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Ino shifted from foot to foot, a bit impatiently, but who could blame her? Their portal was late and they'd been early to meet it so there was no chance of them having, like, just missed it and oh that was a little perturbing.

She toyed with her hair, the movement making her earrings jingle merrily as if in counter-point to her mild annoyance, and waited for Zack, who was on the phone with Portalocity, to tell her what was going on.


We are sorry for the inconvenience, but portal service from Midgar is temporarily unavailable due to routine maintenance.

Zack sighed as he closed and pocketed his phone again.

"If it was routine maintenance, you'd think they would have told us about it before we booked our portal for today," he grumped, frowning at the spot on the cobbles where the portals usually opened for them. "I mean, it's not like they didn't know."


Ino was frowning, as much as she was allowed to frown, considering where they were. "I have clinic," she protested, "the nurses are going to roar at me if I don't show up."

No, they wouldn't. But Ino couldn't exactly sound like she enjoyed clinic here, no.


"Yeah, and I've got... class and the frat today, and reserves tomorrow if the portal service is still down then," Zack sighed. "I guess the least we can do is leave some messages explaining the situation. If we're stranded, we're stranded, you know?"


"Maybe we can try tomorrow?" she said, with a tilt of her head. "I mean, if it's one day then there's not a lot of point in telling everyone, right?"


Zack tilted his head a little.

"Well, I should at least let Alexander know that I'm not going to be at today's meeting," he replied, "but I suppose everything else can wait until we know how long we're stranded here. Maybe I'll pick up a few more missions to pass the time, or something. I mean, how long can routine maintenance possibly take?"

Famous last words, right?


Definitely famous last words.

"I wouldn't think too long? Maybe a few hours or something?" She shrugged lightly. "Call him, then," Ino said easily, already having gotten over the horrible thing that was 'not having to go to work today' quite easily. "Be more responsible than I am."


Zack laughed as he pulled out his phone (for what felt like the umpteenth time since they'd realized that their portal wasn't going to show) and left a quick message for Alexander. And then, that finished with, he pocketed his phone again and grinned down at Ino.

"So, since we seem to be stuck here with nothing to do for the foreseeable future, how do you want to spend the rest of the day? I'm all yours, Ino."


"All mine?" She clasped her hands behind her back and did a little spin. "I wonder what I should have you do then, hmmm..."


"The sky's the limit!"

Hopefully that wouldn't sound as bad as it had the potential to, under Midgar's spinach-green mess of a sky.

"We could go shopping some more, or go after monsters, or see a play down Loveless Avenue, or... Something else?"

He was just a bastion of amazing ideas, that Zack.


"We should go see a play," she mused, beaming at him. "We haven't done that yet, you know?"

But would any be going on soon? It was pretty early in the morning...

"How 'bout we do some monsters and go for a play and dinner tonight?" It'd be like a Real Date, with added monsters.


Zack laughed. Hey, it did sound like a real date!

"Romantic," he decided. "Okay then! Breakfast, then monsters, then lunch, then more monsters, and then dinner and a play!"

Best date ever!


Ino couldn't help the snicker.

"There's a nice and balanced day," she noted, amused. "Where'd you want to hit up for breakfast?"



"Food's pretty cheap under the plate," Zack decided, taking her hand and starting toward the train station. Train ride! "And they're pretty good to me in the market down there, too. I say we go there!"

If nothing else, you could kind of see real daylight if you looked out toward the city limits, from under the plate.

That was... something.


"I like all the little shops," she said agreeably. Swinging their hands a little, just because she could. "And maybe we'll find something new under there to look at?"


"There's always something new," Zack laughed. Even if it was just a new monster squirming around, there was always something. "Race you to the train!"

This wasn't a bad Monday at all!


"But you'll win!" she protested, like she didn't want to.

And guess who was dropping his hand and running now, huh? And laughing but that was a given with the bells tinkling in her ears and the way unexpected freedom made her giddy.

[Preplayed with the fabulous [ profile] puppy_fair. NFB, NFI and all that jazz!]
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