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To: [Fandom Students (except Zack)]
Re: Surprise Birthday Party!

On the 13th of September (that's tomorrow guys, sorry for the short notice?), it's Zack's seventeenth birthday. In honour of that, a surprise party is being held, at the beach starting early in the evening.

I'm totally organizing it, with Karla's utterly awesome help, and if you've got questions—well, I'm probably going to be able to answer them? Or something! If you do want to ask something, just make sure Zack ain't around, okay?

As this is totally a surprise party (which is why I'm giving you so little warning, look Zack's puppy eyes are lethal, you'd all cave super fast before them), do not tell Zack or I will be very very very angry with you, and you totally don't want that. Hope to see you there! It'd make Zack super happy!

-- Ino

[NFB as it's just an email. People can totally respond if they want to to bitch her out for her lack of heads up, but I'm going to bed v. v. shortly so it'd be on a SP basis.]
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Ino was busy.

If you could call having cranked the music up with her door wide open and cross-legged on her bed reading busy.

(Ino was also inconsiderate of her neighbours and their sleeping in habits, yes.)

And reading was busy even if it was simply the same information she was pouring over in an attempt to glean new details from (so far: not working) and giving her something to look at while she struggled to come up with something to say to the e-mail she'd gotten on Tuesday. She needed to answer it, but it made her feel like crying, so she wasn't. Happy thoughts only. At least for the moment.

One thing, she thought with a sigh. All she wanted was one thing that was simple.

... she could go get a hot chocolate. That was about as simple as it got. Hmmm.

[Oooopen door and post.]
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The nice thing about playing with a puppy for most of the day was that, once she’d gotten back to their room, Zack had conked out fast and hard in a pile of limbs and fuzzy ears on the edge of their bed. Which meant that, until he woke up, she had the freedom to think and do what she wanted to.

Which, tonight, was a matter of finishing her e-mails. It was the matter of seconds to actually send them after proofing them one more time, and then Ino just leaned back against the headboard and frowned thoughtfully, absently toying with her hair.

It was weird, now, to not have something to write as a goal. ‘Sending out the e-mails’ had been a good way to have something to focus on that made her feel like she wasn’t going to suffocate under her worries.

Nothing to stop that now.

[Ooopen door, open post, yes!]
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If you asked Ino the steps that had been involved in getting her from the lobby to her room and being clean for the first time in days… Ino wouldn't have been able to answer you.

At the moment she was more consumed with toying with the edge the over-sized shirt she normally slept in (it was soft and clean and the room was clean and smelled like flowers and Zack was there and and and) and leaning against Zack.

She knew she should… say something. Or do something. Her hair desperately needed to be brushed out.

But she was just going to take a bit before thinking that far ahead was plausible and, at the moment, just be.

That was okay, wasn't it?

[For that boy.]
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Two days of fretting and freaking out internally and feeling like things were going to fall down on her head meant that, when Thursday dawned utterly gorgeous (and neither of them having noticed anything odd about the island), she set about planning. She needed a distraction.

Zack's participation in this idea was secured with some kisses and, honestly, just asking him if he wanted to hang out on a date with her. Ino was straightforward like that, when it suited her to be.

So: picnic. In the preserve! She had food and drinks and even a dorky blanket (it had glossy stars on it!) for them to lounge out on.

Ino also had a Frisbee. The obvious difficulty of using a Frisbee in the preserve hadn't yet occurred to her, as she?

She was busy holding Zack's free hand (he carried the basket, even though as it had been her idea, and Ino still felt like she ought to be the one doing the carrying—but he'd won that discussion before they'd ever left their room) and smiling.

And asking questions. Very important, earth-shaking questions:

"What do you want for your birthday?"

[For the one she's smiling for!]
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It didn’t seem to matter that, when they’d woken up in a tangled grouping of hands and legs and eyes and smiles that touched their eyes until they’d woken up enough that the smiles stopped hitting their eyes, that they hadn’t really spoken at all as they’d gotten dressed.

As they’d headed down into town to pick up something for breakfast—they hadn’t really even glanced at the kitchen in the cabin—they still kept mostly to their silence, though he held her hand as they walked.

Or she held his. Ino wasn’t really sure if that distinction mattered. Either way, neither of them was letting go of the other.

It wasn’t a conscious decision either to head out to the preserve once food in neat brown bags had been obtained.

It wasn’t conscious, but she wasn’t going to complain as they walked deeper and deeper into the trees. Ino liked trees, she liked Zack, and she liked breakfast. The silence was just something that had happened. They’d work it out.

She glanced sidelong and up at him, blue eyes worried. Her smile had faded into something more serious. Last night had been only part of it. He’d needed last night. (He’d scared her last night.)

Ino didn’t know what this would bring, out here, with breakfast and him. Just that it happening was the only thing that made sense to her. A weird and twisted snarl of emotions curled in her mind and Ino thought it couldn’t be anything as bad as how he felt. That wasn’t comforting.

