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It was the middle of the night, closer to morning than evening, when Ino appeared in the apartment she and Zack shared in a near-silent puff of smoke.

She landed in the kitchen, which was good since that meant it was only a quick two steps to the side to stick her arm over the sink before blood hit the floor.

She hated cleaning blood off of things. It was bad enough that she was going to have to get her uniform repaired—Ino squinted at her arm in the near dark and then sighed, one long tendril of her hair reaching over to flip the lights on; yes, it was going to have to be repaired—but at least she could avoid extra mess.

Grimacing at the sight of her arm, and the blood oozing from the long, jagged edges torn into it, bone peeking out at her in the light, Ino resigned herself to the additional pain this was going to cause, turned on the tap, and stuck her arm under it.

At least it was just my arm! Ino thought optimistically, clenching her hand at the pain and absolutely refusing to make sad trumpet or dolphin noises. She didn’t want to wake Zack up. It could have been worse! And the Company will pay for the repairs to my clothes.

Now just to deal with the poison that wasn’t letting potions work…

[For the boy! Warning for blood and minor gore. Just to be safe, yo.]
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