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Having a free Monday hadn’t been too bad—since Zack was, in ShinRa’s eyes supposed to be back on Fandom that day, they’d had a chance to spend the time all to themselves without him having to hare off on missions and her having to stay behind.

Tuesday, however, she could not say the same about. When an attempt to get through to Portalocity had netted them the same drivel as yesterday (We are sorry for the inconvenience, but portal service from Midgar is temporarily unavailable due to routine maintenance.) Ino had sighed, more than a bit put out by missing not only work but class, as well, and had fired off a quick text to Reno.

Sry 2 miss class. Portals r down, zoto

Then she’d begun contemplating how to spend the rest of her day, with Zack.


Unfortunately, ShinRa had decided that she didn’t need Zack and they did and he’d gotten a mission that had left him looking apologetic as he’d darted off—this time without the explanations of Saturday, which meant it was something more sensitive than the Security Department being insecure little boys over their toys.

(Ino did not care if that was unfair of her to think. Hmph.)

Either way, being left to her own devices meant that Ino had a day to fill and since she couldn’t fill it with her favourite person… after lounging around the SOLDIER Floor for a good few hours and flirting with some of the 2nd and 3rd Classes who’d been around, Ino had taken her dolled-up self and wandered out of the building like she was supposed to be there. She was, after all. Everyone knew she was Zack’s girlfriend and where else was she supposed to be?

The little bells she was wearing in her ears jiggled merrily as she walked, hair long and loose and fluffed out—not curled, as that was a ridiculous waste of her time, but slightly wavy from having been braided the day before—and eyes wide as she swept through the streets, wearing a pale pink dress and a light-weight white coat over it (it was getting colder and she wasn’t like Zack and able to ignore the cold) while she studied the streets.

If her research was right, then this was the area of town in this particular sector where musicians tended to gather…

Of course, first she had to go and look at those super cute shoes in the window of the nearest shop. Not only would her persona do that naturally, but Ino had to admit that they really were cute shoes…


They were adorable shoes. And clearly that was what the three men that came up behind her were thinking, too. Oh, they even went through the motions of looking at the stock through the window for a moment before flanking her, one very deftly reaching to snatch her wrist and clutch her hand tightly in his own, and the other grabbing her other hand the same way from the other side.

The third just gave her a lazy sort of smile.

"Oi, neechan, we've been looking for you all day."

It was a pity that here in Midgar's busy streets, nobody had the time of day for a girl in distress, wasn't it? After all, they'd already disposed of the joke excuse for a ShinRa security guard that frequented this area.

What are you going to do, little girl?



She’d been so busy studying shoes that she’d quit paying attention to her surroundings—too confident that her pretty little airhead persona meant that the only people she had to pay attention to were those in very familiar suits and even then they weren’t likely to haul off and hurt her when she was out shopping. Turks had more finesse than that.

And, dammit, the way they were holding her hands hurt. As well as preventing her from using her jutsu. She glared at the third man, pure fury behind the veneer of bubble-headed panic that she had to keep up.

“I don’t know why anyone would be looking for me,” she said, almost lightly. This was obviously a mistake, right? Case of them getting the wrong person? “And Neechan isn’t my name, sorry!”

That’d totally work. No? She’d pretend it would, for the moment, because now that she was listening, every internal alarm she had was screaming warnings at her and, with her hands held she couldn’t get out quickly.

That left fighting and she was seriously disadvantaged right here and now.

Which they knew.


Of course they knew. And the two at her sides were going to demonstrate that fact by giving her wrists an even firmer twist, grinning smugly. Try getting out of this one.

"No, I suppose it isn't," mused the first, while his as of yet empty hands snuck into the pockets of his jacket. "Ino, isn't it? Not a bad name. Very Wutaian."

So they weren't fooled for a second, thinking that she didn't understand them. And as he slipped into fluent Wutaian to speak, he just grinned all the more.

"We only need you for a little while, little girl. Its your sweetheart we're after."


Her eyes blazed at that, giving away her understanding of the language as clearly as if she'd said something in it. The twist of her wrists hurt like a sonuvabitch but she wasn't going to give them the satisfaction of showing it.

And, oh look, was that the sharp point of her heel being slammed at the knee of one of her captors? She thought it was.

And that short, high-pitched shriek was very deliberately set to carry. Even if people didn't help her, then she'd be noticed and someone would remember. If they wanted Zack, the odds were good that they weren't going to kill her right here and now.

She hoped.

Why go quietly when you could make a scene?


And why let the target make a scene when you could drug them and retreat quickly into the shadows? She wasn't the only ninja here, after all.

The man's hands came out of his pockets even as his companion staggered back with the blow to his knee, and he covered her face with one, while all in the same motion he grabbed at her newly-free hand. He wasn't going to bother with more words. Words wasted time.

The Crescent Unit elite didn't bother with little things like wasting time. Not when they had their hands on a girl who had killed several of their own.

This was personal.


Most of the time, Ino was quite happy with her small stature—it let her move quickly and wriggling in and out of places that bigger—taller, stronger, heavier—people couldn’t. But there were downsides to it as well.

Such as how quickly various drugs affected her system. And how hard and fast she went down because of them.

It should be noted that it didn’t stop her from trying to bite down on that hand and hard. But that wasn’t going to save…

She’d have collapsed if it wasn’t for the hands holding hers cruelly. My, but they were mean to harmless looking little girls.

For shame.


Funny, they weren't feeling ashamed in the least. Not as they gathered her up and disappeared into a nearby alleyway, and then vanished out of sight entirely with their prize.

A few teeth-marks were nothing. A potion, and then gone.

But the Wutai men who had fallen against this girl, against the SOLDIER she was so dear to, they were too far gone for even a Phoenix Down. And Wutai itself...

If they couldn't restore their home to its former glory, then they would at the very least have their revenge.

Good night, Ino.

[Preplayed with the amazering [ profile] puppy_fair! Mwahaha. NFB, NFI, dun dun dun!]
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