[For the one whose hand she won’t let go of.]
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It had been a day of being out-of-sorts (more like most of the week, really) and Ino wasn't sure why and that had left her in a bit of a mood where all she really wanted was to… do exactly what she was doing.

Which was sitting on the floor in the middle of her room and carefully taking care of her plants—trimming what needed to be trimmed, watering what needed to be watered—while talking softly to them.

They were, perhaps, some of her dearest confidants. They could never betray her secrets, however silly some of them were. They could not judge her.

Right then, when her mood was sliding between peevish and… blah, it was enough for her to do this. Hair loose, piled on the floor behind her and blue eyes soft as she inspected some of the Sun's Glory she had growing.

After their talk on the beach, Zack had contented himself to just... hang around. )

[NFI in that establishy sort of way, and preplayed with the fantabulous [ profile] puppy_fair and marvellous [ profile] firstclasshonor/[ profile] the_merriest.]
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After talking to Hurley, Ino was glad to wander back to the room she shared with Zack—that was still weird to her, that she couldn’t say it was just her room anymore—and collapse on her bed.

Yay. A week gone by and she hadn’t—been weird and issuey at people other than... well, Bod had gotten a bit, but he hadn’t seemed to care and Ino just... wasn’t going to push that. All right, fine, and so on. She was fine.

Repression was probably bad, yes. Ino closed her eyes briefly, then sat up and stared at the open door. She should shut it. But that seemed like far too much work and instead she fumbled for one of her notebooks. A pen.

If she was thinking, she didn’t have to think.

It made sense to her.

[Open door, open post.]
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Things are afoot in Konoha! )

In which Room 504 gets a wake up call... )

And back in Konoha, this time with Ino there... )

[Preplayed with the fabulous [ profile] puppy_fair, who was himself, and with the awesomtastic [ profile] need_no_moon who spared me having to play a million ninja by myself. Tweaked and stolen from manga canon, lalala. Ino and Zack's bit is FB everything else is NFB due to distance.]
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Clearly they'd had to use the fact that there was a dance that evening to wander back to the dorms, right?

In some ways it wasn't as poor an excuse as it sounded, really, considering that both of their outfits were at to the dorms, hanging in her closet (they really would have to do a bit of rearranging, in that case, if he wanted his own closet—two years of her room being just hers meant that, well, her stuff had taken over).

Never mind the fact that it was also an excuse to just hang around each other. Ino peered at the mirror as she applied her minimal makeup for the evening.

"How're you coming along?"

Yes, she could've turned around and seen, but really asking was likely to be more entertaining.

[For that boy!]
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Most of yesterday had been spent sleeping—Ino wasn't sure what Zack had done, upon waking up—she only knew that she hadn't woken until late that evening and had been up for only a few hours before falling back asleep, her body more worn out than she'd thought.

Fear and monster hunting took a lot out of a person, who knew?

Sunday, though, was so far going better. Even if she was still obviously on edge to anyone who knew her as she lay on Zack's bed and idly watched him do squats. In this room, she was okay.

And they'd been out and about a bit earlier, for food and monsters. That was enough for her.

[For that one in Midgar with her. NFB due to distance, please.]
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It was highly likely that, had she been back in the dorms and able to curl up against Zack, Ino would not have gone through with her hastily tossed together plan for dealing with her fears about Jenova.

She wasn't sure, yet... )

That was why, when she wound up calling Zack, Ino was laughing. Because Ino was stupidly tired and it was either laugh or cry and hilarity was better than giving up and admitting that she was still scared.

It was half past two Saturday morning.

[NFB due to distance. World hopping done with permission. For that boy she's calling.]
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Ordinarily, the whole process of waking up and getting ready for the day was a very peaceful one. They had their whole routine down: who took a shower first (Zack did, because Ino took longer), who made the bed (Ino did, while Zack was in the shower), who grabbed the tea (mostly for Ino, but Zack was the one that got it while she was in the shower), and so on until, as was another part of their usual routine, they tracked down the podcast of last night's radio and turned it on.

Ino, in shorts and a tank top (pink), was sitting with her feet dangling off the edge of her bed, brushing her hair, and a cup of tea sitting just to the side on the floor. Zack, still without a shirt at this time of the day, was doing a few squats to stretch out after sleeping.

(It was an absurdly domestic scene.)

Ordinarily the radio was cause for amusement, or they didn't pay much attention to it because they were busy talking through it about various silly or not-so-silly things. Today, though, was one of the days where they actually managed to listen to it.

… And it didn't take a genius to tell, when it was over, that Ino's mood had gone from 'peaceful and cheerful in a sleepy way' to '...sigh'.

She kept up with brushing her hair, though. That much stayed the same.

[For Zack, yo.]
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Ino had a fairly busy life, really, so was it any surprise that she hadn't gotten around to checking her e-mail in the last few days?

Either way, after a day of bouncing around, mostly in training and fooling around with a few of her theories (she had to get this stuff down, geez), Ino was sprawled out on her bed, planning doom and destruction on one hand and planning how to stop it on the other, when she finally got around to checking her e-mail.

