opened the door, with slightly more force than was necessary, stepped inside then shut it. Oh-so-gently.

Then, almost calmly, she picked up one of her potted plants and flung it with all the force she could muster at the wall over her bed. The pot smashed satisfyingly but it wasn’t enough, not near enough, to make her feel better.

Another pot. Another crash against her wall.

How. Crash. Dare. Crash. He. Crash.

How. Crash. Dare. Crash. They. Crash.

Eventually she’d have to stop, either from running out of pots, or from spending her rage. Eventually she’d have to clean this mess up so she could sleep.



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"Oh, come on!"

Ino glared at her reflection. There were still faint blue streaks in her hair, despite her best efforts at getting the paint out. A.J. was so dead when she caught up with him again.

Her door was open a crack, but Ino hadn't noticed. She was much more occupied with her hair.

"This isn't fair!"

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Ino was up bright and early going over the medical scroll Kabuto had given her last week one more time. Well, more than once to be honest. She was going to try and heal Annette's bruised face, and she really, really didn't want to make a mistake.

Both because then she'd feel worse for Annette and if she failed Kabuto would ask in that irritating, condescending voice tone of voice he used sometimes if she was just wasting his time. Ino rolled the scroll up carefully and set her shoulders.

Deep breath. She could do this. She would do this.

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Ino stared up at her ceiling. She'd finished her letter to Dad. Which was good, because that had sorta needed to be done. Cleaned her room, eaten supper, taken a shower... and now was too wound up to sleep. It was too early, besides.

She sat up, crossed her legs, and considered going and visiting Kabuto. Not because she was worried or anything about Annette visiting him, well... maybe just a little, but just because. She hadn't talked to him for a few days. A look around her room, and her eyes landed on the book she'd finally finished reading. Maybe he'd like to borrow it?

That... sounded like a good enough excuse to her. Huh. She'd just buy Annette a pastry or something along with the tea tomorrow to make herself feel better about going to the 'Nest when she'd said she wouldn't.

Ino scrambled off her bed, and into her regular clothing. She didn't bother to tie her hair back - he liked it down, right? - and grabbed the book as she headed out of the dorms.



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