She brightened at finding one from Hurley. Ino was frowning about two seconds later, mood plummeting as she typed out a response:

E-mail to Hurley )

And then, before she thought better of it, hit send. Was it awful of her to be sulking now? Either way, she was.

And worried. That too. Ino wondered if she ought to start listening to radio again: surely it would have said something about Hoshi being upset about this and then she would have heard the news sooner (or checked her e-mail sooner…) but for the moment, it was mostly a full-out sulk.

Sulk sulk sulk. Augh.

[For the puppy only, please.]
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Ino knew she probably should've, you know, gone to grad. To congratulate people, to tease them (and radio definitely made it sound like there was something to tease them about), to ask what their plans were and…

To say goodbye to some of them just in case she didn't see them before they left…

Yeah. That would be why she hadn't made it to grad. She didn't want to say goodbye to anyone and, rather foolishly was clinging to the idea that if she didn't say it, then it wouldn't have to happen.

(It would. Fandom wasn't that kind.)

Funnily enough, having gone through it before didn't make this easier at all. It made it harder. So when Ino woke up at crazy early in the morning o'clock with that knowledge hanging over her and the fact that there was a brunch today (another chance to say goodbye, ugh), she promptly curled up closer against Zack, hid further under the blankets, and buried her face in the pillow.

No. Not happening. She was not going to deal with this today. No one could make her!

[For that boy she's using as a shield only, please!]
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There was an arm sprawled across her stomach... )

[Preplayed with the fabulous [ profile] puppy_fair. Not open for interaction with Ino or Zack, but totally open for reactions to the half-naked parade plus giant chicken if your character would be up and in the halls at the time. OOC is always shiny too!]
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Ino was very dubious indeed at the moment.

It was bad enough that she'd woken up in the same room with a boy. (Even if she happened to like that boy.) Bad enough that he'd had cooler slippers than she'd had. Bad enough that all her weapons had been turned into toys.

But Zack had a smile on him, and was pretty cute (for a boy), and he shared his magic marble things with her. Jump had been a lot of fun, really.

She still didn't believe him when he claimed his toy sword could summon things, though. Ino spun and came to a stop in a clearing in the preserve. "Far enough in!" she declared, because clearly things like this couldn't just be shared where anyone could see. "Now you've got to show me. I'm watching you."

Half hoping he'd fail so she could lord it over him. And half hoping he'd manage it because that would be the best thing ever.

[For the weetiny puppy!]
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Ino had not had a particularly restful night. Even after they'd managed to get the kids to sleep, she'd dealt with the fact that… she really wasn't sure what to do about Zack, other than pretend she hadn't known he'd been faking sleep.

She hadn't really gotten much sleep and had called Reno early that morning to ask him to please take them, just for a bit, and that bit of news had effectively distracted the kids from paying too much attention to the things that were wrong.

They thought sleeping outside was great fun! That seeing Uncle Reno would be awesome. Inori reluctantly confessed that she'd called and talked to Aunt Rikku and that maybe she wouldn't be in trouble for that…?

Most importantly, though, they weren't paying attention to the way Zack wasn't himself. Inori especially had to be watched for that. Angeal—and why, she thought, had he had to show up now with that name, but Ino couldn't bring herself to get angry, just tired—was a bit too young to pinpoint the exact causes of anything wrong.

Now, after breakfast of pastries and milk and Ino spending a lot of her time as a distraction without trying to seem like one… they were waiting for Reno to show up and give them space.

Ino's fingers tightened around Zack's hand as she ruffled Angeal's hair. Inori bounced excitedly on the other side of Zack.

[For them that know who they are, yep. Modding done with permission! The OCD shall likely be a shiny growing thing. XD ]
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Ino had spent a good while, today, contemplating the tickets she'd picked up and wondering if they were a good idea.

Because… really… Zack was dealing with quite a lot and in that light, wanting to go to the prom seemed like an almost stupid and childish idea. On the other hand, though, it might be a good distraction? Get him out and about a little more?

Thursday evening and now she was… pretty much out of extra time to make up her mind as to whether or not it was a good idea. Ino headed back to her garden, where they'd been sleeping for the week, with food from Ching Tai and when she spotted him practising with his—Angeal's—sword, took a moment to just admire the figure he cut before saying anything.

"You hungry?" she called. Food. Food was a good way to start things, right?

... Oh, who was she kidding? She'd rather ask and get it over with. Not being sure sucked.

[For the modded-with-permission puppy!]
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"This doesn't," Ino informed him, probably unnecessarily, "count as that date you asked for."

Him showing up at the end of her shift with the express purpose of them hanging out together was not, in any way, a date, after all. Friends did that all the time.

And really, so what if they'd kissed in the clinic? (Twice now, if you included the mistletoe.) It wasn't like that really meant anything. Not for just a walk.

... Ino was possibly over-thinking this, why yes.

That didn't stop her from grinning winsomely up at him. She had studying to do, of course. But somehow studying took a backseat to... hanging out with Zack.

[For the modded with permission puppy!]


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